Rush Run Farms: How to make taking a shower much more exciting

Obviously it takes a lot to impress me, but once I do get excited about something, I tend to have explosive enthusiasm about the topic.  So when my sister-in-law whom I’ve known since she was a very little girl told me she was starting a signature soap business—I sort of glazed over on the topic.  After all, soap is soap—right?  Well, she and her husband have this really cool farm just south of Dry Ridge, Kentucky where I sometimes go so we can shoot some of our big guns and I noticed a series of boxes where they were growing some unique items.  After a little probing Nikki told me that it was for her business.  I shrugged my shoulders, loaded my guns and shot for the rest of the afternoon not thinking much of it.  After all, I’m a guy—using soap is like a two-minute operation for me.  But then on Christmas she gave my wife and I a nice little present featuring her soaps and that’s when I could see how much craftsmanship and passion she was putting into this business.  Her product to my experience was far superior to what they were selling at Bed Bath and Beyond and I thought she was on to something.  Here is a description of her work from the website of her soap business, Rush Run Farm.

We are Nikki and Brian McAllister, proud owners of Rush Run Farm.  Here at the farm, we believe in nature’s beautiful simplicity.  Our farm is host to an organically grown herb garden including eight different varieties of Lavender (Munstead, Jean Davis, Vera, Miss Katherine, Sachet, Hidcote, Sarah, Grosso, and White Grosso), two varieties of Rosemary (Arp Rosemary and Madeline Hill Rosemary),  and four varieties of mint (Kentucky Colonel Spearmint, Lavender Mint, Peppermint, and Orange Mint),  These organically grown herbs are used to make our Kentucky handcrafted all-natural soaps.  Stay tuned to watch our garden grow!

Our Soap Shop will feature our signature soaps such as:  Mint Julep Soap, Derby Soap, and Horse Feed Soap.  We use only the finest, purest, most natural ingredients we can find.  All of our base oils and butters are certified organic.  Every step of our soap making process has been carefully thought out to minimize any type of toxins being introduced.  We DO NOT use any plastics of any kind as BPA, phthalates, and other toxins could leach into the soap.  Our molds are made out of unstained wood.  We only use glass, stainless steel, silicone, unbleached parchment paper, and painters tape in our process.  We want your soap to be as pure as can be.

In our Craft Corner, we will be offering Kentucky handmade crafts made from recycled materials from the original farmhouse on our property.  We will also use natural elements found on our farm to make our crafts.  Here in Kentucky, we have a unique heritage and defining character.  We hope our store will bring a little bit of Kentucky to you!

As we all know in business there are three basic kinds of manufacture, mass production, lean, and then there’s craft.  Craft production is certainly what Nikki is doing.  After using her product I can testify that it is like driving a Lamborghini as opposed to a Lincoln MKZ, or a Toyota Camry—only its soap instead of a car.  The soaps have a feel to them that feels exotic and makes you feel special for using them.  Of the cars mentioned all of them are nice of course, the Lincoln is a product of mass production, the Camry of Lean, and the Lamborghini of craft where all the components are handmade and put together by a small team heavily specialized mechanics.  What Nikki and her husband are doing are hand making the ingredients of these soaps to bring craft production into the execution of their product which then carries over into the daily routine of personal body maintenance.  In a world where we tend to take things like body maintenance for granted, Nikki was onto something with her Rush Run Farm product line, and I was proud of her for taking things to that next very important step—moving from conception to execution.

So if you are looking for a last-minute gift idea for Christmas, check out the link to her site and pick up some of her offerings.  Her product line is unique enough to break the ice on those sometimes awkward Christmas gift exchanges where you want to give someone something special, but don’t have time to do anything but swing by the mall to get something quick—then feel bad about it because you meant to do something more personal.  A visit to Nikki’s Rush Run Farm website is just the thing for that unique gift item.  And if you are looking for a volume purchase, tell her you know me and see if she won’t cut you a deal.  It’s one of those things you can’t go wrong on, because she actually makes soap exciting.  And that is quite an extraordinary task!

Nikki is originally from the West Chester area graduating from high school at Lakota.  After a short modeling career that had New York agents seeking her out, she attended Ohio State then moved south where she met her husband.  They have been very successful literally as power brokers in energy commodities.   After turning 40 they made a decision to invest in the farm south of Dry Ridge from their original home in Louisville and have been directing their life in that direction finding a passion they both could share.  So it’s nice to see people pursuing their dreams, but it’s even better when those dreams use the method of craft production to make taking a shower much more exciting and the after effect of how you feel once you have been cleaned and pampered to a point that makes you feel unique.  I think she’s onto something special so I hope she does well with it and sticks with it until it’s a household name.  Nikki is a neat person, not just because she’s my sister-in-law.  I admire her tenacity and her endless optimism.  And best of all, she voted for Trump—and she’s not afraid to tell you about it.

Rich Hoffman
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