Ernest Gause for Lakota School Board: Bringing Lean ideas and lower taxes to a district screaming for improvments

Many people over the years have asked me what would it take to support a school levy at Lakota—as if the decision to spend more money were the problem. I have always said that good management is what I want to see at Lakota and to that effect I think Jenni Logan has done a really remarkable job as the treasurer—she is a first-class talent that has been very impressive over the years. Her addition and the reality of declining enrollment within the Lakota school district due to a peak in real estate growth, have resulted in a budget at Lakota that has been operating at a surplus, which is how it should be. Even if the 2013 levy which Joan Powell and Linda O’Conner supported had failed, Lakota would still be sitting pretty today with a surplus because of the fiscal management starting at the treasurer position. But other things have declined since, the old superintendent became sick and left the district, and many of the board members indicated they wanted off the train opening up a number of seats for this election year—and the report card has declined—which isn’t acceptable. So there is a lot at stake in this 2017 election. Lakota’s success will have a lot to do with the kind of school board we elect and without question the best candidate on my radar is Earnest Gause. I think he is the kind of improvement for Lakota as far as out-front thinking that is equitable to the impact Jenni Logan has had on the accounting side.

Ernest is a good guy, I’ve talked to him on several occasions and most recently at the School Board Forum of the West Chester Tea Party where he was a clear stand out with Todd Parnell during the debate. Ernest has a lot of new ideas that reflects his very impressive background which can be seen below from source material on his newly opened website, also linked below. As you read through the following information I am most excited to potentially see Ernest apply Lean techniques to the business of school board, because that would go a really long way to solving many of the over bloated problems that have been associated with such a big district in Ohio functioning as a government school crippled under imposing political standards and a selfish labor union. Lean manufacturing techniques would force all that garbage to the surface just like it does in every place of business that it’s applied to, and that would add much to the overall performance standards of Lakota. In public schools for too long labor unions run everything and politicians run everything else. I’ve always said that if business practices were applied to education that not only would children be better prepared for the real world, but many of the villains that drive up the cost of education would be exposed, and I am certain that with Ernest Gause at least good logical people would finally have their representative on the school board. Earnest is someone I could get behind and trust. Here is the background of Earnest Gause as indicated on his website:

Ernest Gause is a business consultant and owner of Source Consultant that specializes in HR Benefits, Diversity and Inclusion and HR Operation as well as an Executive Coach with over 25 years of experience. Mr. Gause is a Six Sigma Black Belt with a history of success working with Fortune 500 Companies in many different industries to include Retail, Banking, Manufacturing, and Call Centers. He has supported operationally over 40,000 employees across the United States and Canada to drive innovation, creativity, accountability, and revenue to achieve operational goals and objectives.

As a calculated risk-taker with deep human resources and operational knowledge, Mr. Gause has championed innovation and creativity in the organizations he has supported to streamlined IT systems to drive operations to increase customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Mr. Gause has put in place employment pipelines and recruiting efforts to support and promote key talent to build organizations business models to driving profitability to the bottom line.

Mr. Gause has 4 degrees, 2 masters and 2 bachelors in business and technology. Attending and graduating from the University of Nebraska and Bellevue University in pursuing master’s degree at the same time. It was pursuing his dream of mastering business and technology that he realized that we are a part of an evolving society and world that is getting smaller and smaller every day. After graduation, Mr. Gause began his career working in the financial industry for fortune 500 companies where he was to work a national product release, strategies and assist in developing the strategic direction of the organization.

With his business successes, Mr. Gause realized that you have to give back to the community that has been vested and invested in your success. Mr. Gause achieves this philanthropic work by partnering with school systems, private and public institutions to build educational, employment and technology pipelines to support the next generation of leaders in our community. To further support the next generation of leaders he has built consortiums of businesses, colleges and universities to drive that entrepreneur spirit to support, motivate, inspire and drive our future leaders to be the best version of themselves.

Earnest is obviously very competent, and he’s a different kind of candidate than we’ve had in the past. For people who really want to solve the problems that I’ve complained about at Lakota for years, electing someone different is a step in the right direction. I think Earnest has some great ideas on a number of topics and that Lakota could score higher on future report cards just because of him setting higher priorities. I think he’d find a friend in Todd Parnell that would get a lot of good things done for a change. But the best thing that Earnest is talking about is an actual strategy for having a replacement levy to reduce taxes at Lakota. That is certainly a step in the right direction, and at Lakota it is possible. Because of the quality of the people who are already in the district and the declining enrollment that we are experiencing, a levy reduction strategy is a great thing to pursue. Earnest is thinking right about the matter!

Of course the real problem has always been the increased wage demands from the union each year, so at some point even with the surplus at Lakota, the union will seek more and more money until they force another levy on the community—when it’s all completely unnecessary with good management. Earnest brings that solution with him by way of personal experience. Lean manufacturing application to a public-school system is exactly what would bring all the ugly stuff Lakota likes to hide to the surface ultimately making it a much better district value wise at a reduced cost—just like it does in the business world. Anybody with a $200 million dollar a year budget like Lakota would be insane not to apply some version of Lean economics—and that is why the budgets are always so bloated. The way to correct that insanity is to put people on the school board who understand those types of things—and Earnest Gause does. I’ve spoken to him personally several times now and he impresses me each time. He’s the real deal and would be an instant improvement to the Lakota School Board. And he is the guy I’m voting for enthusiastically on November 7th 2017. I wish there were five Earnest Gause candidates that I could vote for this year. But there’s only one—and I’m happy to finally have a choice. Because Lakota is long overdue for someone of such a quality. He’s the best option on the ticket—and will be a real asset to the Lakota school system.

Rich Hoffman

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