Understanding what a “shithole” country is: Trump’s brilliant strategy ahead of a scandal much larger than Watergate


Nothing is shocking any more as we learn the true nature of our government officials and witness how the game has been working against us for years.  I told you dear reader not to worry about that meeting with Trump and the Democrats on DACA.  That was never going anywhere, but Trump had to bait them into movement so they’d reveal their positions—and that’s what he did.  Trump performed a brilliant strategy, he eased their minds that there might be a deal on live television where Trump allowed the media to have access to the entire meeting—for the record–then the Democrats proposed an outlandish proposal on DACA which blew the deal out of the water.  During a heated exchange in the Oval Office Trump said things which sounded harsh to the Democrats—and the people who were most entrapped, like Dick Durbin, heard what they wanted to hear from the President in their interpretation which lead to a massive controversy.  Durbin and a few other Senators stated that they heard the president say, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

I doubt that Trump said those exact words.  He denies it.  I think he may have said something in the spirit of that “shithole” comment, but it really doesn’t matter. It was astonishing how quickly and with so much merit that the media reported the issue and how the world reacted.  The brilliance of it is that Trump had already provided complete openness on a previous exchange so the contents of the next meeting could afford to be complete hearsay, baiting the Democrats to add lib to the reporting as they saw fit which gave Trump two things, a message he wanted to get out to the world without him actually having to do it—and to show the Democrats as being completely painted into a corner for which they’d have to lie to get out of.  When I heard it I thought it was pretty funny, and accurate.  Who with any kind of right mind doesn’t agree?  We have been told by these globalists who were all too quick to pounce on Trump for something supposedly said in private—which was exclusively reported by a political enemy in Dick Durbin—that we are all equal in the world, so the foundations for the rebuttal among the mainstream insurgents was already in place.

Not to mention that many Democrats and a lot of Deep State officials are in big trouble over this Fusion problem regarding the Russian dossier and the FBI cover-up to help Hillary Clinton stay in the running for president when she was clearly supposed to be going to jail.  The blood is in the water on both of those explosive stories which as I’ve been saying now for years will make Watergate look like a kid’s toy.  If America went through a crises that shaped a generation with Watergate—with films like All the President’s Men, then this conspiracy by the Democrats will shape centuries of behavior, because what has happened and is about to be revealed is far, far—far worse.  It is obvious to me at this point that Hillary Clinton who worked on that Watergate case as a young woman took what she learned about the levers of power and felt invincible that she was immune to prosecution and over many years built a syndicate of power extending from the media into the highest levels of the American surveillance community—and she was confident that anything she wished, she could implement.  This included winning the presidency or having people killed whom she desired to remove from her way.  In that world, Dick Durbin is just someone trying to run a diversion campaign to keep his global friends safe from one more week of scrutiny, which is coming whether they like it or not.

But for this purpose let’s study the potential or actual “shithole” comment.  The world insists that we live in an egalitarian society, where all the first world countries and the third world countries—as well as all the people in them are functioning with equal importance in the world.  That sounds fine to the lazy loser who smokes pot all day, plays video games as their primary motivation in life, and has no ambitions in life that contribute to anything productive.  But to the person next to them who works hard, saves their money to buy braces for their children and tries to stay informed on the events of the world so to navigate a safe passage through it for their family—the pot smoker is not equal—he is an impediment.  So also goes it on the world stage where a country like America pays most of the bills, contributes all the military resources, and all the help every time a hurricane comes and washes away all their huts that the people live in.  But come time for the Olympics, or in the halls of the United Nations we are supposed to view those people as equal just because they exist, no matter what their decisions were that put them into a third world country status.

To go a few steps further, what is a “shithole” for that matter?  Who wants to spend time in a place where people shit in a hole?  If you look at the reason people are looking to immigrate from some third world place to seek work in America—it’s because where they are coming from doesn’t have much to offer.  The wonderful opportunities that come from the capitalism of America are very appealing to people from African nations and Central American regions where it is considered a real luxury to have a clean glass of water.  Metaphorically speaking, the shithole comment is intended in this spirit, where people would leave one place to move to another so that the opportunities of that second place could be enjoyed.  But why aren’t those opportunities available in the home countries?  The reason, is because they are “shitholes,” places that have a lot of mess, and not much to build a productive life with.  All countries are not equal, otherwise everyone would be successful, living in one place would be just as desirable as living in another.

Trump’s supposed comments didn’t faze me in the least and it surprised me how much the media was making out of the story which was completely based on hearsay.  However, everyone I spoke to over the last few days felt the same way I did and that isn’t because I stayed in some conservative bubble where I only associated with like-minded people.  Even those with a liberal mind look at places like Haiti and think of them as “shitholes.”  Go out to dinner in Hyde Park outside of Cincinnati, or in the Rookwood shopping district in the very liberal east Norwood region and ask people what they think about visiting some of the “shithole” countries mentioned in this Trump debate and they’ll use the exact same language. Third world countries are not equal to first world countries—they could be, but because of decisions they made and how they have managed their resources, the people are not all egalitarian. Just as the pot smoker is not equal to the business executive who works 90 hours a week to be successful.  The two types of people are not equal.  They may have been born that way, but because of the destructive decisions of the pot smoker, one person lives a “shithole” life while the other may live in a half million dollar home for which they deserve due to their efforts.

Trump didn’t have to say it, because people already think it, but the president did get his political enemies to leak those sentiments which did just the same thing—it established a further entrenched justification for an “American First” policy that sent the globalists running for cover hoping to gain a little daylight between themselves and this Hillary Clinton case which threatens to destroy so many of them.  Trump likely baited Durbin into saying more than what was actually stated, but the point was made and a majority of Americans had the issue framed in their minds sorting the confusion of the news from the reality of personal feelings in a productive way.  And it was quite a brilliant strategy.

Rich Hoffman

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