The Evil of Liberalism: They can’t live with us, and we can’t live with them

Once upon a time I lived in an apartment on the U.C. campus on the second floor.  Directly below was an extreme liberal who happened to be the director of a play, one of the most controversial in Cincinnati’s history that was running at the Taft Theater.  She was deeply connected to our local media, the U.C. campus and the politics of Cincinnati and using those connections she managed to slide through the many controversies and bring to life Equus for the extreme conservatives of the Queen City.  The play featured full nudity and sex on stage in front of everyone which I thought was weird at the time, I still do.  But living a floor up from the director I had an opportunity to speak to her about the whys and how’s and after learning more about her mind, I was even more disturbed.  She seemed like a nice person when you spoke to her and was even a little attractive for an older lady.  At the time I think she was in her 40s when I was in my 20s.  From the apartment windows next to my room I could see clearly down into her apartment through the reflection and she was constantly nude.  She seldom wore cloths which to a twenty year old seemed cool, but to the long view of my mind which lasts many lifetimes was pretty kooky.  I mean, as a species, we invented cloths for a reason—it’s nice to have a barrier against the elements of living.  But in her liberal view of the world, primal reflection was important so she thought there was merit in a native approach to life.  Therefore, her production of Equus in Cincinnati was more political than artistic and as nice as she was, she felt it was her right to attack the conservative sensibilities of her audience with art that insulted them—to wake them up and ignite in them an activism toward liberalism’s merits.  She was essentially using sex to sell the values of liberalism.

And talk about sexual harassment since we are going back as far as four decades and penalizing people for things so far back these days—as a young man, 19 to 25 I wanted to use my natural charisma and insight to ride my good looks into an acting/modeling career.  I had dated several models, my wife was a model and her sister was being groomed to be a model.  Being around attractive people a lot gave me a window into what goes on at photo shoots and modeling agencies.  I was just a little stunned when my photographer who was a lady doing my portfolios wanted me shirtless most of the time and she always wanted my pants unzipped.  I thought that was weird because if we were modeling pants for department stores why would they want to see them coming off?  Turns out this lady had the hots for me and how she wanted to photograph me had nothing to do with production photos, and more to do with her personal fantasies.   Looking back on it I could easily say she was sexually harassing me, but I would never think to do so.  I’m certainly no victim, and I never have been.  I thought it was kind of funny and I went about my business.  But I can easily see how wires get crossed in these things and I can promise from personal experience that most people who end up as models go through some of that.  My wife hated it and the moment she could get out of modeling, she did.  She always thought the people in that industry were creepy and thus, we ended up doing almost nothing with our lives that involved the entertainment industry.  I went on to write and do other kinds of work in entertainment on and off for the next twenty years, but my wife’s first instincts as a young attractive woman was correct.  The people in entertainment that were overwhelmingly liberal had this desperate attraction to primitive behavior and they really couldn’t keep their cloths on or the cloths of the people they are working for.  My wife’s sister went further with modeling than my wife did and actually ended up being considered for the New York scene, but she was not comfortable with nudity and that put the clamps on her career.  Because after all, producers, directors and modeling agencies figured that if this girl won’t show the goods, there are 1000 outside their doors who will—so they have no patience for such young women who won’t even show their tits.  Would Emilia Clarke have the opportunities she is having today if she didn’t get naked and have sex on-screen in the Game of Thrones?  Not a chance.  She’s a great talent, but she had to play the game.  That’s why she’s where she is today, not because she’s a great actress.  She had to feed the machine of liberalism to advance her career.

There are many other stories I could tell, but in reflection regarding the news of our day and whether or not we can live in a America where liberals have an equal say in our democratic process, as a way to manage the Republic for which we stand, one nation under God, indivisible—and all that– I am quite certain that we can’t.  For most of my life until about ten years ago I dealt with liberals often, and I was able to do so and not compromise my own very conservative beliefs.  I was a live and let live guy for sure.  I didn’t feel a need to convert a liberal to a conservative and if they were a little flaky I found some common ground to deal with them, which I still do.  One on one, I am very accommodating to people who don’t think the same way as I do.  But when I write, that is a much more private thing and I do so to share my ideas with people essentially because I want to help them become better.  If I can take my experiences and observations and make people around me better, I am willing to do it.

More though I have the feeling that liberalism is just evil—it is born out of evil and it works for evil needs only.  There is no place for it among a free people—because liberalism isn’t free. The intentions of liberals is to use the natural desires of our physical bodies to exploit our weaknesses and seduce us into a collective unification for an ultimate destination of evil action—whether its political support for mass killing, like abortion, or destroying evidence and manipulating the American intelligence agencies to give Hillary Clinton a free pass to keep her out of jail even though she committed acts of extreme abandonment of conscious righteousness.   Liberalism in every form allows for the furtherance of evil in our world and there is no way to avoid that conclusion.  Liberalism attaches itself to the weak and strives to make them equal in the world not by building them up, but by tearing down the world around them to the levels of their vile discontent.

Hollywood is throwing itself under the bus right now hoping to reset their reputation and throw people off the real trail—the far worse things that go on to people who want to be in movies or on the pages of a magazine.  And by casting such a wide net they hope to derail the world of politics such as in the case of Roy Moore who supposedly 40 years ago allegedly touched a girl who was 14.  The guy is 70 years old now—who the hell cares?  Those kinds of thoughts have long left the mind of an elderly man, and that makes them much more trustworthy.  There is no rectification with liberalism; there is no low that they will endure which is too much.  They are against virtually everything that is productive about human thinking and they represent a vile evil which is seductive and aims to destroy our virtue at every opportunity.

In my cases with the women I spoke about, especially the photographer I have always been ultra confident.  They may have had ideas but my raw conservatism was a big turn off to them which is why things never went further than what I’ve described.   In conversations with that play director I never thought Equus was anything more than an excuse to get people naked on a stage to make audiences uncomfortable—and call it art.   Heck even Daniel Ratcliff—the Harry Potter kid fell for that crazy liberalism crap when he played the lead role in Equus as one of his first opportunities after leaving the Harry Potter movies.   He did the full nudity thing in London where the play exhibited recently and for the same reasons that I described about the Taft Theater presentation.  Instead of the producers being my neighbor, it’s a new set of liberals who are using shock to advance their primal utterances and pull mankind into a flutter of liberalism from which it can never escape once seduced.  Daniel Ratcliff destroyed his career when he allowed his managers and industry producers to convince him that showing his goods on stage was a good thing to do.  Even Harrison Ford’s blockbuster status fell to earth in the 90s when he made the movie Presumed Innocent where he had sex with a woman very graphically on-screen.   Ford had all the accolades of a top-notch actor in Hollywood but that wasn’t enough, he wanted an Academy Award, and to do that you have to sign up for the exploits of liberalism.  Well, Ford never got his award and he has gone back to what made him great to begin with, but never to the same level—because he compromised himself.  Clint Eastwood went thought a similar spell with his movie Tightrope where he appeared as a sex crazed detective and was actually nude in the film.  Hollywood and liberalism in general is always looking to get people to compromise themselves from a lofty spot of admiration into a lowly figure no better than the collective goo of mass socialism.

I could actually write several books on this matter, but for brevity it is clear to me that liberalism is evil and cannot be reasoned with.  They cannot live in harmony with the rest of us and cannot have an equal stake in our American government.  I know as a very conservative person that I’ve bent over backwards a lot to attempt to respect other people’s views.  I’ve had a unique life full of rare opportunities and I’ve navigated them all unusually pure.  In my case I married early to a woman with an unusual commitment to purity and that kept me out of a lot of trouble.  But I credit myself with aligning myself with such a person to allow me to write all these articles now and to eventually conclude what the nature of liberalism truly is based on personal experience.  People like Harrison Ford can’t—because once you eat from the tree, you really lose your ability to criticize it—so it’s far easier to make liberal causes your new religion—like global warming is to many today—a scam designed to rectify the mistakes of their past.  If the God they shut out can be the new God that they walk on they fantasize that if they protect that God that their sins of the past might be forgiven.  But it can’t be.  Liberalism cannot live in the same world with the rest of us.  It doesn’t want to.  It needs chaos to grow, and emotional instability to sink roots into our lives, and it hates purity, justice, and resolution.  Liberalism only seeks destruction of intellect and human advancement, and is not conducive to the greater needs of an evolving species.  Therefore, I think it’s time that we declare it such and proceed forward on that foundation of thought.

Rich Hoffman

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