Why the Senate Can’t Afford to Go “Slow”: Grim realities of politicians who shamefully made too much money in the public sector

Traditionally its true, the Senate is supposed to slow down legislation so that hot-headed ideas don’t mire our American industry with too many regulations and debt. However, you might recall an article I did many years ago featuring my ol’ buddy Darryl Parks who used to run 700 WLW radio in Cincinnati. He did a broadcast showing how much money many of our congressman and senators made while on the job—where they started their tenure as government employees nearly broke but were multimillionaires a short time later. Obviously, there was corruption where these government employees—people like Mitch McConnell tipped the scales of power in favor of themselves becoming greatly enriched by the proceeds of what we call today—The Swamp.

So the rules are off the table now as our country is on the fast track to decline and these senators and congressman have dramatically let us down. Voters saw what was happening so they put a charismatic businessman in charge of the Executive Branch so that economic growth could be created to outpace the devastating debt these looters of congress have embedded into our culture. At $20 trillion in national debt, America doesn’t have time for the Senate to drag-ass and protect their schemes for which have made them rich. We can’t afford to have a Senate that uses “slowness” to protect themselves from Americans by using that “tradition” to shield needed reform.

The way to start the debt clock backwards instead of toward that monstrous cliff of $24 trillion for which there is likely no recovery from bankruptcy is through very optimistic growth—over 3% economic upticks quarterly. And obviously there isn’t anybody else in Washington D.C. who understands how to get there but Donald J. Trump. It’s his task to mash down anybody who stands in the way—because any other method should be considered detrimental to the stability of our nation. Trump knows what he’s doing—look the Dow Jones closed over 22,000 with two major hurricanes striking the US mainland causing billions and billions of dollars of damage. For most presidents, these disasters would have sunk our economy for perhaps years. For Trump it’s just a blip, because he knows how to cheerlead from a top position to keep optimism flowing, and therefore the cash needed for our economy to thrive.

It would be advisable for Mitch and the gang to take their money and run—and get out-of-the-way, or to play ball and reform themselves, cutting ties to the lobbyists who have filled their pockets and to act properly from their positions. Again, this is why Trump was so attractive. The guy already made his money, there isn’t enough money to loot from the system that he couldn’t make himself off the interest of his valued assets. So he is lobbyist proof, Trump doesn’t owe anybody anything so he can be honest about how to fix things, whereas McConnell clearly can’t. Mitch has been purchased just like a prostitute for nearly the same reason—and he can’t act against what made him wealthy—so he should do the right thing and step aside and retire. We have a need and if he loves our country even a little bit, he should at least get out-of-the-way.
For the Senate to function as a restrictor plate to progress, the nation needs to be running properly, taxes need to be low, debt needs to be nonexistent and GDP needs to be between 3% TO 6%. Anybody who doesn’t understand that needs to be out of government office. They are not there for personal enrichment. They are there for proper management of our government’s resources. People who get elected I would expect to have already made their mark in the world and like Trump—be immune to the temptations of power. Anything short of that type of person I would argue cannot effectively do anything on Capitol Hill because they don’t have the correct mindset.

This idea that the Senate or Congress would even entertain the option to prohibit corrective action toward the needs of this country is reprehensible, and it means what many of us have said all along. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Democrat or a Republican, they are—or at least they have been—all the same. Nancy Pelosi isn’t any different from Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer is no different from Paul Ryan. For instance, when Ryan was running on the ticket with Mit Romney there was all this talk about him being an Ayn Rand fan, and the hope that he would be a fiscal conservative. But the moment it was in the press that he liked Ayn Rand he ran from it and hid pandering to the media. That little bit of emotional leverage right there has prevented him from being an effective Speaker of the House. Once you dip your feet in the honey well of temptation and either run from a conviction or taste the nectar of social acceptance, you lose the opportunity to lead when such criteria of conviction is required. Trump has that criteria because he has at least lived honestly. He may have been reckless in his living, but he’s honest about it and this keeps the hooks of guilt from his mind when conviction is needed to make hard decisions. Ryan can’t do that likely for a lot of reasons, but from my observations it started when he ran from the American author Ayn Rand.

Everyone knows that with economic expansion explosive growth is possible. It’s no longer an Adam Smith theoretical concept—it’s a proven fact. Lowering taxes is the way to pay down the debt and to make America Great Again. I would go so far to say that Trump’s 15% corporate tax rate would be key to achieving 5% to 6% GDP growth which would pay down the debt really fast. Liberals don’t understand economics—no liberal—and people like Mitch McConnell have already been paid off to keep the swamp full so that crony capitalism can continue to thrive. Crony capitalism is not the same as the kind of open market capitalism that Trump is advocating. But the socialism that establishment types in the Beltway advocate for will actually destroy our nation with crippling debt for which there is no recovery.

Why so fast Mitch McConnell and the rest of the drag-assers in congress who have become very wealthy selling themselves to lobbyists? Well, we are racing a generational shift in mentality here. The young people—those under age 35—have been taught out-right socialism. They get it in their media, they certainly have it in their educations, and they function as young radicals looking for a free ride—for the most part, that socialism is the way to go. If the national debt does not get under control by 2020 we are done in America—fiscally. Every smart person knows it, and the Democrats also understand it. They would love to see America collapse as a superpower and have to eat out of the hand of communism—essentially China. Just today the socialist Bernie Sanders introduced a bill for their beloved single payer option in health care in the senate which was always the goal. Because of John McCain the Republican repeal of Obamacare went nowhere setting up Democrats for this socialist single payer vote. McCain, is reported to be worth $21 million dollars as a do-nothing senator from Arizona who has never had a real job outside of military service. How did he get so much money? Not all from his wife—that’s for sure. That’s why congress must act quickly, we are running out of time and we don’t have the time to allow for these money hungry politicians to satisfy the people who have paid them off. We need action now—while we have a once in a lifetime chance. Because it won’t come again.


Rich Hoffman

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