The Pussies of the World: Trump is the only reason Kim Jong-un is talking to South Korea

It is astonishing how many modern people are just pussies (people who invite themselves to get fu**ed by bullies) and support political parties to hide their nature behind collective authority. It is as if they assumed that just because there are millions of pussies functioning in the world today, that somehow that changes the nature of what they are. When a bully of any kind presents themselves either on the world stage as North Korea has, just a bunch of punk kids vandalizing neighborhoods—you must stand up to them or else you invite more of the tyrannical behavior. Appeasement never works with a bully, it just gives you more of the behavior—which is how North Korea got so out of control in the first place—the world tried to appease their aggression—and they created a monster. Thankfully, with Trump in the White House, the United States isn’t in that appeasement business any longer and that has driven North Korea to actually sit down with South Korea for the first time in a long time. Trump’s tough talk has worked and so have the sanctions leaving North Korea with little choice.

I’ve said it many times, North Korea does not have the money or resources to conduct a nuclear war. It is amazing that many smart, college educated journalists took literally the empty words of Kim Jong-un when he said on Near Year’s Day that he had a nuclear button on his desk and that he would use it against America. They accepted at face value that it was the truth. Yet when Trump answered that he had a bigger button, and that his worked, the literal faces of the left-winged media in America melted off as if nuclear proliferation were going to happen. No, it was just Trump calling a bluff and playing the bad cop in a complicated international strategy to let Kim Jong-un seek the path of less resistance to peace on the Korean peninsula. It’s a starting point in the peace process and one that is more than justifiable for a stupid kid not yet 30 who thinks the way to communist prosperity is through intimidation. Every rocket he has fired to try to scare the world into giving him more money has only robbed food from his people and there are defectors fleeing across the South Korean border in increasing numbers, so the kid doesn’t have a choice but to come to terms with South Korea. But to save face he had to threaten Trump—which of course Trump playing the bad cop had to answer appropriately. But there aren’t any nuclear weapons—heck, there are hardly rockets to launch for testing. The whole thing on behalf of North Korea has been a ruse and it is shameful that the American media bought into the notion so naively.

Sadly, this incident shows how far our nation has fallen. Not all mind you, but most Americans today are pussies not able to stand up to bullies, or even to recognize them when they present themselves. I would go so far to say that this is a by-product of the feminization of our free market society—where masculinity has been chastised and feminine approaches to problems propped up falsely to provide the illusion that “girl power” is a sustainable strategy in dealing with bullies in the future. It takes more than a sign and a pussy hat at a protest to deal with people like Kim Jong-un. You can’t make movies about 110 pound girls beating the crap out of 240 pound men and expect that to transfer over into reality. No matter how great the fighting techniques of a small woman—in a real fight there wouldn’t be a contest and that is what reality has to say on the matter. The entire premise of “girl power” and the feminization of the human race is a fantasy from the imagination of political radicals who essentially want to stop humanity from advancing—yielding to the efforts of mother nature. This whole thing is a 50-year-phase that will die out and return to the good ol’ days where men were men, and women were women, and both enjoyed their roles in creating families. But currently, it is having an impact on our foreign policy. Trump represents the traditional masculinity that half the nation expects. The other half have lost their minds and want men to sit and cry when losers like Kim Jong-un threaten us. That is after all the typical female reaction, to sit around crying and talking about the problem when the real solution is to kick the shit out of the little fat punk.

Sorry to be so politically incorrect, but any criticism of Trump’s handling of North Korea is completely unwarranted. Kim Jong-un has become accustomed to dealing with a feminized world where even the men sit around cowering in fear because they have been submitted by the “girl power” movement. Talking to some ruthless dictator is like a single mom trying to enforce the rule of law on an unruly male kid—it usually doesn’t work. In some cases, it does, but just look at a typical black neighborhood in America where there are no fathers in the home and the women have children by two, three or four fathers. Those kids become thugs—most of the time—and violence around the neighborhood escalate. If only there were a stable father figure in the lives of the children things would turn out much differently. Kim Jong-un is that figure of a global communist dictator who has been coddled by too many world leaders functioning from a feminized social trend that is destined for failure.

Feminists can say what they want about fair treatment and equality—but if you really dig into their subconscious they still expect men to “figure them out.” As they bitch and complain about their worthless men not taking out the trash, or watching too much football and complain to their girl friends how much better the world would be if women ran the world—they still really want to be chained to a bed blindfolded as a force of masculine power takes over her body. And there’s nothing wrong with that—it’s a purely biological function. But when losers like fat boy Kim Jong-un who can only get laid because he runs a country think that the world will sit around and let him push everyone around because girls are running everything—he’s got another thing coming. Can you imagine that fat kid trying to pick up chicks at an American shopping mall—he’s be laughed at until he couldn’t show himself in public. But as a communist dictator, girls have to do what he says—so he thinks that’s the way it is elsewhere in the world. By launching rockets he tries to use the same fear tactics that work in North Korea to essentially pick up chicks. Feminists have given him that illusion—until Trump became that father figure for the world to fear once again. Now everyone must behave, or they’ll get a spanking. Trump gave Kim Jong-un a spanking which he deserved. And now the North Korean dictator has to come to the table with South Korea or he’s going to bed without his dinner. For a fat kid like the North Korean dictator who likes his food—sanctions are cramping his lifestyle—which is all he really cared about to begin with.

So to the pussies out there, fear not. Men are taking care of the problem—at least the ones who are still left in the world.

Rich Hoffman

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