Lakota Schools did the Right Thing: A 3-2 vote that shut down gender identity from progressive intrusion into a conservative community

Thank God that the gender identity policy did not pass in my home district of Lakota. As much lobbying as progressive groups applied to our school board, the Board itself was supposed to be representative of the community, and the 3-2 decision against the policy reflected those current values. Actually, I was impressed with the courage it took those board members who voted against it to do so. The rationality the opposition applied to the vote was that board members were afraid of community backlash which is something that should seem obvious. Of course they were. Gender identity is not something that should even be a part of the school experience—and to put such an emphasis on a sexually driven issue is destructive and well beyond the experience of education. Lakota being the eighth largest school district in Ohio was a big player in this national dialogue, so I am proud of my neighbors who voted no. It took guts, and Lakota provided leadership on this issue that most districts would not—up to this point.

To those who have moved to Lakota and brought all these crazy liberal ideas with them from wherever they came from, I have to say to them that they really have no right to impose those progressive values on the rest of us. I’ve been in the Lakota district most of my life and lived in Liberty Township when there were cows across the street from my home. The region is one of the most conservative in the state of Ohio and it’s that way because of its history that extends back to the Revolutionary War. If you moved to the Lakota district and bought a nice $500,000 home, we welcome you. Have a good time in Liberty Township or West Chester to the south. But keep your progressive values wherever you moved from. The assumption is that if you moved here, you valued what you saw. Don’t come here trying to change us into you—because we weren’t the ones moving. You were. And when it comes to the kind of values our conservative families want in their school—having boys going to the girl’s bathroom isn’t one of them. It is unrealistic to bring such nonsense to an education environment in the first place.

Now for the progressive groups out there who want to back door the conservative nature of Butler County with this gender identity garbage—this was a big defeat. They want nothing less than to conquer our conservative natures and make us all more “progressive” using our children to get at our sentiments within our homes. We cannot allow our government schools to become weapons of the political left. Kids should be able to go to school and not worry about some confused kid who is a boy but wants to be a girl running into the girl’s bathroom because they feel they more identify with that gender. Or the kid who pretends he’s a girl because he really has a pervert nature and uses the signs of mental illness to have access to the nudity of his classmates. Yes, there are kids who would fake a gender identity to get access to girls in the bathroom or locker rooms in gym class. The Lakota school board was wise to avoid that hot topic and establish a precedent that other schools can now follow.

Gender identity is not some random event, if a child is suffering from it, the cause is due to terrible parenting. Any parent who has a child who doesn’t know what sex it is, has failed that child with reckless leadership within the home. Reckless because they have not taught their children the basics of navigating through a life of facts. If I spoke to every kid who has this gender identity problem I am sure I would find a parent who screwed up that child’s life in their early years in some way—so it’s a parental problem. Sexual identification after all is only a role we play in the procreation of children. Women give birth. Men plant the seeds for it to happen. In that game the male tends to be the initiator, the woman the recipient. She has to be discriminate in the process to decide if she wants the DNA of her future child to entail the traits of the aggressor. Beyond that process, males and females should otherwise be considered equal. This notion however that a boy can be a girl if they want to or vice versa is a freakish state that actually messes with the destiny of the human race and it has been concocted by what I would consider insanity—by the type of people who think Fantasy Fest in Key West is cool, and who think the Rocky Horror Picture Show is art.

I understand that people who are functionally insane—who enjoy The Rocky Horror Picture Show for instance want the company of others to authorize their diluted minds with mass appeal—but they are not entitled to ruin the minds of our children just to justify their mental impediments. There is room for them in society and we should treat them with compassion and tolerance—to an extent. But they should not be allowed to shape our society with their brand of insanity. Insanity in this case is defined by defying the role of our biological natures against reality and insisting on something else which by nature is completely nonfunctional.

For those who said that the school board members who voted against this measure are afraid of community backlash we should actually redefine that statement. We elect school board members who are supposed to represent our community, so they can protect our interests in just these kinds of instances—where outside influences attempt to change the nature of our community using our children as a platform. The attempt taken at face value is actually quite hideous, so those that voted as representatives of our community when activists were in the room putting immense pressure on their decision is a commendable act, and they deserve praise—not retribution and guilt. That’s the way the process is supposed to work and I personally won’t forget it. But the slant of the media covering this story was that the policy would pass because traditionally the activist pressure applied would force them to vote for the squeakiest wheel in the room—the transsexual activists and their immoral plight to corrupt nature itself with progressive agenda issues.

Yes, small reverberations of shock moved through the political world on a national level over this seemingly little decision within the Lakota school district. But the suggestion should have never occurred in the first place. To those on the losing side of this issue, you should have kept the issue in the closet where it belongs as an anomaly of human nature. A sickness cannot be allowed to define the human race and if we are trying to teach our children anything in public school it shouldn’t be that unisex bathrooms will be part of their future. I have been in many of those unisex progressive bathrooms at this point in my life, especially in London—and they are dumb ideas. Men and women should be given a little distance from each other so they can dispose of their waste without the embarrassment of interaction. The sexes should be allowed to have their mating games for the procreation of life—because that’s the only purpose of it. Those who are for these gender identity polices are also the same people who see abortion not as mass extermination, but as a moral right of the mother. So it can be argued that these progressive policies are anti-life in every way imaginable. They are not about acceptance of individual sanctity as they pretend. They are immoral impediments to existence—and they tried to impose themselves on a tax payer funded school. In that regard I hope this defeat stings enough to push them off the front pages and back into the insane asylum where they belong. They should have expected nothing less in the conservative region of Butler County, Ohio—where at least we still value the traditions that made America great in the first place.

Rich Hoffman

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