Did you read Juanita Broaddrick’s New Book: There is no choice but to prosecute the Clintons and the Deep State that protected them

I heard a lot of backlash over the first week of 2018 regarding the obvious prosecution of Hillary Clinton and the members of the Deep State that participated in her protection.  The logic they asserted was that she lost the election and was now otherwise harmless.  Trump should move on and not prosecute a former political rival.  And on the surface among stupid people, I can understand their mode of thinking.  But we are not talking about just a political contest where Hillary lost and Trump won.  We are talking about the mechanisms of government that were used to prop up a political party which violated many laws for which the foundations of our entire society rested, and were used against the other party.  Hillary and her Democratic party broke a lot of laws, audaciously and unfortunately for her she lost anyway, and the responsibility for prosecution falls on the Trump administration.  Trump has no choice but to use the law to correct the situation, because the Democrats made it that way.  When crimes are committed punishment must follow otherwise there is no respect for the rule of law.  And the immensity of that statement couldn’t be more obvious than in the publication of one simple book just a few days into the 2018 New Year,  Juanita Broaddrick ‘s new book, You’d Better Put Some Ice On That: How I Survived Being Raped by Bill Clinton.  All the talk by the media was on the Michael Wolff book hoping to take down the White House, but Juanita’s book was ignored even though in it the claims of rape against a former United States president were much more atrocious.


I read Juanita’s book right away, and for the second consecutive week in a row I managed to read seven books—which I consider a very productive way to start the New Year.  A lot of what was in You’d Better Put Some Ice On That: How I Survived Being Raped by Bill Clinton I already knew but what was astonishing is that we are living in a time where women from four decades ago are now bringing down celebrities for their sexual exploits.  Kevin Spacey who just a few months ago was at the top of the Hollywood A-listers and after allegations of child molestation came out for which he admitted, he has had his career literally destroyed.  He’ll be lucky if he ever works again.  His top show House of Cards wrote him out of the story after halting production and Ridley Scott literally digitally removed him from the movie All the Money in the World.  He’s far from the only one, but is certainly one that illustrates this new standard, that if at any time in our past something was done wrong, then it is fair game to destroy that person in every way imaginable.  So given that definition, it forces us to look at the crimes of the Clintons and pay justice to their doorsteps.  Based just on Juanita Broaddrick’s allegations in this stunning new book about how Bill Clinton raped her in the late 1970s—bad things need to happen to the former president so that others might think twice about performing such crimes in the future.

Yet the crimes didn’t stop with Juanita—Bill’s behavior moved on for several more decades making many more people their victims—and Hillary Clinton acted as a kind of pimp for power as a mediator for her husband’s activity enabling all this evil to take place unchecked.  Instead of correcting Bill’s crimes they instead used their attorney abilities to manipulate circumstances to suit their hunger for power breaking many more laws over the next three decades openly—and quite audaciously.  I read a book in the mid-1990s called Blood Sport by James Stewart which chronicled the crimes of the Clintons on their road to the White House and I thought at that time that these people were the worst in the world.  I thought they’d never make it to a second term because the evidence was so obvious.  I accepted that some of the work by Stewart might have been politically motivated, but certainly not all of it.  There was no way the Clinton’s would survive.  But they did and went on for a second term.  Then Hillary became a Senator, then through the 90s they created the Clinton Foundation which was a pay to play scam.  Hillary went on to run for president losing to Barack Obama.  She became the Secretary of State actually selling access to her office by foreign contributors.  She had an illegal email server to hide all this activity and when she was caught the FBI actually covered for her as they placed their bets that she’d be the next president of the United States.  They did not apply equal justice under the law; instead they bent the law to suit the Clintons for what they considered the “greater good,” a move toward global initiatives where the United States gradually surrendered more sovereignty to United Nations control.  And in the process the Clinton’s became wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

Now we are all told that we are supposed to look the other way and let the Clintons live in peace?  Those same forces salivated over Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury putting the tabloid reporter on every news outlet they could while Juanita was ignored.  The accusers of Roy Moore in Alabama were given first class media exposure and we were told that every women was supposed to be heard no matter how outrageous the claims were, yet here was a woman claiming a former president had raped her and her pain was chronicled in a new book and everyone ignored it.  The game is obvious to everyone now—it’s no longer a conspiracy theory to suggest that the levers of government wanted the Clintons to succeed no matter what laws were broken.  Now all those people have been caught because a changing administration with different political priorities has been elected into power to reveal this banality.  On the surface we have what appeared to be an intricate system of law in order, but in practice it resembled a banana republic.  Astonishingly we saw how far our country had fallen at the hands of these Clinton supporters and now the responsibility falls on Trump’s people to fix it.

And why wouldn’t they—we are in an election year—there aren’t any real Democrats who threaten to take over the House and Senate.  Trump needs to hold his majorities in congress to get anything done over the next several years. The Clintons essentially made the Democratic Party all about them for the last thirty years so as they go down, so does the DNC.  The liberal party of progressives is trying to distance themselves from the Clintons for their own survival, but obviously the machine that supports the Clintons runs deep into every crack of the Democratic Party and into the cubicles of almost every newsroom.  The media of today were built by that Clinton machine and they are lost without their leaders. If the Clintons go down so does the Democratic Party.  That is why they are so desperate for this Russian investigation to produce something, and why they put so much hope into that Wolff book, and why they are utterly despondent that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be fazed by anything they’ve thrown at him.  The evidence is there to put the Clintons away in jail for a long time and it has to happen.  They gave the Republicans no choice in the matter—which is how Trump had to have it.  Now early in 2018 we can see the evidence mounting and understand that it’s inevitable.  The desperation of many years of crimes now coming back to that Clinton family finally is in the air.  All Republicans need to do is pull the trigger and Democrats will be done for many years.  So do it.  And if you have any doubts as to whether it should be done or not—then read Juanita’s book.  You think you know the story until you read the pain she managed to put down on paper for all to see—if only people would have the courage to look.

Rich Hoffman

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