The Losers of the FBI: They promised an iceberg, but all they found was an ice cube

“Every day, FBI Special Agents put their lives on the line to protect the American public from national security and criminal threats. Agents perform these duties with unwavering integrity and professionalism and a focus on complying with the law and the Constitution,” FBIAA head Thomas O’Connor said in a statement.

Bullshit………………….let me just say that right off. We all put our lives on the line trusting idiots like these losers in the FBI—so the risk goes both ways. They haven’t been very effective stopping terrorism, some do get through.  From what I’ve seen of the FBI performance over the last few years, we are in a lot more danger than those overly paid government agents are for doing not much at all but running their mouths and spending too much time at the water cooler talking about their Fantasy Football Picks.

So you are General Mike Flynn who worked in the Obama administration and was hated, and you know where the bodies are buried. You know that the main reason you supported Donald Trump in the first place was to set things right that were observed during that dreadful experience with Obama. You know that the Deep State had their candidates and that the FBI had become weaponized against conservatives, just as it had been in the case of the IRS, and now they are mad as hell that Trump won the election and they were throwing up their hands everywhere looking for a foul that will give them a second chance. Only this isn’t a football game where a great receiver made a spectacular sideline catch only to have the other team scream that he didn’t get both feet down. When the call still goes the way of Trump the Democrats were looking for anything to bring down the incoming administration which is dangerous business because Flynn knows how deep the Deep State really was. So when they asked him if he spoke to the Russians, being the old military guy that he was he sought first by instinct to protect the new administration so he tried to throw off the Deep State with an improperly answered question that he likely thought was harmless. After all James Clapper had lied much worse, and so did Hillary Clinton. Heck, so did Barack Obama when he stated to Bill O’Reilly that there wasn’t a smidgen of corruption in his administration. Even the director of the FBI lied several times—and everyone knew it, so Flynn took a calculated risk to protect Trump’s administration from an overzealous hateful Deep State—and that is the extent of his crime. What’s important to remember is that all this happened AFTER Trump was elected, not before. And for just that, Flynn has had his life ruined by the Deep State—he is losing his house, his reputation, and all his finances defending himself in court as the weight of the federal government pounds down on him just because he worked in the Trump administration, and what they can’t do to the president, they are doing to Michael Flynn. Is that justice?

If I were to speak with Flynn I’d tell him to wait out the storm and that he’s one book deal away from financial recovery because all this pain he is going through today will come out in his favor in the end. What they are doing to him now will have to be applied to everyone in the future and the bodies will start falling soon. Trump is that kind of guy, and I’d support him 100% in turning the tables on these political enemies. Flynn isn’t going to be crucified without something happening to his executioners in return. It is painful to see a good person like Flynn going through this misery, but if you study the trajectory of events, its only a matter of time before Comey, Clinton, and Mueller are on the opposite side of this inquisition, and when that day happens, justice will begin to manifest.

The investigation that promised to bring down half the country in their support of Donald Trump with Comey leading the charge from within the FBI thought they were looking at the tip of the iceberg in regard to Russian collusion. What they found was simply an ice-cube floating in the water melting rapidly. There was nothing under the surface and the results have been embarrassing for the Deep State. Now after a year of vigorous fighting against Trump and his support base, they are a weakened bunch of imbecilic neurotics. They had been hanging their entire case that Flynn was guilty of something, that if they pushed and pushed and pushed that they’d discover that the Trump people were just as guilty as they were and had skeletons in their closets as well. After all, doesn’t everyone—from the perspective of dirty Democrats. Nobody throws stones in glass houses, right? But if you are an outsider not living in a glass house, you can throw all the rocks you want—and Trump has, and now that glass house the Democrats had been living in is a shattered mess. And we are all laughing as they are now cut to pieces with all that glass and left with nowhere to hide.
By the time Flynn does write his book talking about all this turmoil I promise I will be one of the first to buy it. By the time the book gets published we will be living in a different America—which is a way of saying that things will be better for people like Flynn. Just like in sports when a team is clearly outmatched, they lobby the refs for every error hoping to gain an advantage. But in the case of the Deep State against the people of the United States, they have been caught. The FBI is very guilty of a number of crimes themselves which is why they are refusing to submit their documents to a congressional committee for investigation. They took a gamble, picked their side to win, and used the power of the federal government to ensure that everything turned out as planned. Only Trump won anyway and now there is nowhere for them to turn. They tried to avert disaster by destroying Trump’s administration with the power they wielded, but nothing has stopped him and now with this Flynn plea deal, which has personally hurt Flynn a lot, the result has turned out to be that simple little ice-cube floating in the water where the progressives promised a mammoth ice berg capable of sinking the Titanic. That ice-cube isn’t going to sink shit.

Flynn will get his day to come back and be redeemed for what these terrible people have done to him. His book deal should put many millions back in his pocket and maybe he can get a good job the way Oliver North did. But the problem is that General Flynn should have never had to go through all this to begin with. He was made into a political enemy by a Deep State of entitled federal employees who thought they could use the power of their positions to destroy the election of a president conducted legally, and under fair conditions. The preposterous notion that Russia had the power or influence to even manipulate an American election is laughable, and the Democrats did laugh at it just four years ago when Mitt Romney brought up that Russia may still be hostile to America. At that time Obama was whispering to Russia about how much more flexibility he would have after the election—which was collusion in and of itself. The people accusing Flynn of illegal activity are actually the ones most guilty, just as it is with the case of the sexual harassment claims. It’s not Trump or Republicans who are the progenerates of sexual harassment—it’s the people who tried to defer their guilt for those actions onto members of the GOP. Flynn or no American should have to lose their home and deal with such a level of corruption just because they made themselves members of the Trump team. If it can happen to Flynn, it can happen to any of us—and there was never better evidence right out in the open of a corrupt government than what we can see happening to General Flynn.

The FBI aren’t a bunch of Boy Scouts. Some of them are good people, and some of them are just milking out a paycheck. They aren’t all uniformly “great” just because they wear the badge. Thomas O’Connor needs to get a grip, because we aren’t all that stupid.

Rich Hoffman

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