The Idiots Clapper and Brennan: Advice is only as good as those who give it–and my new hat

Trump is just saying the obvious, James Clapper and John Brennan are political hacks who made our American intelligence community into a bunch of fools for hire to take down political enemies of the progressive movement.  They worked for both parties; mostly Democrats and they have been defanged due to Donald Trump’s election.  But it wasn’t Trump who delegitimized the intelligence community.  It was they who did it to themselves several years before the 2016 election.   They were idiots, Keystone cops at best, fools who would be embarrassments in a kindergarten class.  Before Donald Trump ever came along I was ashamed of those two idiots, and John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Rob Portman, and a whole lot of other people in Washington D.C.  I lost my trust in the intelligence community many years ago and these losers only validated my suspicions.  They are the reason Trump was elected—for what they represented, so they are kidding themselves if they think anybody believes that their opinions have any merit.  Only slack-jawed losers would listen to them and grant them any credibility.  The way they did their jobs over their tenure under Obama’s administration could only be equaled by a dog shitting in a yard—then eating it.

E34898BE-BBB8-4F9A-A055-AA2BBBAEC394On the anniversary of Trump’s election this year I bought the nice white Inauguration hat shown here from the Trump Store.  I had been looking at it for a long time, all summer really, and after a year of Trump essentially being in office I had to reflect on how proud I was of him and my support of him so early.  It was only a few years ago that I watched testimony by James Clapper and found myself wondering if I was in the Twilight Zone.  The guy was an idiot, so very early in 2015 I put my support behind Donald Trump.  I always liked Trump; I loved his books, his television show and his general approach on life.  At first I thought he was a bit audacious and that he had been married too many times for my liking, but the more he talked, the more I wanted him to be president.  If Donald Trump was anything, he was a competent person.  People like James Clapper and John Brennan were not.

I thought they were crooked the moment I first saw them.  There was nothing “trustworthy” about them.  I didn’t want them running the CIA or any intelligence branch of my government.  I wouldn’t want them running a snow cone machine.  It is laughable that people like John McCain would think that there was anything of any merit to respect in the American intelligence agencies.  It is an insult on all Americans to even offer up such low-class fools to serve in any kind of spy agency, and trust that they wouldn’t turn that responsibility against us all in a moment’s notice.  The bottom line on the Russian story perpetuated by people like these two is that there is nothing there.  It was completely made up hoping to conceal the drain to the swamp that Trump promised to unplug.  And their unnatural anger toward Trump reveals their intentions.  They hate Trump because he’s good and sees through their silly attempts at concealment.

It is really scary looking back on it to think what might have happened if Trump hadn’t won.  I’d likely be in jail now, because I had made a decision not to sit on my hands and let the world be run by idiots like Clapper and Brennan.  John Brennan is the kind of guy who might have been a cafeteria monitor in high school who gets food thrown at him yet can’t figure out where it came from.  When I was in high school I threw food at a few John Brennan types every day, and I never got in trouble for it.  You know why dear reader?  Because they were too afraid to deal with me and so long as they didn’t know who was throwing food at them, they didn’t have to confront the truth.  Usually cafeteria monitors were teachers or assistant principals and were there to assert authority among the school kids.  But I figured out very early in life that the veil of authority was just a ruse to cover the fact that the employees were often afraid of reality and needed the cover of authority to mask their lack of social valor. So when I would throw my entire fruit salad at them, from only 15 feet away, they would never engage me—because to do so required responsibility, and that was the thing they were most afraid of in the world.  When they criticize Donald Trump’s presidency I see them look at him the way those cafeteria monitors looked at me.  They hate him because he’s so good, and that he does not fear them.  That leaves them to live their lives like the out-of-touch dad in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Lost, afraid, and stuck in adult bodies rotting away slowly day by day.

The real injustice is that these idiots actually got a pay check from us all for a job terribly done.  If after all we have paid them they can’t prosecute someone like Hillary Clinton and would insist on starting World War III with Russia just to cover their own ineptness, we should all be angry.  They didn’t deserve the money we paid them.  And why would a stout businessman like Trump listen to those two idiots, which McCain insists upon.  What would Clapper and Brennan possibly know that Trump doesn’t?  Advice is only as good as the people who give it, and Brennan and Clapper aren’t very good—so why should anybody listen to them?  That makes no sense.

As I look at my new hat I can’t help but feel a lot of pride that Trump not only made it to the presidency, but his Inauguration was one of my fondest memories.  It was one of my best memories of 2017, and may be one of the best of my life.  At the time I was just happy he was elected but looking back at how stupid people like Clapper and Brennan look in comparison it is astonishing that we survived as long as we did.  It’s not just those losers in the Intelligence community that made Donald Trump the president; there are a long line of people just like them to plant the seeds of rebellion over a long period of time.  Trump was just the solidifying force that pushed everything over the edge.  But accepting things they way they were just wasn’t an option.  If Donald Trump didn’t work out, I was prepared for armed conflict.  I wasn’t going to yield my life to a society ran by these idiots.  And they should have never thought it a possibility.  Every time they bring up the fake Russian story it makes me angrier, because their assumption is that we are all actually that stupid.  But then again, they can only see in us what they know about themselves.  They know they aren’t very smart, and if not for a government job, they’d be losers sleeping in the streets living aimless lives.  What they hate about Trump is that no matter what happens in life, Trump will always be a success, whereas they need their little government jobs to indicate that they are important people of the world, like the cafeteria monitors in high school.  What they hate is that we now know that their roles are just tokens, and hold no real power, or intelligence.  And that terrifies them most of all.

Rich Hoffman

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