Who Knew there were Marxist Democrats in Butler County, Ohio: Jocelyn Bucaro attacking George Lang because she has nothing else

First of all, I didn’t think there were any Democrats in Butler County, Ohio.  Then I remembered that there is a Hustler of Hollywood store in Monroe, so there are probably some there.  There are probably some at the casino outside of the Lebanon prison, also in Monroe. There are school teachers who live in the area who are members of the radical Marxists labor unions—probably a few drug addicts who live in some of the local trailer parks—but other than that I didn’t know there were enough of them to actually have a Democratic Party in what is likely one of the strongest Republican areas in the country.  But there is and the Marxist radical leading it is Jocelyn Bucaro.  Jocelyn has opened her mouth regarding the Republican Party’s backing of George Lang who is poised to take the departing Margy Conditt state seat who just resigned to spend more time with her family.  George of course is someone I have always supported and has done a great job as a trustee in West Chester. Here’s the story the way the Journal News reported it:

West Chester Twp. George Lang is now the presumptive front-runner to succeed Ohio Rep. Margy Conditt, R-Liberty Twp., who resigns Friday.

Lang was the overwhelming recommended choice of the Butler County Republican Party’s Central Committee members that live in the 52nd Ohio House District, receiving 46 of 69 votes cast.

FIRST REPORT: Butler County lawmaker to resign in September

Butler County State Central Committeewoman Ann Becker, of West Chester Twp., received 19 votes, followed by Jeff Kursman, of Liberty Twp. (3), Dr. Anu Mital, of Liberty Twp., (1) and West Chester Twp. Trustee Lee Wong (none).

District residents of the GOP’s Central Committee listened to the five candidates seeking the party’s recommendation. There are seven candidates seeking the seat, but John Haberer and Grace Kendrick, both of West Chester Twp., did not seek the party’s recommendation.




Butler County Democratic Party Chairwoman Jocelyn Bucaro has expressed her disappointment in Conditt’s resignation and said it opens the door “to enable Republican Party insiders to anoint yet another successor who answers to party bosses and not the voters they’re supposed to represent.”

She later said Lang was “unfit to serve” in the Statehouse, alleging he “traded access” to local Republicans to aid the defunct Dynus tech company.

Some of Dynus’ executives were tried and found guilty of defrauding the county millions of dollars. Lang, who eventually became a Dynus executive after being a lobbyist for the company, was never indicted for his role in the company and was found not guilty on a perjury charge stemming from his testimony of former Dynus owner

I can say regarding George that he’s the last person who should be in jail over a crime and as to being fit for office, what he has done as a trustee in West Chester is something everyone should be proud of, and if he could do more of it from the State House in Ohio, then we’d all be better off.  I remember that Dyrus case and if there was ever a politically charged witch hunt like we are now seeing against the Trump administration, that was it, and I felt bad for what George and his wife Debbie had to go through during that perjury trail.  For the vile Democrat Jocelyn Bucaro to even bring it up shows the level of character that we are dealing with in that party.  If there was an ounce of guilt by George Lang the FBI would have found it and presented it as evidence during that two-year investigation.  A jury found George not guilty which for the Langs was a nerve-wracking experience.  If the jury had found George guilty he was facing several years in prison, so it was hard to stand through that experience.  We always knew it was a political hit job, but you never really know what the impact on your life will be when it is up to other people whether or not you go free.  George was accused of perjury simply to get at him and other members of the local GOP by political enemies; it’s as simple as that.  Yes it was extremely unfair, but George came out of it OK and he went on to make West Chester, Ohio one of the most business friendly regions in the country and now he wants to bring that experience to the State House as a congressional representative.

Democrats like Jocelyn and Joan Powell who are seeking one of the West Chester seats for trustee in this year’s election hate talk about business.  As foundational Marxists they really have only four terms they understand, American progressivism, socialism, communism or fascism—all which come directly from the pages of Karl Marx philosophy.  They want the public to own the means of production which has been proven to be an idiotic foundation of thought.  The “public” does not have superior intelligence over highly motivated individuals which is the foundational premise of the Republican Party established on the essentials of capitalism espoused by Adam Smith—from the period before Karl Marx.  You can just look at the GDP of the world’s nations and you can see quickly what works and what doesn’t.

Given that understanding it is a badge of honor if Democrats who are essentially functioning Marxists put a political hit on you, because it means you are doing something right. The way you can tell that George Lang is a good person—and he is because I have known him for quite a long time—is that the Democratic Party put the hit on him to begin with and in a flimsy attempt to stop his rise to a new and important state seat are trying to drum up an issue from the past for which he was found innocent, as their only ammunition in stopping him.  I mean what else is Jocelyn Bucaro going to do to let people in Butler County know there is even a Democratic Party?  Even liberals like Joan Powell and Lee Wong are attempting to put their name next to Republicans because without that—they wouldn’t get their names mentioned as serious contenders.  Nobody in Butler County who wants to be considered reputable, and serious, calls themselves a Democrat.

George is a pro business guy which is why Democrats came after him. Without business, there really isn’t anything for anybody to do—we’d all be cast back to the Stone Age.  People don’t move to areas where there is nothing going on—it is business first that makes an area “successful” or not.  People move to areas for the jobs that are in them not for the trees, creeks and rivers.  People who do move to areas for those kinds of things move out into the country.  But a culture that is associated with success–places like West Chester, or even New York City, are for the culture that comes from human innovation and that always is tied directly to business.  Marxists in the Democratic Party like Jocelyn Bucaro have no idea about how business works so they of course attack people who are involved in business, and George Lang is undoubtedly that kind of person. Having George operating at the state level is exciting to me because he understands business and would be a wonderful addition to the type of GOP that is forming under the very pro-business president, Donald Trump.  George is perfect for that role, but that is also why the Democrats attacked him.  For me, that’s good enough reason all by itself to vote for him.  But for the Marxist Democrats, George is someone to be feared because he’s not only a very pro-business guy, but he’s also a good person—and that is something that truly scares liberals.  That is why they have and will always attack him.

Rich Hoffman

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One thought on “Who Knew there were Marxist Democrats in Butler County, Ohio: Jocelyn Bucaro attacking George Lang because she has nothing else

  1. Recently saw a license plate in West Chester that read, UNV HLTH, aka UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE.
    How much does Astra Zeneca contribute to our decay?


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