The Pervert Matt Lauer: What happens when good guys are there to keep the bad guys in check

This is why it was so laughable that anybody on the political left thought they could even hang Donald Trump with that Access Hollywood tape, because as we are now learning, especially with the recent firing of Matt Lauer, most men—especially liberal men—use their power over women to exploit them for sexual pleasure. Trump of course did the right thing and declared that what he was engaged in was locker room talk, because that’s all it was. Trump has had hundreds if not thousands of women who have worked for him and there wasn’t anything credible that has ever come out about his behavior with them. And if he was engaged in pussy talk with another guy it was in the eyes of most sane people, no big deal. We all know what goes on between men and women. But the most vocal voices who sought to condemn Trump for that silly little tape we now know were engaged in much, much worst. Just what we are learning about the behavior of Matt Lauer is downright shocking. He’s not talking about just grabbing the pussy of women who throw themselves at powerful men looking for a competitive advantage over other women as they make their own climbs for power—like Trump was discussing—Lauer’s just downright creepy. NBC sat silent knowing full well what they were dealing with as they hypocritically went after President Trump. I never watch NBC, but with exchanges like this one below with Anne Hathaway and the hot mic utterances with Katie Couric—this guy should have been fired a long time ago.

What I remember most about Katie Couric is when she did that anti-gun town hall with a bunch of 2nd Amendment advocates and chopped up the editing trying to make them look stupid. She is a major progressive but taken in the context of her relationship with Matt Lauer over the years it’s no wonder she turned toward liberalism looking for help—or women’s empowerment as a hope that she could live in a world where she didn’t have to get pinched on the ass a lot just to have a job. Here’s a news flash for everyone, all men are not like these idiots. Yet the major networks and the entire entertainment industry has pushed out good guys and kept losers like Matt Lauer around to abuse women in every way imaginable for a reason. That’s why good guys have been pushed out of those industries so that creeps like Lauer could run the herds.
Even as the entire news industry celebrated when Bill O’Reilly was fired from Fox News, and Roger Ailes was terminated just before his death—everyone apparently knew about people like Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose who were icons of the news media and how they sexually harassed not just a few women, but virtually everyone. I have serious doubts that Bill O’Reilly’s accusers were authentic, but even if they were, the level of sexual misconduct that Matt Lauer showed is incredible, for a guy who was at the top of his game in the news industry. His behavior is beyond reckless and in order to sustain that behavior he would need a lot of help. Obviously, you could see by Anne Hathaway’s reaction that she felt she had to endure the incident. She did after all have an obligation to promote her film—and she knew that everyone behind the cameras were tag assing wherever they could get away with it, and she was constantly hit on by men in the industry—so if she wanted to continue working, she had to put up with it. My long-term readers here know that I’ve said for many years that a woman doesn’t get an Academy Award in Hollywood until she takes off her cloths and shows the goods. Producers then pass around the tape and they enjoy their power over these young girls. When the women get up in years a bit and can then leverage their success, actresses like Anne Hathaway feel they can push back a bit which she did in that interview, very well. She handled the situation as best she could, but she also knew not to slap back too hard at Matt if she wanted to continue to work in movies. Because some producer like Harvey Weinstein would never hire her if she became known as a pain in the ass.
I hate to see that women have had to endure these types of situations. Just because the industry has stacked liberal men like Lauer in positions of power within entertainment, it does not mean that all men are that way. I know a lot of men who handle themselves and power very professionally, and that’s how it should be. But these liberals have painted themselves into this corner all on their own. They created an impossible standard and tried to stick it to people like Trump and Bill O’Reilly. Yet when that standard came back at them—they were far guiltier than anybody they were accusing.

There is a line from the movie, The Lost World where Vince Vaughn’s character says to Jeff Goldblum something to the effect that he gets involved in liberal causes because the chicks are hot. Well, there is some truth to that, there are a lot of men who identify with women’s issues so that they can get a sympathetic back door to the emotions of women, so they can sleep with them—or at least play with them a little. They pretend to be champions for women’s rights and to vote for Obama, or Hillary because they want access to beautiful women. Most women are much more liberal than men, they empathize with others in ways men don’t, and if men want access to those women they tell them what they want to hear so they can grab their asses without getting slapped—and the women forgive them because they tend to be of that nature. Women do forgive because they have empathy which often drives them toward compassion. Men like Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose were obviously taking advantage of that nature. The women who obviously bonded with the creepy men because they either felt sorry for them or had just rationalized their relationship with them out of necessity—the way a lot of women do who are in bad marriages—they turned to liberalism even further seeking protections from the behavior. And what we are seeing right now is the vicious cycle consuming itself.

Trump was correct to blow off the attempt to paint him as some kind of diabolical menace to women—like Matt Lauer and many others did with that Access Hollywood tape. When Trump refused to accept guilt, he put the standard back on his accusers who were up to much worse. Trump was after all a celebrity and lots of women sought to use their assets to gain access, and that can be very tempting until you get used to it. Trump at that time in his life was getting used to it. Trump may have let women near him when he wanted them, but that’s not the same as using his power to make them do things they didn’t want to do, like Matt Lauer was doing. There is a big difference. And it is good to see justice finally coming their way. They certainly deserve everything they have coming.

Rich Hoffman
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