Devin Patrick Kelly was a Radical Leftist: Antifa’s war against America took casualties in a Texas church

Astonishing that liberals moved so quickly to call for a ban on guns because the Texas church shooter on 11-5-2017 was one of their own.  That’s right; the 26-year old kid who walked into a San Antonio church on a bright Sunday morning to kill more than 26 innocent people was an active member of Antifa and was a liberal activist.

After committing the deed a civilian engaged the terrorist and a gun fight ensued.  Devin Patrick Kelly took a hit and fled the scene.  He died a few miles down the road where police picked him up.  If not for a good guy with a gun there at the church, the Antifa radical would have gotten away.  But he didn’t.

We need a lot more guns in a lot more places.  And we need to make all liberals a potential suspect because they are obviously at war with traditional America and they are willing to kill.  Lucky for us, there were several people who were able to capture screen grabs from Kelly’s social media accounts before the FBI swept in to cover up the story—which they obviously did in the case of Las Vegas.  Once the name was released, citizen journalists did the work that we can no longer trust our media to do.

Rich Hoffman

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5 thoughts on “Devin Patrick Kelly was a Radical Leftist: Antifa’s war against America took casualties in a Texas church”

    1. I ask this question because I believe you to be correct. Apparently, their is a post attributed to an Austin, TX ANTIFA group claiming that something big will happen on 5 November. I have only been able to find this one time and it was on infowar. Would like more corroboration if that is possible.

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