FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Fantasy: Smoking out the bad guys from within the Deep State

I know FBI Director Christopher Wray is new on the job, but really, going into the public arena and making blanket statements about how great the FBI is just because it’s the hometown team was drastically unintelligent.   I think he thinks he is supposed to say those kinds of stupid things as the acting director, but he destroys any credibility he’s trying to assert—because the evidence says otherwise.  From what we know of the FBI agent Peter Strzok and the recently demoted Justice Department official Bruce G. Ohr, these intelligence agencies are spectacularly corrupt.  This event involving the FBI radicalization against the Trump administration will go down in history as one of the biggest stories of corruption in American history so it’s no mild manner.  The FBI has lost its credibility and is in tatters.  I don’t have faith in it anymore and that has nothing to do with President Trump.  I lost faith in it years ago even before they blew the case for Hillary Clinton’s emails by avoiding the prosecution of her.  It was obvious from a distance, so we can only imagine what things were really like up close.  Now we are discovering how politically weaponized the FBI had become by the revelation of the personalities involved.




Any case of corruption or obstruction of justice that Democrats would ever want to make against Trump for his firing of James Comey will never see the light of day.  Even if he were guilty of it, Trump is in the clear just because of the overwhelming evidence that the FBI and the DOJ had been weaponized against his incoming administration.  Proving that President Trump had malicious intent in firing Comey would be next to impossible under any circumstance, but because all the people on the other side are so unreliable, it makes any testimony or evidence they could present completely irrelevant.  The trust has been broken well before President Trump took office and now that these investigations have lingered on so long with nothing to show for it, it’s obvious that we are just seeing two sides of a civil war in America emerging, and only one side will remain when it’s all done.

I’d like to remind everyone that I predicted an end to the Democratic Party sometime around the time period of 2020 and if you look around everything is shaping up to make that happen.  Democrats have no fundraising to speak of.  They have no platform that normal people can buy in to.  Their control over our education intuitions are failing and people are now on to them.  The complete takeover of the media industries is now falling apart—Hollywood is in shambles, the news media is losing its major stars to sexual harassment claims as power-hungry women are turning everything on its head as a kind of inner party coup using Democratic platform points to push out their male counterparts from powerful positions.  Women can be just as corrupt as men so the result of all that behavior will just amount to lower ratings and less public trust in those failing intuitions.  And now we’ve learned that our FBI and DOJ along with what we already knew about the IRS are corrupt and filled with political activists.  The men and women of the FBI may be nice people, they may be hard-working people, but they are part of a weaponized intelligence gathering population that can peer into our cell phones and computers at will and attack us based on political motivations.  That is clearly what was going on with the incoming Trump administration.  And if they are willing to do it to them, they are doing it to all of us.

When a fake dossier paid for by a political opponent is used by the FBI to obtain a FISA warrant to justify the spying on an incoming presidential administration—and that acquired intelligence is then used to entrap a person like General Flynn into a plea deal using the power of the unlimited arms of justice to exert political pressure and manipulate the circumstances to the advancement of the opposing political party—to fuel a completely made up narrative about Russian collusion to additionally hide the crimes of that sponsored political party—we have serious business going on here that is excessively corrupt.    Remember when on January 10th of 2017 when James Comey stepped up to the incoming President Trump and let him know about this dossier, which British MI6 agent Christopher Steele had written and Senator John McCain had personally helped bring into the United States.  What does anybody think Comey’s reasoning was behind informing Trump of such a salacious document which featured him in compromising situations meant to put him on the defensive?  The intent which would be easier to prove than Trump’s attempts at obstruction of justice—where to gain political leverage over Trump to shut his mouth as an incoming president and get control of him before he took office.  That dossier was known by the media as an organization since the week before the election but was held purposely to be revealed to the public just before the inauguration, to take the steam out of Trump’s train.  Before approaching the future president with the dossier content the FBI had been spying on the Trump team to get to know the players using that same dossier to obtain the FISA warrant which allowed them to do that spying.  But the entire thing was a made up concoction of the opposing political party meant to derail the election of Donald Trump in the first place.  And the FBI was using that salacious document to gain leverage over an elected president.  Do you see the problem dear reader?

Many people think that since Trump now controls the DOJ that he and Jeff Sessions should clean house, shut down these investigations and assign new special prosecutors.  However, Trump is doing a fine job of letting these losers expose themselves.  This is a delicate situation that involves most of the Beltway mechanisms from both political parties and the greatest weapon against them is not more investigations and throwing fuel on the fire even showing that hiding evidence may be in the back of Trump’s mind for firing Bob Mueller.  The best course of action is to let these idiots drown on their own incompetency which is what Trump appears to be doing.  If I had to advise him on the best political strategy, it would be to do just as he is—let them destroy themselves, as they are presently doing.  An incompetent cannot compete with a competent.  Most men in Trump’s situation if they acquired their power the traditional way—through the “power of pull” would have something in their past that they are ashamed of—so even if that dossier were inaccurate, the fear that real material might be uncovered would reside in the back of their mind and push them into inaction—which was why Comey was the one who delivered the information to Trump—as a leverage piece to gain power over the incoming administration.  Trump however is a self-made man, as self-made as they come—and he knows better.  Comey was fired five months later after it became clear what kind of guy he was and the leaks that came out of Trump’s new administration had to be stopped, and they ended literally at Comey’s door—which the disgraced FBI Director had admitted to in front of congress.  Comey was fired after that testimony and that was just the tip of the iceberg—we now know that Comey wasn’t alone in his political motivations within the FBI and the DOJ.  There were many others as well—there was a culture within the FBI that wanted Hillary Clinton to be president and they took action to either help her win by avoiding the evidence of severe crimes, or they tried to undermine an elected president against the American people who employ them.  In this case both statements are true and that means that the FBI is in big trouble—as they should be.

So for FBI Director Christopher Wray to testify how wonderful his agency is, is just more lies and deceit.  We all know better.  He would have had more credibility to say something to the effect, “I understand we have challenges to recover our reputation” or something along those lines. But to say that the FBI are all a bunch of A-political hard-working, trusted employees just isn’t true.  If the bosses at the top were politicized, then the underlings who were boot licking their way into promotions were also part of that weaponized culture.  We are lucky that against all odds Trump was elected because if he hadn’t been, none of this would be exposed now.  We might suspect that something was wrong, but the controls that were in place to protect the FBI from investigations of their own simply would not happen.  Congress would not be forcing documents to be turned over for analysis and the FBI would continue to be just another contributor of the Deep State which always intended to run things their own way by controlling American presidents with fear and loathing—as they have for most of the last 100 years.  Exposing them is tricky business and Trump is doing it the right way.  From within the President is slowly changing the culture at the FBI so not to throw the baby out with the bath water all the while smoking out the despots who have been corrupt all along.  And before it’s all said and done—there will be a lot more names emerging which are guilty of turning the FBI into the real disgrace that it presently is.

Rich Hoffman
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