The Protests in Iran: What you need to know about why North Korea wants to blow everyone up–a brief history of Marxism for 2018 predictions

You might wonder dear reader why there has not been much coverage of the Iranian protests by young people demanding that things change in that hostile country which is one of the largest state sponsors of terror throughout the world.  Over the New Year of 2018 protests were abundant yet the media was silent on the matter because the history of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 was one conducted by various Marxist and communist groups oriented to the left of the political spectrum and their basic philosophy has imposed disaster economically there.  Prior governments in Iran were very friendly to Western culture and were rich with oil reserves—but Marxist Islamists like the  Mojahedin-e Khalq sought to push out Western influences in their country so they had a revolution not unlike the one where communism took over in Russia and the rest is history.  Within a roughly 50 year period communism driven by Marxist philosophy spread around the world, first in Russia by the 1920s, then to China and most of Asia in 1949, then to the Middle East in 1979.  In America our culture bent but didn’t completely break by adopting FDR’s The New Deal, but literally the rest of the world fell to Karl Marx and his disastrous ideas.  Of course Cuba, Mexico and Central then South America followed these movements into the 1980s—which is why they are all economic disasters today.

When we speak of the political left and the academia that fuels their efforts we are talking about people who subscribe to this global unification of the Marxist platform which was created essentially in the mid 1850s based on ideas that go all the way back to Sir Thomas More’s book Utopia.  Regardless of how traditional the Marxists of Iran try to disguise their intentions, their political and social platform is still a product of Europe, just as the communism of China is. All the countries that adopted that European disaster have tossed away their traditions and history to accept these collectivist ideas about humanity.  To date the only place in the world where Marx’s philosophy appears to be conducting a stable society is in Scandinavia—particularly Denmark.  There the people are pretty happy, but we are talking about a culture descended from the Vikings who are nothing like their ancestors.  They are a thoroughly defeated culture that has had to resign themselves to the lack of options present in their cold northern climate.  They don’t work much there and have decided to live a leisurely life with extremely high taxes—they are no longer the ambitious culture that launched the Vikings—and it shows.  It is that region of the world that the academics point to and proclaim that Sir Thomas More’s vision is possible.  But to have it mankind has to turn off their ambitions and treat life as a platform for death—and that just isn’t very appealing to young people when it comes down to it.

That brings us to the protests in Iran.  Like oil rich Venezuela—Iran has very high unemployment, there are very few cultural options for the young people and things never have manifested the way the revolutionaries predicted. Marxism has been a dismal failure and the leftist groups that imposed the revolution upon Iran are looking pretty stupid—and to save themselves from the embarrassments of their folly they sponsor terrorism to keep anybody from looking too deeply at their inner workings.   Ultimately this is why all these leftist countries fail and why they all try to use nuclear proliferation to threaten the world with economic instability because their own cultures look horrible in relation to competing markets.  That is certainly the case with North Korea which is a communist dictatorship.  Like Iran they want access to nuclear missiles so that they can threaten to blow up anybody who is doing better economically than they are.  In the Middle East its Israel which is very friendly to the West and makes everyone else in the region look terrible by any economic measure.  Then in North Korea its first South Korea then the United States and Japan that threaten the fat little kid running the communist country these days.

As we have clearly seen after Donald Trump was elected in the United States these same Marxist ideas have deep roots in our own Beltway politics and the media is a part of that culture.  My theory on the matter is essentially that The Communist Manifesto by Marx is an easy read.  Marxist ideas flow naturally with the empathy that women naturally bring to any decision-making process.  Men wanted to bed these women so adopted those basic philosophies essentially to improve their sex life and that’s how this stuff spreads like such a terrible disease.  I’ve read all those major books on economics including the Marx masterwork Das Kapital—and the German philosopher reveals himself to be essentially a victim to the motors of the world instead of the driver.  That is why Marxism fails everywhere except where people are resigned to any inner ambitions.  Marxism roots itself in exploitation of resources rather than in the productive utilization of what the human mind produces which is the essence of the work I much prefer and find infinitely more fascinating, the great philosophy of Adam Smith in his Wealth of Nations, which became the economic driver of The United States from the very beginning in 1776.  Marxism is all about victimization which is appealing to the lazy, corrupt, and emotionally weak of the human species whereas Smith’s capitalism is about empowerment and individualized realization.   The two ideas don’t mix.

The obvious reason that the media did not report the protests in the streets of Iran over the New Year is because they can’t admit to themselves that the premise for which the Marxism that overthrew the Western friendly leadership in Iran in 1979 never has worked and now people want something else. This anxiety goes back to the primary reasons Donald Trump was elected president to begin with—it was a base rejection of the Marxist platform that has destroyed so many American cities, like Detroit, Chicago (economically) and states like California, Illinois, and New York.  The political left is attempting to keep their whole platform together with masking tape and glue by ignoring the basic problem—that Marxism is not a philosophy that people really want when it comes down to it.  In Denmark where their youth are content to drink, have sex, and essentially behave as retired people in their prime income years—Marxism can work—but people have to yield their ambitions in life to such a mentality.  Aside from Bluetooth technology, Scandinavia isn’t exactly lighting up the stage of world culture—they are consumers of the great music, movies and fashion of the West, but they don’t do much to advance anything—due to their Marxist platform of socialism mixed with just enough capitalism to participate in free trade.  Literally everywhere around the world from North Korea, Iran, Mexico, South America all of Africa, and all the countries that touch the Mediterranean Sea except for Israel are drowning in their adoption of Marx as their basic left leaning philosophy—and the American media that is also very Marxist from their college training is embarrassed.

Once the people in Iran topple the Marxists that have been in power there for the last forty years one of the last great hopes of the political left will fall into the sunset of philosophic thought.  Marxism is doomed to fail—it always has been.  But for people who only know and understand it because they learned it in college where they had other good experiences and hold onto those memories as one connected enterprise it’s hard to admit that Marxism is such a disaster.  For them it’s like admitting your mother is a whore even while you live in the next room and hear her faking organisms to pay the bills.  Nobody wants to admit such things about something they care about—but that don’t change the reality about Marxism.  Karl Marx has destroyed the minds and economies of all the people who have followed him and the evidence is abundantly obvious.  Iran is the latest, but won’t be the last.  When people see there are options, they will want to participate.  The leftists who understand that options are their enemy will always try to use fear to attempt to push reality further into the distance, but in 2018 that all falls apart for them.  Iran and North Korea are in the first to fall from the pressure—but the American media will be the next.  And that is why they didn’t cover the protests—because they know they are next.

Rich Hoffman

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