Ann Becker for West Chester Trustee: Except for Mark Welch, everyone else is a wasted vote


Problem solved in West Chester, Ann Becker is running for that open trustee seat being left by George Lang and that should take care of everything—to keep the percolating rats from taking over the stable ship of economic development in West Chester.   Now the voters of West Chester just need to make it official.  As I’ve reported over the past several weeks several former and present school board members from Lakota want to become the next trustee to work with the very liberal Lee Wong on the board of trustees to be a second vote against Mark Welch, who is the current president.  For many years liberal Lee Wong and Cathy Stoker worked a two vote crusade against George Lang driving up public sector wages, building unnecessary sidewalks in places not needed essentially so Lee could walk from his home to get free food at Sushi Monk, and many other big government conspiracies that extend too far into the past to chronically completely.  That is until George managed to help get Mark Welsh elected to the board in 2013 and since then the township big enough to be a city has managed to get its finances aligned into surpluses, make a pro business environment for continued growth and generally shrink government showcasing the region as the envy of similar communities all over the country.  With George Lang moving to a state seat that has left all the liberals audacious enough to wear the masks of Republican to come forth to mooch off the successful results—which has been a concern until Ann came to the rescue to offer herself as the best candidate on the ticket.

As I write this Joan the Hutt (Joan Powell) is rummaging through tape of past board meetings featuring Mark Welch trying to help her friend Lee Wong out with some undercover political theater.  She is the pro-union, anti-business candidate in this race and she thinks she has enough old school levy supporters from her days as the Lakota school board president most responsible for the runaway budget to call in enough favors to run for one of these open trustee seats and she’s most targeting Mark Welch.   The problem with that strategy is that there is even more tape of her from her school board meetings which can easily be used against her in the same way.  The big difference is that she was a terrible president at Lakota, a big spender with a horrendous track record.  Mark has been very successful, so that is something that will sort itself out in the coming month.    Joan the Hutt will soon learn just how much people hate her and have not forgotten how terribly she managed the budget at Lakota schools.  Mark is ready to deal with her.

Lynda O’Conner is learning how the business community has not forgiven her either for her role in the past Lakota school levies.  Lynda is someone I have personally endorsed in the past, but her vote in favor of the last tax increase in 2013 shows where her budgetary sentiments really reside.  She is not what I’d call a conservative and if politicians are learning anything around the country in the wake of the Donald Trump presidency it’s that people are sick of the status quo.  The Alabama election of Judge Roy Moore over Luther Strange should come to everyone’s mind regarding this West Chester election.  Lynda is certainly an establishment type of candidate.  She’s better than the old battle axes like Joan Powell who are so out of touch they might as well be in a different solar system, but she’s nowhere near as nimble on her feet as Ann Becker—who is already into everything presently.  Being a board member would just formalize everything for Ann and the community in a positive way.  The Republican Party spent over 30 million dollars and had the endorsement of Donald Trump to elect Luther Strange yet voters picked Moore instead—the reform minded populist who had no problem brandishing a gun on stage to set himself apart from everyone else.  He won easily over the Party pick and I see similarities with Ann Becker.  Ann won’t pull out any guns on stage as she’s not crazy about firearms, but she is otherwise very much of the same mind as Donald Trump and Roy Moore as far as the type of reforms that need to take place in American politics—and West Chester is similar in sentiment to that Alabama election.  Lynda O’Conner has a pro tax track record that will prove to be her downfall under Ann.

One thing that I see likely to happen is that this plot Lee Wong has hatched to surround himself with trustees who want to build sidewalks and spend money like a drunken sailor in a brothel is that he may actually diffuse out the voters who would otherwise look at him.   Mark Welch as a very successful incumbent should easily win so long as he sticks to what he’s good at and not get pulled into Joan the Hutt’s pro union attacks.  However Lee’s base may be spread out between him, Joan and the other lesser knowns on the ballot.  Having Lynda on the ticket might actually knock him off.  It’s quite possible that Lynda and Ann could end up on the board with Mark making Lynda the new liberal in place of Lee.   Lee really screwed up when he encouraged a bunch of union radicals to overtake a trustee meeting showing his political colors in a very negative way, then just a few weeks later protesting in Cincinnati to save the job of a person accused of treason to China.  The lady may have been innocent—but then again she may have been guilty.  Lee showed bad judgment and even more radicalism in putting his name next to a person accused of treason and that will come back to bite him in this election. Just like the NFL players thought they were too big to fail, and could use their elevated platform to protest some social cause, the public sentiment was that people started burning their jerseys and cancelling their season tickets.  I know Lee calls himself a Republican and he likes to flaunt his military service as a mask of patriotism, but he behaves more as a Global Citizen movement supporter which led him to defend a person providing secrets to China.  Lee has shown similar acts of bad judgment all through his time as a trustee and this time with Lynda on the ticket he may well have pushed himself out of a seat.

The important thing to remember however through all the noise is that Mark needs to be re-elected and that Ann Becker becomes that important second vote in the wake of George Lang.  Ann is a different kind of person than George, but they are both cut from the same fiscal conservative cloth that has made West Chester great.   In a lot of ways Ann would be perfect for the next step for West Chester because she has a good mind for making a lot of people happy, which is a tough skill in politics.  She’s ideologically pure enough to vote well and hold a hard conservative line on most topics, but she’s also very creative and can think out of the box—which she does often.  With some of the problems that need to be solved in West Chester that could be just the right approach.  It certainly puts her at the top of the ticket in my book.  I’m very glad she is running—I couldn’t think of a better person to run and win a seat as a West Chester trustee.  Everyone else is just a wasted vote.

Rich Hoffman

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