The JFK Files: How the Deep State kills people differently now, and why Trump needed to release them

I couldn’t help but think about the JFK files released by the Trump administration on 10-28-2017 as I was watching the second season of Stranger Things. Hey, it’s Halloween, and that is the hottest show on television.  It’s great stuff!  I loved the first season, and the second season is much of the same fun.  Nice and spooky, and a nice throwback to the great films of the 1980s, Ghostbusters, Poltergeist, Gremlins, Close Encounters, E.T. and Goonies.  You know what those films all had in common, to some extent or another?  Government conspiracy—especially Close Encounters and E.T., they were important to the entire story.  People innately don’t trust the government because there is a long history of institutional failure—and we’ve all been let down in our expectations of our leading law enforcers.  When we went to the movies it was satisfying to have the creative geniuses who told stories with pictures remind us that deep in the recesses of our subconscious there was a reason for our anxiety, even as we saluted our armed forces during parades on the Fourth of July.   For me personally, a climax to that way of thinking was Oliver Stone’s great movie, JFK, which was about all the reasons we should be skeptical of our government and the power we give them.  Knowing that there was good reason to be suspicious of their actions, that same government sealed up the report of JFK’s assassination from the public and Oliver Stone was making a good case for why those reports should be released.  As fate would have it we finally had a president in office in 2017 that actually had the guts to release them.  Maybe the closing scene of JFK from Kevin Costner touched Trump the way it did me.

Without question, many people will read the JFK reports and will draw a lot of conclusions, such as the one Alex Jones deduced just hours after the release—that it was confirmed that President Kennedy was shot from the front, and that the supposed shot from above by Lee Harvey Oswald couldn’t have been the kill hit.  At this point that is no longer important.  What is important is that our government was way too involved in manipulating the situation down to details that should have been unimaginable.   Knowing what we do now in 2017 it is unmistakable that our government would have at least thought about killing JFK for a lot of reasons.  Because these days our government doesn’t kill people so literally, it’s far too messy.   There are after all many ways to kill someone—you don’t have to physically bleed them out to end their physical life.  In the modern age, our government seeks to murder us at our very souls in many other ways.

Who could blame Donald Trump?  After all, that same Deep State that created such a mess over the JFK assassination is after him now.   Only this time they have been trying to ruin his reputation and the life of everyone who knows him to remove him from office.  The media companies are part of the gig with the government—how does anybody think that Facebook became such a hot commodity. They don’t sell anything—except for behavior patterns to shadow governments willing to pay for it.  Yet Trump has turned that very same technology against those shadow governments—yes I mean them in the plural.  It’s not so easy just to blame the CIA and the FBI.  It’s more complicated and far more aristocratic.  But since they came after Trump why not throw it all back in their face so people can see how dumb and mortal our intelligence agencies really are.  After reading the JFK files, it’s easy to determine that the people involved in the vast conspiracy were just government workers, average in their abilities and as fallible as a common thug robbing a liquor store.  The only real difference is that these people were able to spend large amounts of confiscated tax money to fund their quests for power.   They aren’t that smart.

I personally don’t worry about them listening to everything I say and analyzing everything I write.  I’m aware of their constant surveillance of my life—and I always have been.   Often I have referred to my youth and how many times I was in trouble and had to appear in court.  Looking back on those times it seems unbelievable—a lot of people wonder how I was able to survive so much poured on so thickly over a relatively short period of time—ten years.  But what I learned is that everyone I ever met in law enforcement was not very smart.  They were often well-intentioned, but what they all had in common was a need to hide their stupidity behind the vast resources of government validity.   They ultimately believe in group think and they resent American presidents—leaders elected by the American population every four years.  The intelligence agencies of our government really believe that philosophically they are a better offering than a solitary figure in the Executive Branch.  It’s not a conspiracy to say that the Deep State hates President Trump and likely hated President Kennedy.  Heck, they hated George Washington.  They hated Andrew Jackson.  And they really hated Theodore Roosevelt.    I mean the leaders of the FBI and the CIA always salute and call American presidents “sir” but they do a lot of back stabbing and always have because they hate the idea of a powerful Executive Branch—represented by the American people.  They think collectively that they are a smarter option.

The Deep State loves other stupid people who don’t think enough of themselves to challenge their power.  If the Deep State could help put a little pussy on the side for Bill Clinton, he was fine to let them do what they felt they needed to do to keep America safe.  George W. Bush wasn’t smart enough to assume he knew more than they did, and Barack Obama certainly didn’t have such lofty expectations.  He never ran anything in his life, so the Deep State ran him over time and time again.  And to pacify Obama, the Deep State would eliminate political enemies, and shape events to whatever degree they needed to in order to help him out—like helping Philadelphia have not a single Republican vote in 2012.  Everything was fine so long as those Executive Branches didn’t really think they were running anything.   Where Kennedy went wrong it appears is that even though he played with the girls the Deep State helped him have, he still didn’t follow the script when it came to communist movement in Cuba.  There were plans there that were not in the American interests and the Deep State was aligned with the “bigger” picture as they see it.  Just like they think in regards to the many school shootings, and most recently the Vegas massacre—or the policy on immigration—after all most of those Deep State people are from Ivy League colleges locked arm and arm with Oxford and other European places of academia.

Trump is one of the few people in the world who has been to court more than I have, and he won most of his cases.  I’m sure he has a similar perspective, because when you see those people in action, you can’t help but think how stupid those people are.  The Deep State is like an offensive lineman in football that is outmatched all the time by a strong defensive end.   Smart people can get to the quarterback—the roots of all crime and legal endeavor, but the Deep State can only hold and hope they don’t get caught.  In the case of JFK they just withheld all the judgments from the public of all the times they got caught “holding.”  Today they use the media as their referees hoping to manipulate the game always to their benefit.  But Trump is exposing them every day and the old tricks just aren’t working.  If they could kill Trump physically, they would.  But they aren’t in that game anymore.  They got out of that business in the 60s.  With television going to color and the Deep State taking over the networks in the 70s and 80s, they changed the way they killed people.  Today they do it with political correctness, which might seem silly, but it’s far cleaner than something like the JFK files.  If they can take out a political opponent without having snipers in windows and a bunch of messy airplane tickets to nowhere—they have a much better success rate.  That is until now.

I heard the Sunday shows go into defensive mode over the release of the JFK files attacking the conspiracy theorists before anybody really had a chance to read the reports.  That’s how you can tell the guilt of those involved, because they are the first to flinch under pressure.  Trump did himself and all of us a tremendous service by releasing the JFK files.  Finally we can have the conversation about how much power we really want to give that power-hungry Deep State.  And Trump had a right to do so, after all, they have attempted to do much worse to Trump than anybody ever did to JFK—and over much less.  It wasn’t because Trump was a bad person—it was purely a power retention grab.  The Deep State wanted to stay in control even though Trump’s presidency is all about a change in direction.  Now that we have the JFK files it’s time to make some hard decisions about the Deep State—should we continue funding it?  Or should we try something else?   One thing we can know and trust, the American people deep down inside understand.  That Deep State hasn’t been fooling anybody.  It shows in our art.  But now it is showing in our politics, and that isn’t a good sign for them.

Rich Hoffman

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