Robert Mueller Did Justice a Huge Favor: Trump is a tactical genius

In a lot of ways, the Robert Mueller investigation and apprehension of Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort is a blessing. Let’s forget about the hypocrisy of it for this little article, but instead focus on the long-term implications of it. On the morning after the big bomb that Mueller’s investigation had set its sights on Paul Manafort and that’s all he could show for all the efforts over the last half-year of investigation the media keyed on one last-ditch set of efforts at stopping the Trump success story. An article about Rand Paul and Chris Christie announcing that they think Trump may leave after four years out of fear of being primaried out of office, another about how low Trump’s job approval ratings were, but then this strange admission from CNN hoping that this constant special counsel probing will ground Trump to admitting that he has been unusually successful and is now limited. That little chink in the armor tells the whole story of politics in 2017. By 2020 it won’t look anything like it does today and here’s why.

When Paul Manafort paid his $10 million-dollar bail and left custody smiling and Trump’s supporters were not even slightly phased, a gentle worry floated above the Washington D.C. swamp—and with that came a light cast directly at the Podesta brothers and their actions that have been essentially the same as Manafort’s. The entire world of politics essentially shifted in that moment and not in the way that the anti-Trump forces would have hoped. Manafort knew it. Trump knew it, and several conservative advocates knew it as well. Bob Mueller had set and impossible standard for the Beltway which has been built on corrupt politics for two centuries. If Trump wanted to drain the swamp, Mueller just helped him take the next step. I actually thought of the Battle of New Orleans where Andrew Jackson defeated the established regiments of superior forces in very short order as the Mueller news broke. Trump in a lot of ways is a modern version of Jackson and for the Battle of the Beltway, it now looks like Trump is going to emerge the clear and easy victor. In their vigor to destroy Trump the opposing forces of the new president ran themselves into a trap that has now ensnared them, and there is no going back now. Mueller maybe knowingly understanding that rock and a hard place position he was in did it quite obviously. The standard has now been set and there is no way Democrats can live up to the methodology.

Going back to 2006 and looking at Manafort’s oversea lobbying efforts the book is now open under equal justice to go after Hillary Clinton and the Podesta brothers as well as the entire approach of the DNC operation which has ties to many corrupt dealings that have been reported recently—particularly the Uranium One deal. Nobody defending the Clinton efforts can now claim that 2010 was so long ago because Manafort has been officially investigated and held for his actions as far back as 2006. That puts a lot of things on the table for investigation which obviously would lead to massive arrests in Washington D.C. If Manafort can be apprehended and held under scrutiny in the way he presently is, then a huge percentage of the Beltway can as wall because that is how business is done there. Mueller has opened up a huge can of worms, and I think that’s a very good thing.

Trump had to part with Corey Lewandowsky after the former advisor got into trouble for pushing a female reporter—if you can call it a push. It was obvious at that time that Trump was going to win the nomination so the anti-Trump forces went after Lewandowsky hoping to derail the campaign momentum. Trump showing he could be as savvy as anybody in the Beltway hired Manafort to run the campaign from there to secure delegates for the upcoming convention—which worked as it was supposed to. Many pundits thought the Manafort hiring was a good one because he was an “establishment” type and they felt more secure with him running the campaign. After the nomination process was finished at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, some negative stories came out about Manafort and Trump cut him loose. In his place Trump put Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway in charge of the campaign and became president a few months later. What Trump showed over that span of six months was incredible ability to be very malleable to the political conditions of the moment and this is a major problem for establishment types who rely on conventional rules of engagement to win and lose in Washington. Manafort was only with Trump for a few months and didn’t have time to learn anything much about Trump himself—so with Mueller’s emphasis on punishing Manafort to force him to flip on Trump shows the true lack of understanding that everyone working for Mueller truly has on this entire issue.

That’s why the media was flat on the Tuesday that followed. Their big rabbit in the hat turned out to be a turd and their October surprise was more like a firework that failed to explode as the wick burnt out and uneventfully fizzled out. What we all got instead was an established period of analysis that is now acceptable. Remember over the Benghazi issue when in 2013 Democrats said, “Oh, that was a whole year ago. Who cares about that now?” Well, now we know we can go back to 2006 and look at—–EVERYTHING. All Jeff Sessions has to do now is start his own special prosecutions and let them spin out of control like Mueller did and likely the Democrats will be on such a defense that they won’t have a single candidate to put up in 2020. I actually think John Kasich will at that point flip parties and run against Trump—and Trump will easily beat him. It won’t even be close. Kasich will do it because he wants more than anything else in the world to be president. But Trump isn’t the loser that Kevin Spacey plays in House of Cards. Trump is the real deal.

Speaking of Kevin Spacey in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandals, Hollywood just showed what will soon be happening to Washington D.C. Anthony Rapp who is now 46 years old claimed that Spacey made sexual advances on him as a 14-year-old boy. Because of that Spacey was locked off the set of the sixth season of House of Cards and Netflix announced that it is ending the show! A top-rated show like that and it’s over so quickly over the slightest controversy. I would argue that if not for Trump Weinstein would still be the head of Hollywood and there would be a seventh season of House of Cards. But when Hollywood came out against Trump for being a womanizer and nothing stuck, they then had to apply the same standard to their own kind, and that is what we see happening now, with the wheels of Hollywood coming off completely. They can’t hold up to that level of scrutiny and neither can those political players in the Beltway. If Manafort is the standard, then the rest of Washington will drown in the wake of the application of that standard. What is happening now to Hollywood will soon happen to the Swamp. All Jeff Sessions needs to do is allow for the special investigations to do their thing and let those houses of cards fall.

Yes, Trump is in charge, but he’s not a bad guy like Obama was. Trump is not one to abuse authority, he certainly doesn’t want to use the IRS and Justice department as weapons against his political opponents. He couldn’t exactly come out and throw Hillary in jail the moment he was inaugurated as president—he could technically, but he couldn’t politically. She is still the best option Democrats have in 2020 so it wouldn’t have looked good to put a prosecutor on her which would then destroy her very criminal life. There’s other ways to skin that cat, and Trump has been very wise to let other people do those things for him and in their vigor to impeach him, Trump’s opposition revealed too much about themselves. Now they are at a serous tactical disadvantage and the momentum will not favor them ever. They can only go downhill from here, and is something that couldn’t have happened better, in our favor as liberty minded patriots, then if we had put the cuffs on Hillary Clinton ourselves. Finally, justice has a voice and it was the enemy that gave it that voice.

Rich Hoffman
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