Tom Steyer’s “Novacaine” Moment: Democrats learn ‘How to Live as Ghosts’

I hadn’t been paying much attention to Tom Steyer’s multimillion dollar campaign to impeach President Trump—because I don’t watch much television—so I didn’t see his ads.  With Netflix, Amazon Prime, new movie releases at the theater—countless books—family activities, a busy professional life followed by needed time for myself—my life and Tom Steyer’s just didn’t connect. Aside from that, I think he’s a loser and I only have room for a minimum number of losers in my life and he’s not on the list.  But I did catch one of his ads over the Holiday and was pretty amazed at his audacity.  What makes him think someone like me is going to let him get away with impeaching Trump?  If such a thing were to happen doesn’t that open the door to do things the other way—using violence if necessary?

Tom Steyer is exactly the reason we needed Trump in the first place.  There are all these billionaires out there who are very liberal, who don’t want competition—like Steyer, Soros—Zuckerberg, Gates, Buffett, Bloomberg and many others who have thrown their money at candidates America hates to take the country in a direction traditionalists don’t want to go.  They are used to controlling Hollywood, they are used to controlling the publishing industry, the mainstream media and virtually everything we see and hear—so it drives them crazy that a fellow billionaire was able to run for office and win—and he doesn’t need their money so is beyond their control.  And now they are getting desperate.  Steyer might otherwise throw his money behind Democrats in 2018, but guess what—there aren’t any worth spending money on so all they have as progressives is the hope that they might be able to push Trump out of office.  Obviously, because they aren’t very smart, they haven’t thought things through to their conclusions.  What they do now sets a tone for the future and they’ll have to live with the consequences.  Speaking for myself, I’m not going to get behind anything that Tom Steyer is involved in.  It’s just not going to happen.  Even by some remote fantasy Steyer and his progressives were to impeach Trump—does he really think we’re going to turn in our guns and say—“well, I guess you guys won.”  LOL, not a chance, they are cheating and those progressives have opened themselves to really bad times in the future if they persist.

There is a lot of unneeded concern about how the Democrats might do in 2018.  Let me remind everyone that I predicted an end to the Democratic Party within a few years, and they are right on track.  The desperation that billionaire donors like Steyer are exhibiting now are due to their lack of options and their ads sound foolish in reflecting that.  Trump had every right to fire James Comey—there was no obstruction of justice for a phony campaign created by Democrats to try to stop the inauguration of a justifiably legal election that Trump won.  Where FISA warrants were granted based on inflammatory and bogus information meant to unmask legitimate members of the Trump campaign. The Democrats and their progressive supporters have broken so many laws and made such embarrassments of our legal system that trust will never go back into their direction. That pendulum has shifted forever and Steyer apparently is so corrupted by ideology that he doesn’t see it.  But you know what bothers people like him even more—his money suddenly has no power—as it once did—and that has all these types of people terrified.

The other benefit to Donald Trump is that he largely made his money off his charisma—they guy is an all in one package master communicator.  These other guys, including Zuckerberg from Facebook are stiff nerds who come across on camera as idiots—and their money can’t protect them any longer.  They can’t compete with Trump and they can’t buy people who can for the first time in their lives.  In the past we’ve tried on the political right to elect our own wealthy people—like Steve Forbes and Ross Perot, but they were too much like Tom Steyer—they didn’t have great screen presence the way a very charismatic actor would.  Their political campaigns came out flat, and that’s what’s happening now with progressives.  They are discovering that with all their control of the media, with all their manipulation of the Beltway that now people have a choice, they don’t have candidates in their stables to compete with the world that Trump has established.  That is why they are in a panic, because they know the world as they have controlled it, is now over.

Trump’s New Year’s celebration bringing in 2018 was a rebirth of American spirit in many ways that we haven’t seen in this country since the Golden Days of Hollywood.  It was optimistic in all the ways you’d expect from a nation born by Adam Smith’s philosophy of economic morality articulated in The Wealth of Nations.  That is what people like Steyer have been trying to keep away from the American people yet it is happening regardless.  It’s only been one year of the Trump administration and he has accomplished quite a lot.  He’s on par with my expectations and has set up a 2018 that will be even greater, because now he has had a chance to put his feet in the water and started swimming.  The Republican Party needed to be united after a difficult 2015—and that essentially happened with the tax cuts at the end of 2017.  The Democrats have not had their come to Jesus moment.  They have people like Steyer and Soros ready to write them checks, but there is nobody worth spending the money on, only ghosts from the past.  Progressive ideas and Democratic Party platform concepts have been rejected and that is part of a new trend which is emerging.

Calls for impeachment based on loose accusations while the other side actually did break many laws aren’t going to cut it in this new age.  Watching Tom Steyer’s commercials against Trump is like watching the ghosts from the music video by 10 Years called “Novacaine.”  It’s a song from their album called How to Live as Ghosts and I think it fits quite accurately the condition of the current Democratic Party.  They are chasing ghosts, things that worked in the past but are no longer relevant in the world and they keep going through the same failures over and over ad infinitum.  No matter how many checks Steyer and his progressive insurgents write, he is still going through the same routine over and over going nowhere only to come back to the beginning and wondering if anything happened at all.  Meanwhile, Republicans are moving forward with a fresh guilt free philosophy of renewed interest in capitalism.

I personally consider Tom Steyer’s attempts to be an insult to my vote—but I have more faith in our government this year with Trump in control of it than I did last year when Obama was hanging on to power with everything he could utilize to stop 2017 from happening.  I know for myself if our government ever tries to present what they have, knowing what we do today, that I will exercise my rights to overthrow them—because they are not competent to run my government.  Now that I know how dirty the progressives really are in America, I have no desire to share my country with them.  They need to leave and go someplace else—like Europe if they want all the socialism that they seem to enjoy so much.  To Steyer, he is fine with socialism because he figures he can control the parties at play with his money, so he will always have a seat of aristocracy to enjoy.  But that just isn’t acceptable to the American way of life where anybody willing to work hard can have a shot at the highest levels of power.  To achieve those needs we had to have a president like Trump who didn’t need to appease people like Steyer, or even Mark Cuban, Bezos—really a countless list of very wealthy people who fundamentally want to change America into something else that limits opportunities for other people.  I am pleased to see that like the music video “Novacaine,” that Tom Steyer is already a ghost replaying his failed philosophy over and over again as the rest of the living world moves on without him—and that is a truly beautiful thing.

Rich Hoffman

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