Terrorism in New York City: More failures by academic progressives–guns are the only answer

It was just hours after the loser Sayfullo Saipov crashed a rented Home Depot truck into a crowd of innocent people in New York City killing and maiming them when some idiot on Twitter started yakking about the merits of gun control in that very progressive town. Truthfully, as I remarked, the idiot probably thought the pellet gun and the paint ball gun were assault weapons and he was doing something special with them as he ran around aimlessly after the deed was done waiting for police to shoot him and send him to his “god.” Coming from Uzbekistan where printed paper is an extreme luxury, a paint ball gun might appear to such an ignorant fool to be a weapon of mass destruction. We are not dealing with normal people here but radicals from destitute places and thrown them into modern civilization like dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. Ancient civilizations and modern ones just don’t mix and the progressive policies that have thrown us all together have been and continue to be dismal failures. Here is how Fox New reported the incident:

Investigators in New York City were left with a range of questions Tuesday after a driver plowed a pickup truck onto a bike path and into a crowd in Lower Manhattan, killing at least eight people and injuring 11.
The suspect, identified as Sayfullo Saipov, 29, is originally from Uzbekistan and is not a U.S. citizen, federal law enforcement sources have confirmed to Fox News.

The attack on a bright Halloween afternoon occurred not far from the new World Trade Center building and the site of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Saipov had handwritten notes pledging his loyalty to the Islamic State terror network and shouted “Allahu akbar” (“God is great”) after the crash, law enforcement officials told Fox News.

Saipov, who was shot by police, was taken into custody and remained hospitalized.

The suspect had a green card, a source told Fox News. Saipov came to the U.S. in 2010, and, according to the Associated Press, has a Florida driver’s license but was said to be living in Paterson, N.J.

Saipov was an Uber driver who had passed a background check, the company told Fox News. It added that Saipov has now been banned from the app, and Uber has offered assistance to the FBI.


In actuality, it took too long for an NYPD officer to engage the target. Luckily for us, Saipov only had harmless weapons so we could afford for him to run around for several minutes before the NYPD was able to disable him with a crippling gun shot. Ideally, there should have been a gun wielding NRA member who was concealed carrying a firearm at the point of the incursion and Saipov could have been shot immediately leaving the truck as he was yelling “Allahu akbar.” That statement alone should be enough to open fire as a threat assessment indication. Waiting for the “proper” authorities to put down a threat is risky business. It’s obvious that terrorist organizations around the world are relying on these low-tech acts of violence—we’ve seen them in France, England and many other places already, so we must assume that they will happen anywhere crowds of people gather. So as a reaction to that threat, we need to spread the use of firearms to every corner of our country, especially gun free zones like New York City so that terrorists like Saipov can be stopped as quickly as possible.

Getting lucky is not a strategy. Ryan Nash happened to be close to that location where the terrorist activity occurred and was able to engage the target fairly quickly as an NYPD officer. That makes for a good story, but the response time in the future needs to be even faster if these terrorist losers are going to use these strategies. What separates terrorism in the United States from more progressive countries like the UK and France is that our people can own guns and can help be first responders to such crises as this one in New York.


I’m very tolerate of other people’s religions and lifestyles. I may find their beliefs to be complete lunacy, but I am still respectful of their right to believe things. But the line is crossed when some radical religious loser uses God to justify violence against other people. I wasn’t for it in the Crusades period, I certainly wasn’t for it when the Spanish conquered Central and South America, and I’m certainly against what the towel headed losers of ISIS are doing. Anybody who uses violence to push their religious views is evil, wrong, and deserving of swift justice as determined on an individual basis. And it doesn’t get any more individualized than an American carrying a firearm to be a first responder against terrorism. Respect for other people’s cultures and ideas goes out the window the moment they inflict violence on another culture to advance their ideology. That just isn’t permissible.

The great progressive failure is that many “academics” thought they could end wars on earth in response to the two World Wars by mixing people together. By making a great global melting pot, they thought they’d achieve world peace. They were idiots. What we ended up with was the opposite. It will take perhaps two to three hundred years of human evolution and likely a global focus on united goals to achieve world peace. For instance, the space race is a nice unifying idea that could help accelerate the process. But you can’t take some sappy ass loser like Sayfullo Saipov getting ISIS material at his mosque studying a medieval religion like Islam in its most radical form and expect him to assimilate with modern western culture in America, you are smoking crack if you think that will turn out OK. It just doesn’t work and the people who created the paperwork that allowed him into our country in the first place—like Chuck Schumer, don’t fundamentally understand the behavior patterns of human beings and they got caught playing with fire. People naturally chose to associate with people of their own beliefs. You can see it in typical families. Families with different foundation beliefs can’t even get along for Thanksgiving meals. What we have in common is football, Black Friday, and a love of food. But if we get off those topics things fall apart quickly. Some families like guns, some like college professors, some like Democrats, Republicans, and some like smoking dope, getting tattoos and pissing in the shower. Some like to have high standards for themselves and others want no standards at all—because they tend to be lazy and don’t want to wake up each day with any expectations placed upon them. Families tend to stick together when the world impresses itself upon them and they associate with their own kind to relax from the cultural expectations of the comparative societies. Liberals have tried to micromanage even the American family trying to take away those options as well thinking that if they force everyone to look at each other, then there will be no other option but peace. Instead, what has happened is that violence has escalated because families have lost their mechanisms for dealing with the world. That is on the micro level. This terrorism issue is on the macro—its part of a global failure by progressives to manage people and their cultures. It’s been a lack of respect given to each individual culture around the world and to work with their beliefs. Instead, progressives sought to destroy everything and create a new order built on combined respect. But their approach lacked respect so how did they think they’d ever achieve such a feat? The answer is that none of them thought it through—and now their failures are obvious. People are dying because of them, and still they fail to take responsibility for their terrible decisions over the last several decades.

The solution in the short-term is more guns in more places to respond quicker to the anxiety that has been created globally by the political leftists. Since America is more equipped to have more terrorist first responders than anywhere in the world, it is our obligation to show people how self-defense looks and to use that platform to change our behavior toward these radical terrorists who are functioning from a different time and by ideas that have long been considered archaic. It isn’t being “open minded” to take no action against terrorism. It’s just stupid. And it’s time for different people who aren’t so stupid to be running things—and to be carrying guns in more places so that losers like Saipov can be disabled much sooner before things really get out of control.

Rich Hoffman
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