The Real Gríma Wormtongue: Why we should all be proud of Donald Trump

What the Fu** is that piece of crap video Eminem did about Donald Trump? Doesn’t that idiot know that pumping the Black Panther fit to the air like he did in that video is a communist symbol, and that what he said and how he connected the world together had no semblance into reality? He can’t be that stupid, because if he is somebody owes us some money for his terrible public education. Everything about this video was pathetic including the little tag alongs standing in the background of a city destroyed by socialism—Detroit. Hell, I could stand in a parking garage and yell about all the things I don’t like about the world. At least when I did a similar video about what I didn’t like about Obama’s vision, I did some bull whip tricks that actually displayed some real talent. This stupid kid Eminem just stood there and yelled like a dumbass. And this guy was a celebrity? For what? Couldn’t he do something better and more creative than just yelling about things he obviously knows nothing about?

I am so proud of Donald Trump right now that I can’t hardly contain my enthusiasm. As I write this he just signed an executive order to unwind Obamacare paving the way for sweeping changes to health-insurance regulations. That’s a good thing because obviously the Republicans in the Senate who have taken millions of dollars from the insurance lobby refused to act hoping to paint the president in on a loser so they could force him to break a campaign promise and be rid of him by 2020. Those Republicans were more than happy to let all of our insurance premiums rise while they remained under federal protection insulated from the realities of their failures—but Trump went around them. Trump’s attack is a twofold event, first he will show the public what happens under an executive order where competition is introduced to the insurance exchanges—driving down rates over state lines. Secondly, he is going to outlast the Republicans who stood against him, and when he knocks them out of office there will be a Trump friendly Senator there ready to take the vacant seat. It might take a few years, but Trump will get his votes to make all this legal during his terms in office to make everything official by law. But standing around waiting for losers like John McCain just isn’t going to work, and Trump’s not waiting. Instead he is taking his message to the American people like he did last night in Pennsylvania. I watched that speech and the interview he did in front of a live audience at that same event with Sean Hannity with and swelling pride that I can’t remember ever happening. This is what it looks like to win, and to push back against the villains of our world.

These events as they are happening, the Vegas shooting and the lack of clear investigative evidence forthcoming from the authorities there, the treachery of John McCain, the chidings of Ben Sasse, the manipulations of Mitch McConnel—the lack of effort by Paul Ryan, the utterances of the broken Hillary Clinton and all her Democrats remind me of the fictional character of Gríma Wormtongue from the Lord of the Rings novels by J.R.R. Tolkien. You really must turn to the vast imaginings of fiction to behold the scale of the evil that is on full display and to understand what a miracle it is that Donald Trump is willing to stand against it unfettered with regret, fear or even the slightest bit of doubt. Donald Trump knows the game and he’s exposing it in ways nobody could have imagined. Even the events of the Hollywood meltdown over Harvey Weinstein can be attributed to the pressure Trump applies to the world around him. The liberal media had no choice but to go after Weinstein since they’ve spent the last year in full attack mode against the Trump family. Nothing stuck to the Trump’s but that same media had to then look to their own—and there was a lot of dirty rotten ugliness that was exposed very quickly. Just consider the case of Hillary Clinton, her top aide’s husband is now in jail for his sexual exploits with underaged girls. One of her top Hollywood donors is now fleeing the country due to three decades of severe sexual abuse of women he conducted and likely he raped others, which means he could be facing charges. How could anybody look at Trump with the anger Eminem articulated and not see the vast evil surrounding Hillary Clinton? Forget about partisanship interpretations. At the most fundamental human level, how could anybody see anything other than vast villainy on behalf of the Democrats? And Trump just by refusing to buckle under the pressure is flushing out all these Wormtongues who are falling by the day lately. It’s a dream come true for me.

It’s been seven years since I did the Whip Stunt to Save America video shown below. It didn’t get seen by as many people as Eminem’s crap did. You can bet that Google, Yahoo, and MSN have me on every kind of blacklist they can put on their search engines, but the right people still listened to what I had to say. The message does get out because my target audience is smart people, and they understand what we are fighting, which is a kind of evil only defined in Biblical context or in our most extravagant fantasies. I’ve been naming the Wormtongues for a long time and it costs me plenty. You never really know how something will work out, all you really can do is identify a problem and hope that enough people act on your truth to make a difference. In my wildest fantasies I never expected a Donald Trump to come along and to become such a wonderful president. I never thought it possible that all these problems could be solved without a violent revolution. I mean I never planned to let losers like Eminem ruin my country the way they ruined their city of Detroit, or even Chicago. In the past I had a chance to work with people like Harvey Weinstein and to make millions of dollars as a writer in movies—but I didn’t because I couldn’t break bread with those people. It was never an option to take the money and run and to be a part of destroying my country in the process. I made that decision a long time ago and for me it all came to a point with that video. It was within a week of that video that I started this blog site—to help educate the right people to think the right way about things and to essentially build a resistance against the progressive insurgents I saw taking over everything.

Now those insurgents—the anti-American forces in the NFL, Hollywood, the music industry, and the media in general are on the run and for a change–they are actually terrified, and they deserve to be. You can see that fear on Eminem’s bitchy little face. They have been bad people who were attempting to take over our country. I knew it a long time ago and now it’s more obvious than ever. I can’t say enough about Trump. He likely has saved so many lives by avoiding an all-out civil war—and I appreciate him so much for it. Typically, presidents don’t get credit for avoiding wars—only in winning them. But Trump has turned our culture war into one that has been fought by words rather than bullets—and we’re on the winning side for a change. That makes me very appreciative of what he’s doing. Obviously, a lot of people don’t see it yet, but history will certainly not be blind to the fact of the Trump legacy. Everyone will be a lot better off once he’s finished.

Rich Hoffman
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