Al Franken Resigns from the Senate: Using The Cowboy Way to treat women correctly

With Al Franken leaving the Senate, as he should, it would be a good time to discuss how men should conduct themselves around women in every circumstance. Granted, some women are just as aggressive and manipulative as men are and sometimes they should be engaged with equally when they present themselves as a threat. After all, women can’t punch you in the face then hide behind their sex to avoid retaliation—that’s not an equal application of justice. If they want to be treated equally, then give them that respect especially when challenged. However, when it comes to general conduct I’d advise everyone to turn back the hands of time and utilize the behavior of The Cowboy Way to bring chivalry and respect back to male and female interactions. More on that in a bit.

So Al Franken stepped down from his Senate seat. It was pathetic to watch him try to bring Donald Trump and Roy Moore into his issues. The biggest difference between Trump and Franken aside from the fact that one person was an idiot, and the other is a great president, is that Franken admitted to the wrong doing. Trump and Moore have denied their allegations and therefore are not guilty. As I stated early on in these discussions about sexual harassment, just because someone says you said or did something doesn’t mean you actually did it. Women are not immune to deceitful action just because of their sex. Just like men, they will use whatever advantages they think they have to acquire power and position especially if the courts are inclined to vote in their favor by default. In the case of Al Franken, there was photographic evidence of his crime, so that seals the deal for him. Trump simply commented on it—and even that was more of a philosophical observation on the nature of celebrity. There is no case to state that if Al Franken had to resign that Trump also must resign just because there are “allegations.” That card for which Franken was just a pawn won’t work. You can’t be guilty of what people say about you. Only in what you do. Lots of people say lots of things about me. But no matter how much they dig there is nothing to find—because I live my life cleanly. So does Trump apparently.

I treat all women respectfully using the basic code of The Cowboy Way. I always treat them well, speak to them professionally, and go out of my way to make sure they feel elevated in my interactions with them. I grew up with television shows like Gunsmoke and Bonanza so if you want to know what The Cowboy Way is, just watch a few hundred hours of old westerns and you’ll start to get it. Even though women say they want to be equal and that they don’t want you to pick up the check at dinners, they really actually do enjoy being treated in a special way. Women are biologically inclined toward their sex after all and the role they play in the mating games of life, so compliments are always welcome. But you should never tell them that you like their tits or that they have a nice ass—even if they ask you too. It’s best to avoid any such conversation, because using The Cowboy Way, no gentleman of honor would ever do such a thing to anybody but his wife or a mate that has given permission for that kind of undercover talk. Even then a smart guy would be cautious.

What is consensual really is up to what a woman defines it to be. So long as men understand that, they’ll be alright. What I mean by that is that if a woman flirts with you, you can only advance the discussion based on the criteria she sets. If she takes one step and you—as a man—take two in return, then you have trouble. She has leverage over you and can then accuse you of sexual harassment if she later determines that the only use she has for you is leverage in her life—then you are up shit creek and didn’t even know you were doing all the paddling. The best method of course is to be polite, be respectful, and be sincere—and avoid flirting and other seductive advances with a tip of the hat.

No question many women flirted with Al Franken, not because he was a good-looking guy, he looks like somebody took a shit and sat in it in all actuality. But he was a celebrity with Saturday Night Live and that made him kind of cool with girls who were looking for opportunities. They may have let him grab their boobies at parties or banter playfully about sexual exploits. Al thought he was the Fonz, but to the girls, they were just fishing waiting to see what bit on their hooks and how they could use it to their advantage. Sometimes what they catch they put in the freezer and use it years from now, like the women who brought him down are doing now. His problem was that he was guilty of it, and he showed a behavioral predilection toward that type of behavior. So he admitted to the accusations and now he had to resign—the behavior matched the premise.

Its best not to leave any doubt however. By treating women correctly in all aspects of your life day in and day out, you will be able to swipe away the false attacks by women who are up to no good and want to latch themselves to whatever power you’ve obtained in your life. We call those types gold diggers when they are young and attractive, we call them leeches when they get old and ugly. But their motivations are always the same and if they can, they’ll use any means necessary to ruin your life so they can profit just a little bit. By Al Franken’s own admission some of his accusers are doing this, just as Matt Lauer has stated—they are making baseless claims against the celebrity status of these men. But as with Franken and Lauer they conducted their lives recklessly making jokes about women and grabbing their asses in public like pubescent teenagers so when an acquisition does surface, people will assume its true.

If a woman unbuttons her shirt and moves in close to talk to you, don’t look at her tits. Kindly move away and position yourself so that you couldn’t possibly see anything. Make sure to maintain eye contact not only to be respectful, but to let her know you are not taking the bait. Do some fishing of your own by tying a bomb onto their hook and let it blow up in their faces. The more powerful you personally are, the more you must do this for your own sanity. You can do this by being overly nice and gentlemanly all the time, even when you think nobody is looking. Just a few nights ago I was getting gas at 2:30 in the morning and a girl who was dressed clearly as a prostitute was at the pump next to me. She looked like a call-in dancer who was either going to a client or coming from one. She obviously expected me to pay special attention to her, but I didn’t treat her any differently than if she were a five-year-old kid—nothing that could suggest otherwise. I mean these days there are cameras everywhere and for all I know she was sent there to trap me in some way. So I just did my thing and when I went into the store to pay she followed me in. I held the door for her in a polite way but letting nothing more be said. And that was the end of the meeting. However, being a man, she was flashing all the signs and part of The Cowboy Way is to fight off that instinct to take an intellectual position of valor over raw animal magnetism. Yes the girl was extremely hot, and she was flirting. But in all actuality, she was likely younger than my daughters and that just wouldn’t be right. It’s always best to say no to those kinds of things and to not even let yourself want to go any further. That is why Donald Trump is much different from Al Franken. Franken couldn’t control himself—and that’s why he had to resign.

Rich Hoffman
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