Pot Users are the Clear and Present Enemy: The real reason California legalized recreational marijuana

There is nothing that comes good out of the legalization of pot, and it was quite astonishing to see how much exuberance there was on New Year’s Day when California made legal the recreational use of the vile drug marijuana. All of human civilization is built upon thought, no matter what the political predilections of the people—thinking is the core element in all society. Without thought there simply is no society and if you track the paths of the supporters of pot, you will find they nearly perfectly line up with abortion fanatics, global warming losers and other anti-capitalists of the political left. They are a contradictory lot of people who can be proven so by their support of every turtle crossing to hold up new roads and railways in California and their severe climate restrictions on new housing, but they support the utter destruction of the human mind with mind altering substances like pot. The reason they support the legalization of marijuana is that they are anti-human and are earth first fanatics who see the human race as a threat to the furtherance of our home planet. They are the natural extensions of the Marxist hippies which splashed on the scene halfway through the last century and they are intellectually aligned with anything that takes the human race back to the sun worshiping primitives of yesteryear.

The legalization of pot is the sign of a declining civilization and it reminds me of the many shopping malls around the country that are losing their brick and mortar stores to online shopping. I can think of one such mall in Cincinnati near where I live that was a thriving escapade of energy and excitement just a decade ago. Now it sits abandoned and decaying rapidly—and the reason is that the mall management failed to take proper action when they could have to save the enterprise. When their numbers began to decline at the start of the online shopping revolution, the mall management turned toward the youth to save it. They allowed for many nightclubs to infest its halls and they had late hours at the movie theater and gaming area to attract young people. Well, the mall was near several black neighborhoods where money was not easy to come by and there were many white neighborhoods nearby that were also poor, so turf wars erupted at the mall which scared away all the nice families who might otherwise spend their money there. Once mall management realized the error of their ways it was too late. The clientele of that establishment had found better places to spend their money and the customers never came back.

In a lot of ways that is what these states are doing when they legalize pot—they are looking for that short-term boost to their tax collecting endeavors while appealing to the young and the reckless. The youth to get more party laws enacted might therefore be expected to vote for Democrats to keep the fun going—but what they don’t see is that people move with their feet and soon there won’t be any economical means to help the state stay open for business. The logic of having a society that can function on drug activity is not realistic. Drug users of course will point to Amsterdam in Europe and Denmark as examples where this type of live and let live activity can thrive—but that’s in Europe—and it’s a very short-term social position. It cannot endure well into the future. When a state like California has to compete with Texas, Ohio, or Wyoming the people who support those high taxed states have options where in Europe they don’t. If you move from Amsterdam, the next socialist country like France and Germany have just as many problems. England is hardly a refuge, the housing prices are ridiculously high and the options for young people are quite bleak, because of their poor economic philosophies rooted in the work of Karl Marx.

Young people and those saddled with a lack of intelligence tend to view history by decades and often think of things that happened 30 years ago as being old. That is largely a condition of the political left in our modern era that teaches in public school that kids know more than their parents and that youth trumps experience—which of course it doesn’t. That is why they think from the vantage point of youth that they can legalize marijuana and that a society can thrive productively. It can’t, just as a drunk can’t be expected invent the next great step in human endeavor. A society of people stoned on pot are not going to advance civilization. No great society every sustained itself on intoxication—and it won’t start in California. There is nothing funny about intoxication—it is simply a step toward a culture in decline. The proper way to view civilization and the rules that govern each society is in the long view of 500 years or more. The question should be asked if any policy of social concern can enrich that society from the present to roughly 500 years in the future—and if it can, that is something to pursue. But to look at a society of pot users and think it could endure for even 50 years is a stretch. Pot use equates to a destroyed society and there is no flexibility in that assessment. It is a sure conclusion.

Many liberals who support the killing of humans through abortion—because they secretly think that the human species is something that should be nearly wiped away to protect the earth—also think that the American Indian is something special in the history of North America. The truth is that they were never Native Americans—they might be called rather native Chinese living in North America—or perhaps Vikings, Phoenicians—even Africans, but they came to be just as Americans did—they migrated from somewhere to start a life in a new world and they brought with them lots of stupid ideas. When George Washington was being inaugurated the various Indian nations were already in decline. If left to their own devices, they would have retreated into the primitive state of their ancestors as they emerged from the Ice Age. Their society was rooted heavily in sacrifice to the various gods of their mythology and they took mind altering substances as part of their socializing. The net result was that they were easy to beat when it came time to conduct Westward Expansion. Once beaten it was a tactic to get them addicted to alcohol due to their natural predilection for substance abuse and that pretty much sealed the deal on their claim to anything in North America. Many who support trends of less human intervention on earth are now seeking to turn the tables on Western Civilization by destroying the minds of our youth so that they are too stoned and drunk to further advance mankind into a Type 1 civilization—and that is precisely what is happening in California and these other places that are legalizing pot.

People will say that there are exceptions to this person or that who have smoked dope all their life and they were still bright functioning human beings. I suppose that may be true, although I have known many people who smoked a lot of pot (I never have and never will as it disgusts me) and all those people ended up dead beat losers—every one of them. I have watched so many lives be destroyed by pot use, and other drugs—alcohol included, that I have no faith that a society that accepts such intoxication can advance into the future. 100 years from now, the society that accepts pot as their recreation will be wiped away from the earth—which for progressives is the point. They will surely point to a possibility that Shakespeare smoked pot and declare that the intoxicant helps the mind—but they’d be wrong. There are no circumstances that pot is good for a human being looking forward to a fruitful future. It is a drug of decline and hopelessness. Every road that comes from pot leads to an end against a brick wall of human evolution and it’s a pathetic ingredient. It is in itself death which soothes an otherwise active mind to sleep perpetually giving victory to those aggressors in the world that hate the human race. It is not a coincidence that California will go out of its way to protect a rare fish, a forest of trees or even a specific kind of grass—but will support the destruction of human beings through the legalization of pot. That’s because they know pot will destroy the human race—its what they want. They want husks of human beings dead and vanquished like the poor fetuses of terminated pregnancies—yet they don’t want the guilt of actually killing anyone—so they have put their efforts behind pot to kill all humans and save the planet earth just long enough for it to be consumed by our own sun in a few billion years. Pot supports by their very nature don’t care about billions of years or even a 100 years. They are impatient ideologues of leftist philosophy with no concept of history—and they want only what they can see and touch right now which is a condition made worse by pot use. For those of us who do want to see a tomorrow—pot users are the clear and present enemy.

Rich Hoffman

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