If You Support Drug Legalization You are a Domestic Terrorist: Why Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration are right on their stance against marijuana


I seldom listen to WLW anymore, but I happened to have it on the other day and heard the pot advocate Scott Sloan ramble on about how bad Attorney General Jeff Sessions was for his reversal of Obama era polices on the prosecutions of marijuana.  Essentially the Trump administration is imposing federal guidelines on pot while going against states rights—where most small government advocates find this a reprehensible situation.  I myself am a states’ rights person over federal imposition.  However, I am emphatically in support of Jeff Sessions on this issue and the Trump administration in general.  I think pot should be illegal in every way, shape, and form and I want the harshest prosecutions for anybody possessing it or selling it to anybody under any conditions.  Marijuana is poison for the mind—just as alcohol is.  For the record, I’m not a fan of any mind altering substance.   I occasionally enjoy a caffeinated beverage such as a Coke or Mello Yello, but I mostly drink either water or milk—and that’s it.  No coffee, tea, or wine. If I’m out on a special occasion, I might have a beer or two but intoxication is always off-limits for me.  I think the entire premise is stupid, of intoxication, and I certainly think it is destructive to inhale a toxic substance that alters brain activity—so under no conditions do I support pot use—not even to make a rope out of the hemp. I hate the plant and all the products that come from it.

Anybody who supports drug use in any culture is an enemy of that society.  If history is studied there isn’t any culture that survived for more than a few hundred years if they abused drugs or participated in mind altering experiments—and this includes shamans from hunting and gathering cultures.  One thing that is for certain, if you look back at the Indians of North America or the witch doctors of voodoo, mind altering substances were part of their societies and religious perspectives—and they have led in every instance to a declining culture.  There is no future in America where a society of pot smokers will build on the moon, or spread into the vastness of space with great innovations if intoxication is the aim of their leisure activity.

While libertarians like Rand Paul think of themselves as fiscally conservative, but socially liberal, point to the billions of dollars that the pot industry can produce in tax revenue their aims are shortsighted because the industrial loss to other market sectors that require intellectual ambition will decline over time.  A thriving pot industry anywhere means that it is at the expense of social ambition.  Pot is an enemy to thought, it is to surrender our natural faculties to the numbness provided by a toxic ingredient.  It is for the weak at heart and those with low ambition in life.  It is poison to any hope at sustained productivity.

History for many people is only a few decades deep and many will say that during the Prohibition period that the government created the alcohol industry by making it illegal, and there is some truth to that.  By making something a forbidden fruit, you make it enticing to the natural rebellion which makes humans, human.  The need we all have to push the barriers and to see what might happen if we do this or that is part of the fun of drug abuse for people.  But consider this, this intoxication culture that we have today is only 100 years old.  While there have been saloons and pubs for centuries they were considered something of an oddity in most family lives—something that happened in towns, and there has always been destructive attributes associated with alcohol.  Many marriages have been destroyed by alcohol and a lot of children’s lives were ruined by it—and there are arguments that any government that might want to have a productive society would want to keep its people from destroying themselves with intoxication.  But we live in a free society, so this isn’t a government problem, but an ethical one.  People shouldn’t want to become intoxicated.  In the values that we all share one of them should be a sentiment which respects thought over intoxication.  We don’t know what impact our last century will have on our future—but looking at it the seeds for destruction are already planted.  Will our society endure for another 100 years with the intoxication culture that we presently have—I’d say not?  I’d say it’s impossible to advance beyond where we are now with a culture of adults and young people who crave to destroy their minds with intoxication.  People who support pot legalization and alcohol abuse are obviously thinking in the short-term of a few hundred years where my concerns are in the thousands.

If you study any ancient culture there is always a pattern that I refer to quite a lot, the Vico cycle which is a term James Joyce used in his great work Finnegan’s Wake. That term comes from Giambattista Vico who essentially mused that all societies go through four basic phases, first as a theocracy, then an aristocracy, followed by democracy then anarchy.  We can see traces of all four of these phases around the world right now depending on the development of each society. Because of air travel and the internet we have the unusual condition of all these various stages around the world clashing at the same time with one another.  We have politicians for instance who think of themselves as an aristocracy, while we have people striving for democracy.  Then we have these ANTIFA groups of Marxists who are demanding anarchy—while we have Islamic terrorists attempting to impose a global theocracy.  Our concern in this present age should be to move beyond this vicious cycle, but we are unable to reconcile it, so we have turned to mind altering substances to come to terms with these primitive forces.  Our biology tells us to retreat into the Vico cycle, our intellects say move forward and that conflict has created the need to shut down the voices with numbness.  In so doing we will surrender our opportunity to advance and will yield to the forces of history and simply vanish to begin again as we have all over the world so many countless times.

The Trump administration understands what I’m saying and they are acting on that knowledge for good or ill.  What good is state sovereignty if there aren’t any states in a few years to be sovereign?  What good is a new industry that produces billions of dollars in new revenue if it destroys the GDP of a nation by the trillions?  How can any tattooed, dope smoking, nose piercing libertarian think that entertainment options such as pornography and pot can lead to a stable and constructive family life?   If families are not the priority of conservatives and society in general, then what’s the point?  Without families there isn’t any future, because that’s how we transfer values across the centuries, to our children, grandchildren, ad ifinitum.  All pot supporters are willing to trade the short-term fun of intoxication for the long-term aims of social structure that can endure into the future. Pot supporters don’t have vision that extends them beyond their current century, they figure they won’t be around, so who cares?  And that’s why anybody who loves America and wants to see it endure even if its unpopular to do, will ridicule pot and the practice of destroying minds just to have a little fun.  Anybody who truly loves America would take a stand against drugs of all kinds—even alcohol.  And because of that I admire Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration for doing just that.  Trump doesn’t drink and that’s part of what makes him great.  And he certainly doesn’t smoke dope.  A lot of his enemies wished he did, because it would make him easier to beat.  But because he doesn’t they can’t.  That should be a lesson for the rest of America—nobody should ever seek intoxication of any kind, and instead should feed their minds with good things that help it grow and take our civilization to the next great step for the first time in history.

Rich Hoffman

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