The Communists of ‘Black Lives Matter’: What we can learn from LaVar Ball

Now we are seeing what they are all about, but never forget that from day one, yours truly told you that Black Lives Matter was a communist group advocating for anti-American sentiments.  They have never been about justice regarding police violence, and their controversy within the NFL has never been about fairness.  Those were always just cover stories.  What they don’t like about America and the people who founded it is that it was built on Adam Smith’s brand of capitalism—and they want to put a stop to it. What they want for America is essentially what we see today in modern-day Africa.  Think about it for a moment, let’s go visit the great cities of Africa on that vast continent and study what it is they want for us all in America. Oh, wait a minute—there isn’t a single city in any nation that is of a comparison.  Every country in Africa is an impoverished mess with not a single powerhouse of economic activity among them.  Most American households have a stronger GDP than any African country—so why would Black Lives Matter be so against American capitalism?  Yes that was a facetious statement, but you get the point.

Hey, Black Lives Matter people, yes I’m a white man—but I’m not guilty of shit.  I didn’t bring any black people to America on slave ships.  European losers who were defeated in the American Civil War did.  I live in Ohio which is about as pro-Lincoln in the movement to end slavery as anybody was in the 1860s and I’m very proud of that.  If I had been alive during the years leading up to the Civil War I would have been on the side of John Quincy Adams and advocated my hatred of any culture that owns another human being in any way.  So I don’t want to hear any bitching from a bunch of uneducated, lazy slobs who happen to be black on what kind of country we should all live in.  In America anybody is welcome to make good with their life if they so choose, but you have to want it. I know a lot of people of color who do quite well for themselves under American capitalism and they are a whole lot better off here than in their countries of origin, especially anywhere in Africa.

Going back to the villainous Black Panthers what these communist advocate groups have sought to do was use the guilt of racism to advance their arguments for collectivist oriented governments—essentially big villages like what they have in Africa.  In America we have been way more tolerant than we should have been as black communists have infected our youth with their thuggish culture of hatred, which you can hear in any song from Snoop Dog, or Jay-Z.  Behind the lyrics of their rap songs is a hatred of American capitalism which seeks to corrupt the youth against it.  Many of our white youth in America looking for their own way in life have found that siren song of hate attractive—as their own generational thing.  But when it comes to really choosing communism over capitalism, that’s quite another thing—most people, black included prefer running water over their counterparts in Africa who still shit in the corner and try to put up a curtain to keep the flies off them. In America we like our microwaves, our cars, and our Playstations.  Capitalism is quite nice to all those who live under it—even if they don’t appreciate it.

These idiots in Black Lives Matter are communists and they should be treated as enemies of our nation—they are domestic terrorists.  It has nothing to do with their skin color which they hide behind as a shield to unfold their plots of villainy.  Everything about their movement is to bring America down as a nation of values and to convert it into a mess of economic instability and war—just like every country in their home world of Africa. What they are trying to sell to the world is that same dank communism that has been bouncing around since the early part of the 20th century.  But because many of the leaders of BLM can’t read very well, they don’t know their history enough to understand that communism was and will always be a sinking ship. That’s why nobody who utilizes it is a profitable country.  No country in Africa has done well under communist revolutionaries and many, many innocent people have died under the economic depravity of those failed economic policies. Far, far more people have been beaten, raped, and died poor because of communism in Africa than ever suffered under slavery in America.  Far more—by the millions even up to this very day.  America provided a way out of impoverished conditions—and it was capitalism that freed those people where it could—within American borders.  Even as villainous as slavery was in America it at least provided a path to freedom which those left behind in Africa never had.  Their family lines have suffered much more since.

There is nothing for Black Lives Matter to complain about—nothing, not even police violence.  They don’t have a point to make for which sympathy has a role.  If police beat black people, it’s because too many black people are involved in crime.  Police beat white people too—the difference is that culturally black people have been taught from children up to adulthood not to respect anything about American lifestyles which the police are sworn to protect.  The stupid parents of many black youth who are addicted to welfare benefits and the ghettos set up by Democrats to garner bloc votes in elections to keep them in power on the backs of modern slaves, have raised their kids to hate capitalism—and thus the police who are there to protect private property.  Black kids specifically have been taught by their baby mommas to hate white people and to hate the police—and like militant soldiers of ISIS, to attack those symbols of capitalism anywhere they could.

Look at the situation with LaVar Ball whose kid was one of those busted in China for shoplifting while on tour with the UCLA basketball team.  Ball’s kid was in serious trouble before Donald Trump convinced the authorities in China to give the kids a break.  Rather than show gratitude for giving his kid a second chance Ball went after Donald Trump.  Ball showed no shame that he raised a kid that would conduct himself poorly—especially in a foreign country.  LaVar Ball’s argument against Trump was essentially that tired old communist banter that Black Live Matter is advocating—and the result is that he raised a kid oozing with natural talent, but can’t behave in a civil society.  The fault for the shoplifting in China was the fault of LaVar Ball’s terrible parenting—which was on defense nationally once the father attacked President Trump for even trying to help the kids.  When you get an opportunity to sit down with people like LaVar Ball and understand the values they have instilled into their children it becomes clear that they are guilty of a form of espionage that likely could be prosecutable in a court of law if we were that kind of country.  In some places around the world—especially communist nations—what Ball did to his kid intellectually could justify the death penalty.  In America we simply live and let live and we let economical means be the judge and jury.  But people like LaVar Ball should be careful what they wish for—because they just might get it.

There isn’t anywhere in the world where people, no matter what their name is, can have a chance to make it big in life because under American capitalism, that is the mode of operation.  Anybody who hates that system are just lazy fools trying to justify their failures or lack of ambition behind their skin color as cover for their bad decisions in life.  There is no system more just than the one all people have under the flag of America and I’m personally sick of enduring the communist messages of Black Lives Matter. They don’t have a point worth listening to.  If black lives matter so much, then the parents of black children need to raise them to be good kids instead of little ghetto thugs who hate everything, because that’s what they are being raised to believe.  If you step into many black households right now it will be discovered that many of the parents secretly are using their children to be young militants to fight battles they lack the courage or intellect to do themselves, and that’s why the kids get pulled into gangs and other criminal behavior.  That’s also why young people like LaVar Ball’s kid are out stealing when they actually come from a wealthy family themselves—because the values taught to them are wrong.  If black lives really matter then it starts in the home in what a parent teaches their children—and where they go wrong is in teaching those kids that capitalism is bad.

Rich Hoffman
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3 thoughts on “The Communists of ‘Black Lives Matter’: What we can learn from LaVar Ball

  1. Should be “well” said. Additionally over 600,000 Americans died in the Civil War. Why???? Today’s black youth seem to think we owe them something. I’d advise them they do have the opportunity to get an education (college even free for most of them). Get married, get a job and raise your children in a family. That is the way to succeed.


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