Trust Trump: Taking the fight to the enemy to either convert them, or destroy them

A lot of people seem worried about Donald Trump after his talk with Democrats about DACA and the announcement that the president would attend the Davos event in Switzerland. For those who don’t know much about Davos, that is the Socialist International gathering that decides strategies on how to take over the world implementing various degrees of Marxism wherever possible. Those two things happening after the Michael Wolff book about life inside the Trump White House that has caused so much consternation and destroyed the career of Steve Bannon, has people noticeably concerned—on every side of the political spectrum. But I’m not surprised by any of it. It’s all in Trump’s most famous book, The Art of the Deal. I continue to tell people that they should read Trump’s books—they’d understand a lot more about what’s going on.

We have a lot of problems to solve over the next few decades and all those problems are made worse by a generation of young people raised in the public-school system to function under socialism. That has always been a topic of great importance at past Davos meetings and knowing that George Soros himself will brag quite spectacularly that the damage is already done—America as it was is just a projection of its former self, the standard belief is that it’s too late for America. Soon it will all fall in on itself and socialism will take over as the mode of operation in the last great capitalist country on earth. Literally every corner of the world is functioning from some dysfunctional plot created by these Davos progressives because they usually entail people with huge amounts of money who essentially view themselves as modern aristocrats of European design—the ruling class by merit of their wealth reshaping the world.

Trump knows that there will be no changes to people’s support of capitalism if the fight does not go to the doorsteps of the enemy. Traditionally Republicans move away and avoid the confrontations with an encroaching leftist which is why the Saul Alinsky methods have worked traditionally. For instance, take Glenn Beck for example—with all the challenges he posed to George Soros he lost his Fox News show and then was systematically harassed everywhere he went in public—Broadway plays, shopping excursions with his family, and a noticeable attack that seemed to have really rattled him in a New York park. His response was to retreat his operations down to Texas where he started The Blaze—which has always struggled to get a foothold—essentially because he ran from liberals and sought to moderate his tone to their liking. Another notable Fox News personality, Bill O’Reilly is now on the outside looking in sending pictures of his dog every other day on Twitter when he used to be a person of great command of social dialogue. He’s been reduced to nothing essentially because he chose to run from liberals instead of engaging them. He still writes best selling books, but that is due to the overflow of his audience from when he was on Fox News. Now without that vehicle of delivery, he is a diminishing character of social shaping.

What makes Trump different from virtually everyone else is that he is battle hardened and confident in his own positions. He is not enamored by glitzy billionaires and their cars and women because he is one of them. He doesn’t have to be nice to them hoping to get campaign donations—he can work with them or around them however he sees fit. So he can go to Davos and sputter on about American first melting away the faces of the Socialist International members and walk away intact. He has no problem fighting anyone anywhere, so he can’t be forced to retreat and that makes him very special. That type of engagement is what it takes to beat the left. We are at a point where conservatism must consider not only winning elections but in selling conservative values to those who don’t presently have them, and the only way to do that is through victory. People need to see those ideas competing against those at Davos and come to the decision that they’d rather follow the America first policy rather than the globalist proposals of Socialist International. Conservatives must be willing to go into the Lion’s Den and to fight liberalism on their own homelands. That is the only way.

Fighting doesn’t always have to be contentious either. If a victory can be achieved with pleasant talks and back slapping—that is a preferred way. Take into account the remarkable efforts at talks that just took place between North and South Korea. Amazingly just a few months after the world was fearing nuclear war with the communists of the North on the Korean Peninsula now Kim Jong-un is ready to send people to the Olympics in South Korea. The North Koreans stated that their weapons were not pointed at their brethren in the South, but at the United States—which is fine. Trump understands the nature of playing good cop and bad cop and if playing the antagonist brings peace talks to the table, that is a good thing. The sanctions from China have worked, there is no power play at work to divide South Korea and the United States—there is only getting the North Koreans to participate in the world of markets without threatening to blow everyone up every five seconds—and Trump has achieved that. Without Trump being president, there would be no talks between the two Koreas, and there certainly wouldn’t be any Olympics participation between Kim Jong-un and his former rivals to the south. By giving the kid an “out” in the West to hate, Trump opened up the possibility of uniting Asia under a common need and peace will be the result. It was quite a masterful strategy.

It is ironic, but I certainly feel it. Not even 10 years ago I could go to dinner with some Hollywood people and have enough common ground with them to carry on a conversation. But liberals especially the hard-global progressives, made their bold moves during the Obama years and have made it impossible to have conservatives and liberals speak to each other. As a matter of fact, being conservative is a dirty word—I never yield to it, but if I’m talking to museum people, scientists or anybody in the teaching profession, I feel I have to explain myself as a conservative. Even traveling in Europe where everyone seems to be a little liberal there is the sentiment that there is something wrong with you if you are an American conservative—and that is just appalling. A lot of that occurred because conservatives never sat down with Democrats and forced them to talk or defend their positions—or ever challenged them except from the safety behind a fence of Party ideology. That has empowered progressives, especially the liberals at Davos. Unchallenged, the billionaires there who control most of the world’s media feel they can impose their beliefs on the rest of us making conservatives feel like an inferior and outnumbered party when the truth is far from it.

With Trump going into their places and talking to them he is taking the GOP into a realm it’s never been before, and he’s mixing ideologies in a productive way that forces the collision to produce a new tomorrow. As divisive as a president as people attribute to him—Trump will go down in history as the only one who was able to bring the world together on the bases of philosophical truth that no text book has yet discovered. To do that you can’t be afraid of the other side—you have to go into their homes and meet them where they eat and sleep, and take your position to the places they are most vulnerable—and force them to look at it. And that is precisely what Trump is doing, and I think it’s wonderful.

Rich Hoffman

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