“Sky is a Neighborhood”: The Meaning of Life

I was asked today how I manage to do everything, and to be honest I hadn’t really thought about it. But upon reflection it was pretty obvious that my life right now couldn’t be told in seven seasons of a Netflix drama binge watched on a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon. Let alone my life up to this point. There are about 11 things going on with me today that anyone of them could be made into a movie and be considered quite dramatic. Then there are about 25 subplots that would make for good television drama—just one of those subplots. All I could say to that person was, “remember when you were a kid and wanted to grow up to be something spectacular? Well, I’m exactly who I wanted to grow up to become, and I’m having a lot of fun.” If I had to put my present life into a song I would say that the Foo Fighter’s latest release, “Sky is a Neighborhood” best represents my present state of existence.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s good not to think about it too much, because there just isn’t time, but that question caused me to pause just long enough to analyze the things on my plate presently and laugh a little at how outrageous it all is. I think I like the Foo Fighter song because of the crashing through the ceiling metaphor of a small room and emerging into a big sky where there are all kinds of possibilities. I broke out of that box a long time ago, and I find great freedom in the sky—and I wouldn’t live anyplace else. I remember the adults in my life growing up and they’d be impressed to do once in their life any one of the 11 things I’m presently involved in that have major implications for many people. But I don’t stop long enough to think about it, instead, I’m always looking for 11 more things to get involved in to make things even better—or 22—44—whatever opportunities unfold in the adventure of life.

I wish I had more time for all the personal contacts who know me and would like a little time. I feel bad leaving people four or five-word emails, but things are moving fast for me and I have to hit things on the run often. It’s a frantic pace, and I do excel at that pace. There are moments like yesterday where I had about an hour to come home and spend time with my family. My son-in-law and I shot guns for a bit before my wife unleashed a wonderful dish of Shepard’s Pie. We had a nice dinner then I went back at it to secure a multimillion dollar opportunity that was hard to get, and would have crushed a less optimistic person. A friend of mine called recently and wanted to come over but I told him I wouldn’t be home for a while. He asked me why and I had to tell him I was having breakfast in Japan. He called again, and I was somewhere else doing something completely different. He reminded me that we hadn’t spoken much over the last decade and I had to think about it. He was right. It felt like only a month or two to me. It was just the kind of life I enjoy living—full of epic twists and turns that really only I could have an impact on resolving. It’s the kind of life a kid would make up for themselves in their wildest fantasies and I’m living a dream.

Passion for life is what I want to emphasis here, you’re living life, you might as well make the most out of every moment. I do, and I share that experience with anybody who wants to listen. People are obviously curious because I have been asked that same question about how I manage everything roughly 20 times by all different people over the last two weeks. It was only today that I took the time to actually provide an answer because I was listening to that Foo Fighter song and had successfully concluded the big deal from the previous night—and had a moment to reflect.

There are a lot of people out there on medication of one kind or another to deal with all the stresses in their life. I don’t take any drugs of any kind, and I’m living currently about ten lifetimes worth of experiences and I can say only to people who wonder, don’t take the drugs. Wake up happy every day, find the good in whatever you’re doing, and challenge yourself to the max peak every second of every day and you will live a happy life. I’d like all people to feel the joy I am talking about which is why I’m sharing now.

There are all kinds of self-help books out there, and many magical mages who claim to have the meaning of life—but let me tell you what it is dear reader from my experience and perspective. After all, I will admit, I have pushed life about as far as you can and still maintain sanity and physical robustness—and I feel great about everything all the time. I love life even when it’s terrible if you know what I mean. In the article below is some deductive conclusions that I think we all innately understand. To give meat to the details, we’ve invented religion, but if you break everything down to the most basic essence of everything—we all understand the truth. Our souls are important aspects of universal law and their attachment and development during our lifetimes to our bodies is important. There is a cosmic significance to our lives that separate us from plants and other animals and it has to do with our ability to think.


If you track people throughout their lives and watch them grow starting from little infants until the time they are perhaps my age living the life they always dreamed of, the trajectory of intellectual movement is quite impressive if you live in such a way to always be growing. That growth carries over into a significant role in another stage and I think the best way to be most productive and useful in that stage is to simply keep growing and accepting every challenge that comes at you in life. If you do that, you will live out your wildest dreams and they will have greater meaning all through your existence even after your body wears out and you have to move on to another stage.

What I find most exciting about every day is the potential of doing something many people think is impossible, and through that journey, I have seen and accomplished a lot—and continue to do so. Where does it peak? Who knows? What I can say is that the journey is a delight and is the meaning of life. The essence of our life, of all the trials and tribulations equate to a value that defies the merits of existence. My goal every day is to keep growing and getting better and better until something busts and I want to know when and where that might occur after a life lived well, and fully. Playing that game is the meaning of life, it is the experiences that shape us into what the universe needs, and it is our thought process that has an impact on the quantum plains of reality yet to be discovered. There is meaning there to be uncovered beyond the undiscovered worlds that await us all who think. It is in that strange way that I think the Foo Fighters are onto something when they say the “Sky is a Neighborhood.” We are all pounding on the ceiling of our own little houses and eventually we’ll break free. I think we should all live fearlessly and happily because we are the lucky life forms that can think, and we get to use life not as food for some terrestrial effort, but to advance our lives beyond life itself—and that is pretty cool.

Rich Hoffman
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2 thoughts on ““Sky is a Neighborhood”: The Meaning of Life

  1. Rich,

    Fascinating self-analysis – I like the way you use metaphors to convey your thoughts. When you decide to move into the right lane, perhaps we may meet around town – chances are we have met but I’m not connecting a face with a name – You appear to know two of my best friends George Lang and Mark Welch.

    Until then, Safe journey!

    Randy Simmons Air Solution Company Office: 513-860-9784 Mobile: 513-509-0939 Fax: 513-860-9785 Website: http://www.airsolutioncompany.com



    1. Thanks, I was the guy at the West Chester trustee debate filming along the edges. And I’m so far into the right lane that I’m in the emergency lane. : ) I’d like for people to live a happy life if possible, if only they could get out of their own way.


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