Mueller Shouldn’t be investigating a Crossword Puzzle: The massive arrests that need to be made in our government of criminals

I have to agree with Alex Jones on this whole Bob Mueller investigation issue.  After all, as I’m writing this and you are reading it, the first charges in this long Russian probe against Trump are about to be revealed, but if there were a real smoking gun, it would have been revealed over the summer. If the former FBI director had to look this hard only to come up with one silly name just for optics then there is nothing there.  But!  Mueller and his establishment politicians have just set an impossible standard for themselves and as they wonder why the Trump White House hasn’t said anything about it yet—it’s because they’ve all just hung themselves.  It wouldn’t have looked good if Hillary Clinton and many other people from the Democratic side of things went to jail after the election, because everyone would have then said that Trump was a tyrant.  So Trump has been playing things as cool as he can and letting things happen, and with just that patient pressure, the other side is bumbling over every loose stone in their path, and it’s pretty embarrassing to watch.

I’m not one who advocates violence over every little thing.  I always look for the non violent answer when there is one—and have done that over my entire life.  As some might point out, I did have a pretty violent past, well that’s because as you get older you get smarter if you do things right and I have many more options available to me as an older person intellectually than I did as a young person still learning about the world.  Instead of just having a hammer in the problem solving tool box I can use many more tools to solve problems—and watching Trump as president he has quite a nice tool box also.  He doesn’t need to do what people expect him to about anything, because he has so many more ways to solve problems without violence or traditional Beltway politics having time to react in a predictable fashion.  I’m sure if I had the opportunity to have a dinner meeting with Bob Mueller I’d like him and would find that he’s in an impossible position.  As a creation of the swamp, he needs to protect it because all the people he cares about in his life are also born and sustained by the swamp that Trump wants to drain.  I am sympathetic to that position.  But I would also say in the very next sentence that this is why we have the Second Amendment—to deal with just this specific kind of institutional failure.

When I wrote the other day that public service was not enough for me–whether it was a military record, a cop, or some ex-FBI director this is the reason.  Mueller was put on the investigation by all the same Republicans and Democrats who had their hand in creating that fake Trump dossier that we have all been talking about where supposedly Trump hired a bunch of prostitutes in Russia to piss on a bed that the Obamas had slept in while visiting.  With that cover story intact as a method of investigation the American intelligence gathering agencies were then justified in spying on the new president-elect looking for any dirt they could find before the new boss took office.  Obviously everyone was trying to cover their asses before their political opponent had a legal means to destroy their lives—which Trump has not been quick to do.  Smartly, he’s letting them destroy themselves, but nobody knew at the close of 2016 what to expect from the former reality television star.  So they abused their power to attempt to override a decision made by voters and the FBI has all kinds of dirty hands on the job. My direct experience with all positions of power are that people with a low intellect tend to abuse their authority and that just because they “serve” the public it isn’t enough to give them a free pass on everything in their lives.  I don’t care how long Comey or Mueller “served.”  I don’t care how long John McCain spent in a Vietnamese prison being tortured.  None of them get a free pass to be government thugs for the rest of their lives.  It only takes once to ruin a reputation so we must not fall in love with the easy patriotism of these people who hide villainy behind the mask of sacrifice.  There is often more to the story and to why they seek such power in the first place, and we must always be cautious in regard to them.

Mueller shouldn’t be investigating the number of letters in a cross word puzzle sold at an airport bookstore with all the serious crimes his name comes up in—like Uranium One. Mueller was the head of the FBI when that Uranium One deal was approved by the Obama White House and that is proof of definite Russian collusion with our Secretary of State at the time.  Mueller was involved and should be considered a witness, not an investigator.  He shouldn’t have the right in any form to apprehend anybody connected to the fake Trump case where a former campaign manager is being set up to be a fall guy to put attention on—while all the criminals who were really involved skate free.   If I were Paul Manafort and the Mueller investigation sent people to my home to arrest me for an obviously corrupt court system, there’d be a lot of people not going home that night, let’s just say that.  When institutions fail, and they certainly have here, Mueller has lost all his potential authority in his part of the cover-up of the real crimes.  And we can’t have any trust in those institutions again until a lot of people go to jail.  It’s one thing to be cooperative and let trusted members of law enforcement do their jobs.  But once that trust is lost, nobody in their right mind would allow themselves to be a political diversion while the real criminals roam free.  I mean these are not the days of Henry the VIII where he threw one of his ex-wives in jail because he wanted a new wife and created a false narrative so he could have sex with the new woman openly.  That’s what we’re talking about here with Clinton and Mueller with the assistance of the national media.  There are so many guilty people we really should be building a jail right now to hold them all in.  The disrespect for the law that they have all displayed mandates action and if we can’t trust the institutions to deliver it, then I would argue that is the reason for the Second Amendment.  Because without that threat, these vile people have nothing to fear from the people they rule over.

The abuse of our institutions is so over-the-top that many people just can’t believe it.  How could anybody be so evil, yet there they are.  And how somebody like Bob Mueller is in charge of any investigation is like putting the father of a killer as the primary gateway to collecting evidence to prosecute that same killer.  Then there is the timing, just as the Uranium One story kicked up a little dust suddenly now Mueller has a person to throw on the fire.  Give me a break!  I’m sure Mueller is somebody’s father and he’s somebody’s son.  Talking one on one with him, I’m sure there are good qualities that are worth knowing.  But as the head of an institution supposedly committed to justice, we are better off with the barrel of guns pointed at these bad guys, because they are dangerous—and they cannot be trusted.   For me all it takes is the continuation of the Russian story of collusion with Trump’s campaign.  I don’t think that was ever a story, but especially now with what we know about Clinton and her friends.  There is much worse there and Mueller is standing in the way of justice, not helping protect it.  That is a crime in and of itself—which is of course, unforgivable.  These are criminals who have been running our government and they don’t have the power to investigate or arrest anybody.  Given their intentions which are now obvious with Trump—to just make things up hoping to create some impeachment proceeding and erase the election of a person we put in place to fix all this mess—I don’t think they thought this thing through.  We’re not just going to go away.  If we can’t trust the legal system, then what is our next option?  I’ll tell you what I see.  I can see it in the holster sitting right next to my chair right now.  I’m not going to allow criminals to run my government.  That’s just not an option.   People like me voted for Trump because we knew all along that these government people were dirty.  But if they prevent our elected representative from doing their jobs—then what recourse do we have?  Surrender is not an option.  So what else?

They did this to themselves.

Rich Hoffman

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