Playing ‘The Art of War’: The Flynn plea deal sets up a Hillary Clinton prosecution

It was actually hilarious to wake up on Sunday morning after a really crazy week in politics to hear that President Trump had plunged in his job approval rating to 62% disapproval.  Where do they get these numbers, from the sales office of CNN where someone comes into their cubical maze and takes a show of hands?  The reality is likely that those numbers are completely opposite because plenty happened this week to eliminate any suspicion to the contrary.  And with that I have to give Rush Limbaugh a lot of credit.  He also showed this week why he is the best in the business.  As news broke on Thursday of General Flynn flipping to deliver the goods on President Trump to the special investigation prosecution of Bob Mueller the world melted for a few hours thinking that this was it—this was the smoking gun that was going to knock Trump out of the White House.  I often joke about how many times I’ve been to court and those experiences have ruined the formality of those proceedings for me now—so much so I don’t take anything serious.  As the stock market plunged over 300 points with the news liberals were literally stepping all over themselves with excitement revealing their true prejudice—most notably on The View at that mid day moment.  I was in my car going to a lunch meeting when the calm voice of Rush Limbaugh came on at noon and told everyone to calm down—don’t believe what you are hearing.  He went on to say that the news breaking on the Flynn news was ABC after all, and specifically Brian Ross.  Ross had jumped to judgment before filling in facts with his fantasy outcomes and that he couldn’t be trusted in this matter.  ABC within hours of that release had to suspend Ross for four weeks without pay once it was revealed that the information released by ABC News was grossly inaccurate and filled only with wishful thinking—exactly the way Rush Limbaugh had called it in the heat of the moment.  Rush was the only one to do that and after his words came out the Dow -market was already climbing back into its position over 24,000.

As part of his job on the transition team General Flynn was assigned to contact Russia, and many other countries to pave the way for the Trump agenda. Specifically in this case he was supposed to get talks going with Russia to get their buy-in for dealing with Syria and the fight with ISIS.  That way by day one after the Inauguration Trump’s White House would be ready to go.  The Obama people knew what Flynn was doing because they were illegally spying on Trump’s people in Trump Tower and looking to derail the incoming president using the Deep State to destroy him before he ever got into office.  So they used the little bits of information they heard during their unmasking operations to leak assumptions to the media to cast doubt on the validity of the election—just like what Brian Ross was guilty of—and the Democratic Party took the baton and ran with it.  They did after all what they always do when they are the ones guilty of something—whether its racism, sexual misconduct, or flat-out corruption, they transfer their guilt to someone else and accuse them of doing the deed.  But Trump doesn’t play that game.

I was actually in a pretty good mood after the Flynn news broke because if he was going to plead guilty to lying to the FBI over his role in missing a few details to investigators while they all got their feet wet in the Trump administration when pressured by the FBI, then Hillary Clinton and the Obama White House were in much more trouble.  To me this news from the previous year that had terminated the employment of big names like Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes at Fox News had to of course be applied to everyone else.  So when it was the liberals lost their heroes to the same criteria.  With Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI which is why Trump had to fire him in the first place, when the same criteria was applied to someone like Hillary, she was going to be in much more trouble.  So I couldn’t see why everyone was so excited—other than that they were too stupid to understand all the legal issues at play.

Any information that might lead to some bad polling for Trump was obviously taken from people who were watching The View that morning and bought the media narrative that Trump was going to be driven out of office by his former friend Michael Flynn who was turning on Trump with a plea deal to save his family from ruin by Mueller’s team.  There is just so much wrong with all that—the nature of the Mueller investigation and the liberal hope that they might violate all kinds of rules to deliver an outcome they desire.  Then their willingness to play that out through a vast media conglomerate owned by the Disney Company proved the bias that we’ve always known was there but only in speculation arrived at by observation.  Now we had the fact that people like Brian Ross were willing to tell a completely false narrative hoping to drive the contents of the story toward an outcome of pure fantasy—fake news.  It was now in front of our faces—there was no speculation.

By the time I arrived at my lunch meeting it was pretty obvious to me what Trump was doing.  After all, every good negotiator has the skills to do it—and Trump is great at negotiating.  Trump was just utilizing The Art of War to flush out his enemies and get them to reveal their positions—fighting those who have already lost, fighting on the high ground—and all that.  When Bill O’Reilly criticizes Trump for stumbling over every good thing that he does, but then Tweets something that fuels the fires of discontent—what Bill and virtually everyone miss is that those actions are purposeful.  Only a politician wants credit for all their little accomplishments—and they want to be showered in adoration for them.  In the past this is how the media was able to move presidents toward their liberal desires because deep down inside those politicians wanted to be loved.  Trump as a businessman understands where that love comes from—it isn’t given out by the media, or by the political class.  It is given out by results, and so long as results drive his motivations, Trump will always have enough by the public to do what he needs to—which is to produce tax cuts, or return Christmas to the White House—or stand up to North Korea.  Or make fun of Elizabeth Warren’s self-proclaimed Indian designation while standing in front of some elderly Navaho posing for pictures in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson.  By doing outrageous things, it draws out your enemies from their hiding places making it so that you can then crush them.  I use that tactic every day in some form or another just as any good business person does.  And Trump is now using those tactics in a place where they have never been applied, and the results are devastating for the opposition.

When Trump gave his first interviews as president-elect he stated that he didn’t want to go after his old friends the Clintons—and I think he was sincere about that at the time.  Since he won the White House, why drive a stake through the heart of his enemies?  It wouldn’t look good after all to prosecute his former rival because he just might see her again in four years for the next presidential run.  Trump couldn’t be accused of throwing his political rivals in jail—so he indicated that he would let the matter go of Hillary’s crimes for which the FBI obviously covered up for her. But Trump set the stage, he sent out Tweets which outraged his enemies and he flew his flags to unify the country behind his cause.  He picked his fights with the NFL, with CNN, with LaVar Ball, with Little Rocket Man—with even the mayor of London and their supporters pushed hard to fight Trump which drew them off their perches in darkness to reveal their motivations in the light of day. And they have been slaughtered day by day because of it.  Now because of the Flynn plea, which is nothing new after all that Mueller investigation cost of time, money, and public opinion—now those who are much more guilty than Flynn are going to have to have justice applied to them—and that means people like Brian Ross and Hillary Clinton are now going to be held accountable—which is what Trump wanted all along.

To fight your enemies you have to draw them out to where you can see them—and that’s what Trump has been doing with his Tweets, and other methods.  By the time the smoke clears it will be the Trump White House that is still standing.  Everyone else will be vanquished in defeat, and that’s how America will be Great Again.

Rich Hoffman
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