Pulling the Plug on the Swamp: Time for Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor


It’s no secret, and never has been.  I covered the crimes of the Clintons for years as well as many others have.  But can you believe how many crimes Hillary Clinton is so obviously involved in just during her run for president?  Can you imagine dear reader what it would be like if she had been elected president?  Wow, it’s pretty remarkable how close we came to having the worst criminal in the history of America in the White House.  If you drop the massive criminal issues involving her classified emails which got her into so much trouble, Hillary Clinton’s newly revealed rigging the DNC primary, her participation in the dossier on Donald Trump, and her involvement in Uranium One—we’re looking at a person with a massive criminal history.  Hillary makes Frank Underwood from House of Cards look mild by comparison.  Hollywood couldn’t tell Hillary’s story without coming across as fake, her crimes are that outlandish.

There is no worry now about prosecuting Clinton by the Trump Justice Department, because things could no longer be construed as attacking a political rival.  The Clinton’s are in deep doo do.  Rigging the primary run against Bernie Sanders which has been revealed by Donna Brazile in a book she is putting out.  Remember that Donna ran the DNC after Debbie Wasserman Shultz had to be forced out over her own corruption right before the DNC convention of 2016?  Donna went before the world and lied for several months covering for Hillary Clinton knowing she played a part in the CNN controversy of passing debate questions to Hillary to make her look better—which she denied.  But after the election her conscience got to her and she wrote a tell all book that pretty much slams the jail door shut on the Clintons—both of them actually.

The DNC was in financial trouble, which continues to be a problem, so the Clinton’s bailed out the Party early in the primary race with Bernie Sanders but in exchange, they wanted to control the Party’s direction.  The DNC took the money and the nomination for Hillary Clinton was in the bag.  Bernie spent a small fortune running for president and he never had a chance—even though he polled well and won enough states to be competitive.  Even though we already suspected all this, knowing its all true puts a harder bite to it.

The crimes have been coming in so fast that the slow-moving country boy Jeff Sessions just hasn’t had the chance to catch up to everything.  But now there is more than enough justification for a special prosecutor to unravel this election mess based on the criteria Hilary Clinton established herself.  If you take her own words which she applied to Donald Trump about the sanctity of elections, involvement with the Russian government and the ethical behavior of presidents while in office, she literally tried to push-off all the crimes she committed onto the personality of Trump.  It’s fair to say that Trump has done nothing for which he has been accused of where Clinton is guilty of everything.

If you read The Big Lie from Dinesh D’Soauza you will see how the DNC over the years have used Saul Alinsky methods to apply crimes they committed onto completely innocent people—because those people were good Christians who were always taught to turn the other cheek and to take on the sins of their accusers.  Saul Alinsky learned to expose that through his mentor, Al Capone so that level of manipulation applied as a criminal strategy is what Hillary Clinton’s DNC was all about.   Barack Obama studied the same type of approach and that is why they have brought such a mess to politics.  In their world nobody was ever going to challenge them because they controlled the entire process—so their crimes were quite flagrant.   When you read The Big Lie it becomes instantly obvious where racism started in America, and who built the Nazi Party in Germany—it was 100% Democrats.  Yet Republicans are always framed in such a way even though they had nothing to do with either.  It was Republicans who stood against racism.  It was Republicans who wanted to combat the Nazis.  Yet the criminal minds of Democrats especially under the leadership of Hillary Clinton has sold to the public the opposite notion, just as they are with Trump since day one of his presidency.

I would add that now we know why they are fighting Trump so hard.  Without Trump winning the presidency, all this would have been swept under the rug.  Donna Brazile would have kept her mouth shut and played ball like she had previously.  But with a new day in politics emerging where actions are actually reflected off the new president in a positive way, the game is changing and people are now enabled to come forward.  It’s like I said several articles ago, the Washington D.C. culture will come unraveled just as Hollywood has because once people step away from the mandates of institutional thinking, they are empowered to act as individuals.   Some of what Donna Brazile is saying now is quite astonishing, but given her Christian background she at least has a feeling of guilt to guide her actions.  Now, knowing what we do now—what does anybody think about that meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on that airplane in July was all about?   Can you smell the corruption and the level that it changed the FBI investigation into her email server during a presidential election?

Also like I said some time ago, the DNC is broke and it has no mechanisms for finding money.  Most Americans aren’t left of center liberals, and the Party has moved in that direction, so there isn’t any financial backing unless you tap into the university crowd and Hollywood.  Well, Hollywood just imploded and that cozy relationship has just blown up in the DNC’s face as well.  We are not in the same world politically as we were a year ago.  That’s how the Democratic Party got into trouble to begin with.  They had to accept dirty Clinton money just to put up a candidate against the Republicans.  Now with the Clintons out of the picture where is the money going to come from?   I mean its one thing to have the entire media in the bag, to have the Washington D.C. swamp blowing wind into your sales, but if you don’t have cash on hand, what are you going to do?  How can you compete?

Democrats are already having trouble winning elections.  Their ideas just don’t float in a world of capitalism.  We now understand that Democrats are what ruin cities like Detroit and Chicago—why would we vote for more of them?  And presently they don’t even have the money to sell their story as they have in the past.  With the Clintons and Obamas out of the arena what can Democrats do?  Nothing.  So now is the time Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor into the election problems of the DNC in preventing one candidate from winning in an actual high-profile case of election fraud.   Let that prosecute uncover whatever they find.  It’s not any more complicated than that, but if just that one act would be done, the DNC would forever be ended, because the corruption is so vast.   If you really want to help drain the swamp Jeff Sessions, just pull the plug.  It’s right there in front of all of us, and Hillary Clinton is the plug to pull.  Put a special investigator on her dealings over the DNC and watch that swamp disappear right down the drain.   By the midterms in 2018, there may be no Democrats left to run—because they are all a little guilty due to their associations with Hilary Clinton.

Rich Hoffman

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