Liberal Men Just Can’t Keep Their Hands off Boobies: Trump is forcing errors in his opposition that is healthy for America


Again, if we rewind to Inauguration Day, 2017 where newly elected President Trump was ceremoniously being ushered in as the 45th occupant of the White House as socialists, Marxist college students and a barrage of angry women took to the streets to protest sometimes violently the election, where we saw something very unique happen in all of history.  I had a feeling it was coming, but just having someone like Trump in the middle of establishment politics has literally brought down the pillars of the corrupt old progressive institutionalism for the first time in over 100 years and we can all see a light at the end of the tunnel now. What we are learning is that when Madonna and Ashley Judd gave their animated speeches about how much they didn’t like Donald Trump, what they were really saying was that they had become bitter in their lives due to sexual abuse by really creepy men like Harvey Weinstein, John Lasseter, and Charlie Rose.  For Madonna she thought it was cute to seduce Hollywood moguls like Warren Betty and many others until she became just another aging woman.  When the sex no longer worked for her, she turned to progressive strategies embroiled in feminism, and sought justice for how unfair the world was—because she could no longer shake her ass and get all of Hollywood to jump on it.  Once they stood on that stage and proclaimed fairness, but nothing stuck to Trump or other conservatives, the women who had really been sexually harassed by people like Al Franken, John Conyers, and Kevin Spacey started to emerge.  If not for the Trump election, all these women would have stayed out of the spotlight and these secrets would have remained.  But because of all the voice and celebrity that was given by the liberal media to women who accused Trump and politicians like Roy Moore of sexual misconduct for purely political purposes, then the real villains were poised to be revealed by a barrage of scandals which had been building since men and women started working together.  It was bound to happen sooner or later, and when it did, liberal men in particular would be most vulnerable due to their reckless personal philosophies and lack of personal self-control.

In the same way that you don’t find NRA members out there committing mass shootings, conservative men tend to be respectful and don’t do things that get them into trouble with women.  By their nature, conservatives are old-fashioned like that, and that keeps them from bad conduct when it comes to the often confusing nature of dealing with the opposite sex.  Liberal men though, they are used to being impulsive and shunning personal responsibility so to them reckless sexual behavior is conducive to their lifestyle.  That is after all why they are liberal, because they lack personal restraints and need institutions to keep them in line.  And never forget that one of the strategies of feminists all along was to inject women into the workplace as a hostile takeover of labor.  For the most radical of women this was always a plan of theirs, to flirt with men, entrap them into bad conduct, then to take over their jobs as a gender.  Even as all these Hollywood men go down in flames, the most ardent bra burning feminists are scheming to take over those jobs with “girl power.”  However, once they have that power and find that there are no more scapegoats to hide behind, they won’t like it.  Be careful what you wish for ladies.  But the essence of the problem is the way that liberal men have behaved once they were put in close proximity to women in the work place. The lines between professionalism and sexual pursuit for many proved impossible to avoid, especially men who considered themselves progressive.

Now it’s like a raging brush fire, these sexual misconduct allegations are the flavor of the year as virtually every major Hollywood star, business tycoon, and politician has some situation of abuse, especially if they were liberal.  All that pent-up emotion that everyone makes fun of Republicans for having, well, this is why they pent-up their emotions.  You are kinda supposed to control yourself in life.  You are not supposed to be an open book that acts on every impulse.  You can’t just grab women by their boobies and run your hands up their skirts.  Even if they tell you it’s alright, you still shouldn’t do it.  It’s only a matter of time before they change their mind and will say later that the conduct was not consensual.  Usually they are just one new boyfriend away from such statements.  I mean in the case of John Lasseter at Disney, he is a smart guy who is good at what he does.  But biologically, he’s a liberal man working next to boobies and if there isn’t some code of ethics that he functions from, it would be very easy to take things out of context if he has a habit of hugging people all the time and letting his true feelings about things be known.  This is why men used to be “stoic” in their dealings with the world.  Watch an old western movie from Hollywood and you’ll see what I mean.  Being a modern man who expresses feelings, and cries, and does all that crap that they think women want to see and hear set themselves up for the day when the women change their mind and decide to come after you for sexual misconduct—because they want your job.

Of course most women just want to work and go home to their families, but the confusing rules of conduct between men and women have made it nearly impossible, because liberal men have through the media culture established the values.  Conservative men may think about it, but they don’t often do it, because by the nature of their personal philosophies, they restrain themselves—so we aren’t seeing them in trouble the way these liberal men are enduring now. The best thing to do is to treat all people equally no matter what sex or race they come from.  All people essentially want the same things out of life, they want to make a little money to fuel their lives at home—and usually there are kids, spouses, sex partners, parents—all kinds of things that are important to them.  They want to go to work, do what they need to do, and get home to their life without incident, and anybody in a position of power should understand and help them achieve those goals.  But when the message is that men should show their emotions, that they should be spontaneous, and even that they should use their power acquired through years of service to get what they want—then particularly liberal men will be vulnerable to… John Lasseter put it………”missteps.”

What we’ll end up with after all these losers flame out is a better society that understands the rules of engagement much better.  Everyone will be happier with the results.  Women will learn what they need to learn.  Men will learn not to be such a bunch of emotional pussies yielding to their emotional predilections.  And politics will flush out their power players and will have a chance to replace them with truly sincere people.  None of this would have been possible if not for Trump.  The pressure of Trump forced all these errors in the liberal community, just like a baseball player might overthrow first base when a speedy runner is racing toward it. The pressure of a competent person in the White House is exposing all these weaknesses in our society and it is wonderful to see them all being uncovered.  We always knew these things were there, but nobody was able to do anything about them because the issues were elusive to our discussions.  But not anymore.  Finally, people are talking about these things and that is the first step to correcting them.

Rich Hoffman
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