Clipping the Wings of our Kids: Public education has been a purposeful disaster designed to usher in an era of communism in America

It doesn’t seem that long ago to me, but I suppose it is, that I wrote many articles, and did many radio shows talking about how public education and colleges were teaching socialism to our children.  I’ve actually been talking about it my entire adult life and even sooner.  I never liked public school not because I didn’t like learning.   In actuality I am far more educated than the average person; I have continued learning my entire adult life.  I did attend college, but I hated it—hated it passionately because I felt even back then that the institution was teaching anti-American ideas.  In my college days I read a lot of books, none of them were the kind professors wanted me to read and I spent enormous amounts of time in the Perkins at Clifton on the campus of the University of Cincinnati reading books I enjoyed, like those from Joseph Campbell.  So I came out of my “education” years protected by the primary afflictions that most American adults suffer through—the socialist indoctrination of our education system.  I had something to compare to because I did read a lot, so I was one of the few who never in my life not one time, felt that socialism was worth a try.  But in 99% of all education institutions K-12, then to college, communism and socialism have been taught and American traditions have been ridiculed and this has brought us all to a very dangerous place.  In my unique position I was clear eyed to point it out.  But only now do people finally see what I was talking about.

I always felt a little sorry for the reporters I dealt with over time when I’d tell them something about what was happening to our youth and they couldn’t get their minds wrapped around it.  This was especially problematic during the last decade when George W. Bush was president.  Socialism in public institutions was growing in an obvious way back then but people couldn’t get their minds around how much they had been taught to accept it—because it was too close to them.  It was like calling their mom fat.  It didn’t matter that she may have been, but to them it was their mom.  Their schools were places where they came to age on many aspects of their lives, where they obtained their first kiss, made their first friends, learned to color, read, and speak.  So people by their nature were very defensive of their schools.  They were even more protective of where they went to college because that brought to them many more coming of age experiences—so they’d defend the part they played with great protection, almost like their education experiences were like second parents and were beyond ridicule.  But I did it anyway and this caused much consternation—especially with members of the press.

Back when I was very involved in levy fights and public education issues while doing a lot of radio on 700 WLW in Cincinnati my political enemies would say to members of the media “why do you put him on the radio so much?  He’s in the newspaper too much and on television too much, you people in the media are giving him a platform to talk nonsense and conspiracy.”  Well, as it turned out, I was completely correct and when the media outlets did listen to my enemies, I simply turned to this blog site which has done so much more than their outlets to educate people on the truth of the matter and has been far more useful. However, what I was saying back then which was heavily scrutinized as a falsehood by mainstreamers has now been irrefutably validated.  We now know that socialism and communism have been the prime objectives of public education and now many of those long skeptical voices are talking about it toady where even ten years ago they wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.  Now they are talking and finally people are starting to realize that their tax money has been used by the state to create this public education system that just isn’t reflective of the American experience.

To be honest many people wonder why I like people from other countries so much.  It’s true; I do love immigrants coming into America.  One of my son-in-law’s is an immigrant and I watched him go through the naturalization process which I thought was very impressive.  Most people who come from other places in the world and have not had their wings clipped by the American education system intellectually are much smarter than the average American today, and they work harder.  I find I have more in common with those people than I do with my neighbors of 30 to 40 years.  The person who has gone through the American naturalization process within the last decade knows more about America and its method of economy than the average grade school kids do graduating from the 12th grade. The immigrant knows more about capitalism than the American student does most of the time, so I find immigrants more relatable to the American experience which I personally love.  What’s so sad about this condition is that the naturalization process is relatively short, yet what it produces in people is a much better result than 12 years of public education and four years of college.  It takes most Americans over twenty years to unlearn all the garbage they learn in public schools and they do a lot of damage over that span of time.  What happens in public schools is that essentially people get their wings clipped so that they cannot fly away from the imposition of socialism.  Their minds are stunted purposely for the benefit of the state to manage them more effectively.  From the position of state control, it is much easier to organize a population that can’t fly away intellectually, so they clip the wings of their young so they can manage them better from their perspective.

Yet the worst is yet to come. Most young people today would prefer socialism and communism over capitalism and they are now starting to vote.  This was always the plan of the left, going way back to the start of the Department of Education, which bloomed under Ronald Reagan.  The DOE was never put in place to educate our young people.  They were always intent to program us all into the ways of communism from day one in 1979.  The communist conspiracy isn’t a local one where the public school in our neighborhoods lead the charge, the problem has always come from the state with unfunded mandates designed to pull us all into a black hole of recollection designed to frustrate local participation while the state continued to impose its will on the education system as a whole.  Overwhelming school boards in this top down way, it has allowed communist teachings to seep right into every school through the teacher unions—which was and always will be a communist method of socialized management providing an unfiltered path straight into the minds of our kids.  Even down to the concept of “sharing” that we all learn in the first grade, it’s a communist method of instruction from the minds of intellectuals who would rather see America assimilate into the European view of the world rather than the philosophy that evolved on the world stage just prior to westward expansion in North America. “Make sure to ‘share’ those crayons in your desk with that sloppy stinky kid you sit next to in class.”

Yes it’s good to hear mainstream broadcasts like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News finally talking about this important issue, and I think under the Trump administration that the trend will be reversed.  But it’s going to be a mess for a long time because so many kids who are now adults grew up with this open socialism and communism being taught in our primary places of learning.  It would in many ways have been better for most people to be raised in a barn without all the garbage that has been poured into their heads now than having to unlearn most that they know.  It really is the biggest tragedy of our times, the massive amount of ignorance that handicaps most people because of their educations.  For me personally I am enjoying the validation that what I have said for so long is finally being recognized.  I’m certainly not a conspiracy theorist.  When I get involved in something, I do it well and I always come out on top eventually, so it should have meant more to people when I lent my good name to this issue so long ago, because we could have alleviated so much pain and suffering.  Maybe next time they’ll listen.  At least I hope so for their sakes.

Rich Hoffman
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2 thoughts on “Clipping the Wings of our Kids: Public education has been a purposeful disaster designed to usher in an era of communism in America

  1. As you know I have been trying to inform all who would listen to the true aim of government education since the 1970s. I believe it was Jimmy Carter that created the Department of Education as a payoff to the NEA and AFT for their help and funds that helped him get elected. President Reagan did have excellent information regarding this department from Phyllis Schlafly and others. I personally know two people who worked at the Department of Education and that had compiled incriminating research and placed it on President Reagan’s desk. They were disappointed that he never followed through on exposing the department. Even Bill Bennett said that if the public educational system in this country had been perpetrated by a foreign government, “we would consider it an act of war.”
    The system was designed by John Dewey, Horace Mann and other members of the Humanist Society. They established what was called “normal” schools where (mainly women) were taught how to be “teachers.” (My mother graduated from one of these schools.) The main thing that they were taught was how to be assertive. They were the “professionals” and parents didn’t know anything about children. Many of the returning veterans from the war attended these “normal” schools. Thus many more men became “educators” and then administrators.
    The NEA and the AFT drew up the guidelines on what is a “professional” teacher and they managed to make sure that “tenure” kept even the worst teachers employed. Recently it was published that there are school districts in this country where not one child passed the basic math tests. The solution for this travesty was to “train” the teachers again and again. No one lost their job and no one is required to know basic math skills themselves. Yet, “they are the experts.”
    For many years the teachers have recommended that children are put on Adderall and other psychotropic drugs. Mostly boys were declared “hyperactive” and in need of this drug. At night the children were given sleeping pills. Yet, we wonder why we are having an epidemic of illegal drug use.
    Today’s research explains that children (especially boys) need to run and play during the day. They are not able to sit quietly for long periods of time. Thus, recess is imperative. Yet, the first thing a teacher does to punish a little boy is to keep him in from recess. Over the years recess has become shorter and shorter even for those who are allowed to participate.


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