The Grand State of Injustice Among American Institutions: Violance is probably the only way to fix it–I hope not

Like I usually do when I reload ammunition in my little workshop on Saturdays, I catch up on the radio segments of the Glenn Beck show where he has Bill O’Reilly on as a guest and they talk about the news of the week. That’s the only time I listen to Beck anymore. My interest is only in how those types of people see the world—which is a defeatist approach laced with Biblical fire and brimstone. Hearing them talk lets me know what we are up against out there as there are millions of conservatives just like those guys, which in times of peace wouldn’t be a problem. But these are not times of peace, goodwill and merriment. Not even the NFL is a safe zone for discussion these days so when pressed people often expose their vulnerabilities through discussion. Viewed in that way, Bill O’Reilly, the defeated former television star and Glenn Beck, another defeated television star from Fox News speak to each other with the assumption that they know how to win this war, which obviously, if they did, they wouldn’t be in such a state. But hearing them talk about the inaction of the Uranium One deal caught my attention, because they essentially let it be known that they expected no criminal proceedings and had lost faith in government to such a degree that it was their expectation that everyone would go free.

A few days after that broadcast Lois Lerner sought to permanently seal her records at the IRS where she was obviously guilty of using the tax collecting government agency to harass conservative groups which was a gross abuse of her power. Her actions at the IRS is evidence that government cannot be trusted with the management of our lives. They are supposed to be, but when given too much power without the ability to deal with it intellectually, they typically abuse it and make a mess of things. At that point, we all need a way to remove them from that power and to set things right. Typically, we have elections to fix the problem, but these days not even that works. So if all else fails, that is the primary reason we have the Second Amendment because once people like Lois Lerner get a hold of policing powers we are all vulnerable to the power of the state over our individual lives.

Look at the situation in the Senate, Roy Moore has a few women from 40 years ago claim he sexually abused them. Mitch McConnell who needs Roy to take that seat to keep the majority is rooting for the Democrat. While on his Senate right now Al Franken, a political enemy has done much worse, he admitted to sexual abuse and there are pictures to prove it. Yet the Senate has rallied behind Franken for some mysterious reason. What could that be? The truth is that to them, Republicans in the Senate see the whole thing as a game and they are only actors on the stage play of life. They do what their campaign contributors want them to do, and that’s the reality. They don’t represent us. They don’t care about us, and they are actually doing the work against us every day. If Mitch were sincere about his sexual harassment positions he’d be calling for Al Franken to step down, but he’s not consistent. In actuality, he wants Franken because it gives him a plot line of resistance. Republicans don’t want to lead, they want to follow—not Democrats, but their donors. And those donors do not love American sovereignty.

If we have learned anything from the Bob Mueller investigation of Russian influence of the Trump campaign, it’s that the system he represents has no definition and they think they have power over presidents elected by the people in a hard-fought election to alter the course of history. After six months of looking Mueller has found nothing and his investigation has gone nowhere, yet he looks and looks. All he really has is that an underling from the Trump campaign lied to the FBI about some time frame. If that is the standard of prosecution, then what about Hillary Clinton? She destroyed evidence. What standard of prosecution is there for her because she did much, much worse?

I literally could go on and on, and on about these types of conspiracies which have eroded away the faith that people have in their government. Even Chris Wallace (Democrat) fresh of a media award of high prestige said recently that Trump’s attack of the media is dangerous for us all. Well, how so Chris? Even over little things like the new movie release of Justice League, the establishment media attacked the film to no end hoping to scare Warner Bros. from making any more installments of the DC comic book characters. Why, because Zach Snyder is an Ayn Rand lover and his personal philosophy is something that the political left thinks is dangerous. The premise of the entire Superman trilogy which Zach directed is essentially the power of the individual, “Superman” the OVERMAN and how it helps the masses. Not that the masses are needed to make Superman. After Zach departed from the film the marketing executives at Warner Bros. tried to avoid the coming controversy by creating advertisements featuring the “we are all better together” motif, which was supposed to be red meat to the progressive Hollywood press. But it didn’t work. Justice League was all about the need for a Superman to fix the world—”Who is John Galt.” So the media won’t even let a movie alone, they attacked the film viciously hoping to sink its box office numbers to keep the message out of popular culture. When it comes to acquiring power the political progressives in both parties are on a crash course with reality and they are in every part of our lives.

Back to Beck and O’Reilly and their mild despair over the inaction of our institutions to instill justice to criminal elements. What are we to do if those institutions fail us, as they have? Well, we have elections and vote in outsiders like Donald Trump and new governors in Ohio like Jim Renacci. We replace the old and corrupt with the new and the bright and let them be free to do their work. I am proud of Donald Trump, very proud. He has done a great job in his first year and for Thanksgiving this year I am most thankful that he has been willing to do this very thankless job of being President of the United States. Nobody but him could have done the job he did and our economy shows the effort. Everyone knows I’m a big advocate of reversing the national debt. I’d love to cut away all entitlements including Social Security. But if Trump can get there through growth, I’m good. So far he has injected trillions of dollars into the American economy and that will start to reverse that debt clock very soon. If he can manage to get his tax cuts, then we will be on our way to 5% to 7% growth in our GDP and that will pay down a lot of debt. But the forces of institutionalism do not want the situation fixed. They want collapse and a global unification under the umbrella of a New World Order. And they aren’t going to let us have our desires for nationalism just because we want it. They are ready for war using our resources to deliver their promise to their multinational donors. It really comes down to that.

If elections don’t work and law and order isn’t respected—then war with the establishment is the logical next step. And for that we need guns, which is the reason for the Second Amendment. What other recourse do we have if we can’t trust the laws of mankind to instill justice to those who have violated the principles of valor, honor, and civility among mankind? If the law protects Hillary Clinton but not some low-level Trump staffer, or Al Franken and not Roy Moore, and not James Comey but goes after Donald Trump for firing the corrupt FBI Director—what is the next step when the law has let us down? I’m willing to let Trump continue to do his work and I hope for a peaceful end. But you can bet that I’m not counting on it. And in my world view surrender is not an option. What comes next is something that Mitch and the gang won’t like. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. But how things are now is not acceptable. Not with me, and with many other people.

Rich Hoffman
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