Women are the Carriers of a vast Evil called Liberalism: It may be politically incorrect, but behind the mask is the truth

I purposely spoke softly about liberalism in yesterday’s article because we all know them.  We know them at our Thanksgiving dinners, we know them as co-workers.  We know them as our favorite actors on television, motion pictures, and music.  We have no choice but to interact with them because they are so deeply embedded in our culture—they are metaphorically like the zombies from The Walking Dead—sick and beyond reason and in front of us dangerously every day to deal with.  I had to write that article to show that this little piece of writing isn’t from some radical right-winger beyond hope on an international stage of intolerance.  The political left usually labels such people as “Nazis” or “fascists” which is indicative of their actual state yet they often do not know the actual meanings of the words.  That’s because all liberals to some degree or another knowingly are guilty of a deliberate abandonment of reason and live their lives in a very emotional state.  That’s not to say that they are stupid, some do have high I.Qs and have the potential to be very smart.  But they are sick with liberalism and behind that is a commitment to death, destruction and everything negative that the human race represents.  Liberals are the antithesis of evil in our world and I’d go so far here today to say that they need to be destroyed as a political ideology before any of us can advance to the next stage of human development.  Before Elon Musk can put a settlement of people on Mars, or Donald Trump can Make America Great Again, we must deal with the problem of liberalism because it infects so many people that it is the primary cause of the current civil war that we are all engaged in—and until that war is won, advancement just isn’t possible.

Liberalism is such a vast sickness that most people have it to some degree, like an allergy or the common cold.  If left untreated, it utterly rots the brain and makes a person dangerous, because they can affect other people.  For instance, this is on display any time a person goes “clubbing” where dancing, and drinking are utilized to a mass effect.  The act of doing such a thing is undoubtedly liberal because the activity is clearly social, and reckless to the concept of individuality.  Anybody can dance in a room by themselves to music, but when you do it in such a public venue, you are there for the experience to do it with other people.  The music becomes the master of thought and individuals surrender to its beat in a collective manner.  In this way all dancers in a room become part of “group think” and the music becomes their master.  Therefore drinking becomes the accepted manner of accepting liberalism into the mind for an evening by drowning out thought and surrendering to the relief of “group think” mentality.   I say relief because under the condition of liberalism personal judgments are forgiven and actions can be accepted so long as individuals behave properly to the beat of peer pressure. We all feel the pressure of our individual lives and living against a constant tide that wears away at us in our jobs, our governments and our educations which then carries over into our life at home.  But when we go drinking and dancing we are relieved of these pressures for a time as we surrender to the “group think” of the club scene.

I use the dance club concept because it is one that most people can identify with.  People who don’t surrender to “group think” are often referred to as “stiffs.”  This insult is meant to penetrate the intellect of the individual who resists the pressures of “group think.”  The most common way that liberalism is sold to us is through sex, and obviously the females of our species.  Just like Aids is a typical homosexual disease transferred through reckless sex, once infected a carrier can contaminate many people even those who engage in traditional sexual practices.  Since women are the typical means of spreading Aids outside of homosexual circles where a married male may engage in sex with another contaminated male then have sex with his wife infecting her then from there it gets out into the mass population because she then carries it to other people through her interactions, not all of them sexual—the female becomes the host of destruction.  And that is the primary vehicle for which liberalism comes to the human race.  Women tend to be more compassionate and forgiving and through sex, they are the first entryway toward accepting “group think.”  For instance, in any middle school environment, it is the females who decide what is cool by the culture or not.  They are the bookends to the various classes of people who evolve in the public education environment.  If you want to date a popular girl for instance, you must do what she decides to get into that social category.  That means you must dress a certain way, play sports, and got to a great effort to maintain a number of friends which are also sharing in that experience.  Females are the glue that brings such people together for a common cause of “popular group think.”  The same holds true for the lower classes, it is the females who create the parameters of “group think” leaving all individuals to figure out which category they wish to invest themselves in.   We then take those habits into our adult lives which make us who we are and everything we become.

We all know someone who has joined an organization like Greenpeace or PETA so that they could date a girl. You don’t often find girls joining such organizations to meet boys.  It’s almost always the other way around.  The male being biologically predisposed toward molding their thoughts to the females around them have no problem surrendering their individual thoughts about a matter so that they can become potential mates to a female they have their eye on.  Males can date that female and convince themselves to care about environmental causes or the ethical treatment of animals if it gives them access to sex, then turn right around in their peer groups with other males and go hunting and fishing with no problem at all.  Therefore it is through females that the sickness of liberalism breeds and transfers from one person to another.  This is why it’s so important to liberals to put women into every institution of human endeavor because for their sickness to spread women must be the carriers.

Of course that is an incredibly politically incorrect thing to say—liberals have made it so.  It keeps the truth from the vast evil that is in the minds of every liberal from being exposed in the light of day because we can’t even have a conversation about it leaving the concept always very raw and unexplored.   This lets the evil of liberalism spread unmolested through our society providing cover for its erosion of thought with the justification of equality.  That is what makes liberalism so dangerous.  In so many ways Dinesh D’Souze did a great job of capturing the foot prints of liberalism in our society with his great book The Big Lie.  This isn’t some work of lunacy, it’s a modern examination of what liberalism truly is and you can buy the book anywhere, even at Costco.  While Dinesh D’Souze is a conservative he makes a good case why he thinks the way he does which serves as a baseline of logical human thought.  For instance in that book he covers the fact that Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood gave the Nazi regime the idea of euthanizing people.  Hitler and his minions didn’t come up with their idea to kill their Jewish population with mass extermination methods on their own; they got it from Planned Parenthood in the states as the Nazi were coming to power.  Sanger did what all liberals tend to do, and that is she used the notional of the female to penetrate our very thoughts of mass murder and to make it a “female right.”  Once Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics established through our society as a “women’s right” it froze the males into accepting the concept or they would lose access to sex in those females.  So the males adopted the idea of mass murder as a means to not lose potential sex partners.   100 years later we generally accept abortion as a human right when in effect it is mass murder which inspired the Nazis to do it in a more direct fashion in their more male oriented structure.  What goes on in abortion clinics today is every bit as monstrous as the worst that we learned happened under the Nazis of Germany—but contextually, we are frozen from talking about it because our peer groups use liberalism to justify the murders under the guise of an individual right—which has a hidden appeal to us all.  Individual rights are the foundations of most of our motivations.   But in liberalism individual rights are always under attack, however are used as masks to advance the philosophy from concealment.

If a proper cause and corrective action is applied to any concept of liberalism, from “clubbing” to “abortion” we can trace the thinking back to an evil motive.  Evil uses liberalism to spread through human society.  The evidence does not support that conservatism is an equal contributor to such a preponderance of evil.  If a conservative is evil—they aren’t a real conservative.  Being conservative is a philosophical choice that supports individuality in all forms, which therefore supports values attributed to thinking.  Evil always involves the destruction of individuals for the greater good of “group think” which therefore holds us to the chains of the past where mankind struggled to light a fire or roll a rock across a field.   Evil does not want the human race to migrate into space or to drive an SUV to the shopping mall to buy $500 worth of cloths from Dillard’s so that individuals can look nice for that upcoming charity dinner.  Liberals prefer the young protester of SeaWorld and their torn cloths, their ears connected to the music of the moment through their iPhones and their minds seeking drugs, clubbing and sex to spread their agenda of “goodness” in protecting the Orca, or the rights of women to “choose.”  And that is precisely how we all get pulled into the vile evil that is liberalism–through accepting the people infected with it as a righteous participate in our Republic of thought in a culture of equals yielding toward sovereignty, when the reality is vile, despicable, and corrosive against everything it means to be human.

Rich Hoffman

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