Al Franken and Donald Trump are not both guilty of Sexual Harasmsent: How the left attempts to build consensus through transferred guilt

I keep hearing this ridiculous notion that somehow the creepy behavior of Senator Al Franken is similar in the category of sexual abuse to the misconduct to Donald Trump, or even Roy Moore. Democrats need friends due to their terrible behavior problems, and they are certainly making them up as they go. They tried to get the sex abuse issue to stick to Trump and it didn’t and behind that reason is a hidden truth. Bill O’Reilly learned the hard way when he lost his job on Fox News trying to play the liberal game of appeasement of the political left. Once you admit to something they own you—”the left.” It’s their little Saul Alinsky trick, that they bait you into an apology, then use your admitted guilt against you to destroy you. In O’Reilly’s case, I think his settlements were truly to shut up the women because he figured he was rich and could use money as a weapon to keep the gold diggers out of his personal life. What he miscalculated was that his admission through payment was all the left needed to knock him out of primetime existence. Al Franken on the other hand as part of the progressive establishment can admit guilt because the fangs of the media are and have always been in his favor. His role in this ruse was to bait conservatives into following his example. Once he did, they’d massacre him, the way the very liberal Megan McCain did on a Fox News segment called Outnumbered. What Megan failed to grasp in her young little brain is that the big difference between Al Franken and Donald Trump is that one admitted to the guilt, while the other didn’t.

At the end of the great book Atlas Shrugged, the hero John Galt is tortured by the government so to lend his talents to the terrible problems they had gotten themselves into—as they failed to identify the true engine of the world. It wasn’t the government or any form of collectivism that made everything work in the world, it was individuals like John Galt. But Galt had withdrawn from the world and let the government rot without his input which put a glorious end to the theory that collectively everyone contributed to the successes of creation. In reality, only a small few did so the government tortured Galt to force him to comply with the orthodox of collectivism. If Galt had admitted that he was just another cog in the wheel and that everyone was needed to help everyone else, Galt would have lost his position of representing the truth. Not a truth made up by collective consensus, but the real truth, the one that represents the nature of all existence.
All liberal thoughts are based on beliefs, and beliefs can be manipulated based on mass opinion. For instance, if a group of collectivists decide that the color blue is now red, then they feel they have the power to redefine that definition based on collective input. After all, don’t they have a point, blue is blue because we all agree that blue is blue—as opposed to red. Using that logic liberals feel they can implement any definition for anything so long as a mass group of people believe it is something rather than something else. They can call abortion for instance a right of women so long as they can change the definition from mass murder to something else using the authority of the state to for a baseline for that belief, such as in Roe v Wade. Once left leaning philosophies had corrupted the American Supreme Court, the state was then part of the process of turning belief into reality despite what the real facts of the matter were.

They have done the same thing about racism, Democrats were the political party that wanted and protected the institution of slavery. But during the Civil Rights movement when liberals had their guy President Johnston in the White House looking to cut a deal with Martin Luther King to keep the peace in America—from abuses he and his party were guilty of, they had to build a consensus that got them off the hook for blame. It was the Democrats who were the Grand Dragons of the KKK, it was they who had the lynching squads and it was they who had inspired the Nazis to used target racism to build their cultures. After caving in to King’s demands as much as he could, Johnston and the Democrats of his party sought to build a consensus that it was Republicans who were guilty of racism and inspiring the Nazi arm of fascism. Most Republicans acted as Bill O’Reilly did, they figured there was no truth to the allegations, so they didn’t answer the charges and when they could throw money at the situation to shut up Democrats they did—because many of them were rich anyway, so they figured it was money well spent. What they didn’t understand was that in the eyes of liberals their silence was an admission of guilt, so they ended up endorsing the villainy by refusing to confront it. If John Galt at the end of that fictional novel agreed to lend his services to the government to keep the peace, he would have been guilty of complicity. Like observing a murder but keeping quiet about it because the murderers proclaimed that nobody really saw what they thought they saw. If the consensus says that murder is not murder, then it’s nothing. If a tree falls in the woods but nobody is around to hear it—did it really fall? Well, of course it really fell. Just having people observe it doesn’t mean a damn thing to reality. But to a liberal, they put all their faith into their ability to shape reality by popular opinion.

When it came to Trump he understood all these rules. When they accused him of being a sexist, he denied the allegations and he fought back putting Bill Clinton front and center within the argument. He smartly knew that the Democrats were doing far worse—especially with his entertainment background, so he was wise to deny everything because it put him in a position to refute the claims of his attackers. If he had apologized he would have allowed himself to be a contributor to the leftist definition for reality, in spite of the facts. I had a similar situation myself when I called a bunch of local socialites fat assed latté sipping prostitutes, and my words ended up on the front page of every newspaper and radio station in the Cincinnati market. A radio station put me on the air and demanded that I apologize for my statements because as they said, I had insulted every woman listening to their broadcast and reading newspapers that day. Well, on the air I admitted that those were my words, but I couldn’t apologize. The on-air talent at the time wanted to know why. I explained that I meant what I said, so how could I apologize? By refusing to admit that what I did was wrong, it took away the ability of the political left to redefine my actions as something else. Trump understood that concept which is why he is doing such a great job as president. He does not get pulled in and twisted as the other presidents have in the past, and that makes him great.

What Al Franken and losers like Harvey Weinstein are doing with their admissions of guilt are coming out in favor of each other so that they can redefine the nature of sexual assault. There is always more to their tricks than they care to share with other people. What happened was that liberals attacked Trump with a barrage of allegations, all of which he denied. But people who were really sexually assaulted by people like Al Franken had no choice but to come forward and articulate the hypocrisy. Once that happened the liberals had no choice since they were all so guilty but to circle the wagons and seek to redefine the meaning of sexual assault. To do that they have to make the sitting president part of the discussion—which he still refuses to do. That has left liberals like Megan McCain aghast at their options to build a consensus. But the two cases are not alike. Al Franken is in a place all by himself. He has admitted to guilt, and there is photographic evidence of it. Talking about something is not the same as doing it—and all Trump ever did was comment on attractive women. That makes him honest. But with Al Franken, it makes him a pervert who should step down from the Senate because he has admitted to sexual harassment. And that is the way of reality, folks.

Rich Hoffman
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