Steve Bannon said what I have for Years: How Republicans need to win elections to control more seats

The 60 Minute interview with Steve Bannon was a remarkable thing to watch.  For anybody who wonders if the Tea Party movement was effective just wonder if there would have ever been such a thing shown on national television 5 years ago.  Of course the answer would be no.  Such things just weren’t talked about in the mass media markets.  So it’s a pretty big deal to even see this interview with Bannon newly released by the White House back into the private sector.  As Bannon explained it, his reason for leaving the White House wasn’t because Trump asked him to go; he left so that he would be free as a private citizen to fight the federal government—which he couldn’t do as an employee of the system.  I concur with Bannon, that’s the precise reason I have never sought a public office—and why I tend to protect politicians that I think are on the right track.  Bannon is more effective from the outside, and it’s important to have people like him doing the street fighting—because that has to be part of the strategy going forward.  Five years from now even more unbelievable things will occur in politics that establishment types won’t like, so there will be many, many more battles that will be fought and we need all the street fighters we can get.

I think Bannon hit something very important during this interview that I have said before.  Some people listened to me and they have done well, politically.  But now that Bannon has said it coming right out of the White House who helped Trump beat two political dynasties, the Bush family and the Clinton family—not to mention the Obama family—I would say that in this next phase potential politicians looking for good advice should listen more carefully.  Its one thing to hesitate when there is an unproven track record, but now there is a lot that is known that wasn’t.  I’m talking about the advice Bannon said he gave Trump on Billy Bush Weekend during the October portion of the 2016 presidential election.   Established politicians told Trump that he should resign or face the most embarrassing defeat in election history.  Bannon told Trump to ignore the whole thing because the American people didn’t care.  Guess who ended up being correct?

I’m mainly thinking of some local election races this year where people I am rooting for can either hold their seats or advance themselves.  I can’t reiterate it enough; listen to what Steve Bannon is saying.  Don’t run or hide from anything, always be confrontational in the debates even in local elections.  Be a street fighter—don’t allow yourselves to be pulled into a mundane effort by playing nice.  Politics is not nice, its war, so treat it that way.  Let people like me defend you and help flash a light where it needs to be to sort the noise from the true path of necessity, but don’t hold back when it comes to vanquishing your enemies.   Playing nice won’t get you anything—but beaten.

I would go so far to say that voters in America would rather see a fight than a handshake, especially in politics.  You might remember dear reader an article I did last year stating that Trump’s membership into the WWE was the single most qualifying element of his campaign—because he knew how to put on a show that featured aggressive fighting which is a primal understanding that all people can relate to.  It’s an effective communication tool to be combative—people respect it naturally.  Playing nice the way the Bush family did, or John McCain did during his presidential run simply plays into the strengths of Democrats.  Mit Romney is a good example of how not to win an election—be nice, don’t attack your opponent and pretend like you’re always in church.  That’s how you lose.

Don’t let Democratic opponents find something you are ashamed of, like a perjury trail, a sexual harassment accusation, or the size of your personal wealth.  Always be proud of what you do and don’t give them a hook into your guilt, because they will attempt to freeze you with it.  However what you should do is to take the advice of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.  They just pulled off the most amazing election victory in the history of the world.  Not to mention I was saying things just as Bannon said them more than five years ago—so believe in this strategy.  Crush your opponents and don’t hesitate.  Take the high ground if you want, but don’t be afraid to spit down on the faces of your enemies.  If they challenge you in politics, don’t hesitate to destroy them from the face of the earth.  That is the way Republicans should approach all elections, even those against the RINOs who are in the party who want to hold it to the limits of the institutional past.

You can see how Charlie Rose tried to pin Bannon down but what was unique was that it didn’t work.  Instead Bannon knew his facts and stuck to them whenever the CBS News staff tried to shape the conversation toward classic progressive assumptions which have nothing to do with the masses of the American people who vote in elections.  Truth be told, when people are alone in the voting booth they will always vote for courage.  Most people lack personal courage so they greatly admire people with conviction even if they disagree with them.  This method doesn’t work for Democrats because they are all essentially con artists looking for implementing socialism and wealth re-distribution—so they can’t be honest about anything.  They need Republicans to be pacifists—like John McCain and Mit Romney to beat.  In a street fight, Democrats can’t win because they can’t defend themselves.

If they call you a sexist, call them worse.  If they come after you for some court case where you were innocent, then dig up every bit of dirt you can find on them and get it out to the public.  The newspapers won’t publish it because they are in bed often with the Democrats—but I will.  And other people like Steve Bannon will as well.  Success in every venture favors the bold—so don’t feel like you need to play nice just because that’s what Republicans used to do.  Trump has proven what people like me have theorized about, so take that information and expand on it.  There are too many races out there that we need win, so win them, and don’t look back—or feel like you need to shake the hand of an enemy.  Forget about all that “good will” stuff.  Democrats want to destroy our country—so fight them with that in mind.

This war is fought with the little battles, the little local races, the state races, and of course the federal seats.  To win those battles you can’t play patty cake with the enemy.  It’s one thing to be morally and intellectually correct—but you have to also take the next step.  You have to defend those things with a sometimes vicious personality.  Being nice won’t be enough.  You can be nice until they go negative and once they do, unleash hell on them until they are so miserable they don’t want to get up in the morning.  That is the way to win, and now that we have a playbook that shows it’s the way to success—I suggest everyone use it to full effect.

Rich Hoffman

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