The High Crimes of the Obama Administration: From Hezbollah to the Disney Company, they all want the same thing–an end to America

For those who think my position on drugs pouring into the United States is too harsh, that drug consumption is just a personal choice of free people exercising their right to destroy their minds, than feel free to use this article for the evidence in why you are an idiot and a contributor to domestic terrorism.  Additionally there are also people—usually the same kind of people—who think that now that President Trump is now in the White House that we should forget about the past—believe all these stupid anti-Trump stories—and live happily ever after forgetting about the many prosecutions that are due to members of the Obama administration including the former president himself, his DOJ operatives—both his attorney generals who are currently involved in serious anti-Trump activity.  Hillary Clinton, CIA director John Brennan, James Clapper, and of course James Comey—they should all be on trail defending themselves from prosecutions that may take them from their freedoms for the rest of their lives—not out signing book deals.  There have been massive crimes committed under that previous administration and we either have justice, or we have chaos in a banana republic. Before I go on dear reader remember what the gun smuggling operation was all about called Fast and Furious—which had the finger prints of Eric Holder and Barack Obama on that tragedy directly.  Then consider what Oliver North featured in the video below was up to with the Iran Contra Affair and how much trouble the Reagan administration got into over that.  Then consider that this deal that Obama’s administration cut with Iran to let Hezbollah sell drugs to the United States by scaling back the arms of justice from the DEA to allow the terrorist organization to continue funding itself by poisoning the minds of American youth in the process—then tell me that we should let all this go.  The deal Obama had with Iran isn’t much different from the MO of the Fast and Furious deal—which still hasn’t been dealt with—and we are all supposed to buy into all this crime just because some of the players are minorities, blacks, women and people from other counties—and that by saying anything about the crimes they committed makes us all racists?  Hey, I have an invisible bridge to sell all the people who believe that crap.

Look, if we have no law and order in America than I’ll gladly put together a team of vigilantes to strap on some guns and attack some of these villains directly.  The only reason I haven’t yet is that I have a hope that there is some justice left in the world.  I still respect the law enough to participate in the election process.  Wasn’t it Barack Obama who told us years ago that elections had consequences?  Well, he’s right, and he’s going to have to deal with getting his hands caught in the cookie jar of the most explosive scandals and crimes ever committed from such an abuse of a high office in the history of the world.  Talk about draining the swamp, well we have found the hairy mess that has been clogging the pipes and once it is removed, you’ll be surprised how quickly all the water disappears, and you’ll also be shocked how much the water hid.  We are talking about really bad people who have been involved in these things.  It’s not just because most of them are Democrats—it’s because they are criminals who have been willing to kill and destroy anybody to protect their tentacles of injustice. What has been done demands action by the good people of America and there really isn’t any live and let live—they have forced us to make the hard decisions that are in front of us—so the fault is completely on them.

So in that context let’s consider my thoughts about how terrible drugs are for our country—I said recently that anybody who supports drug use in America—especially among our youth are participating in domestic terrorism.  I would say that many people who support the reckless use of illegal drugs—including marijuana in the United States are on a sadistic pilgrimage to destroy the next generations so that the population on earth will decrease thus preserving the planet for the future by wiping out the humans which inhabit it. If you sit down to dinner to speak to some of the richest and most powerful progressives currently in existence, when you get down to it, their intention is to use drugs as a Trojan horse to destroy the cultures of capitalism around the world so that there isn’t anyone to resist their Marxist sentiments for the world—with the ultimate goal of protecting the earth from human invention.  I would go so far to say that 100% of the villains of our modern age think some variation of that accusation.  But taken literally, most of the money made off the illegal drug trade goes to fund the terrorist activities of anti-American forces around the world.  That illegal drug transaction that takes place on so many street corners within the United States directly funds terrorism from the source countries—Hezbollah being just the tip of the iceberg.

The debate will rage on, do people have a right to destroy themselves with drugs—including alcohol if the by-product of that behavior affects the happiness of everyone else?  Should I have to put up with a couple of stupid kids vaping weed in the car in front of me at a traffic light?  I’d say no because it has an impact on my happiness because the smoke blows back toward me when the wind kicks up.  I have to breathe that air, so their action has an impact on me.  I should have the right to step up to their car window and drag them out of it beating the shit out of them until they no longer have the strength to “vape.” But that is a more complicated debate that we can all have.  What we know is that in most cases that “weed” purchase put money in the pockets of some anti-America force.  The pot advocates will say that the solution to that is to make it all legal so that we can tax it, regulate it, and create jobs in the states.  But you see, here was the objective all along—by doing so you legalize poisoning the next generation of our society which fulfils the aims of the terrorism to begin with—the bringing down of a capitalist culture.  The terrorist doesn’t care if they give the poison or if someone else does, so long as the objective of destruction occurs.  By forcing the issues, if America legalizes it they don’t need the terrorist funding, because their aim has already been accomplished—a stoned society of American kids ill prepared for the fights of tomorrow leaving the Marxists to crash the gates of our republic without anybody so much as raising a fist against them.  That is what the terrorists ultimately want—a defeated society without having to fight them directly.

And why would any terrorist organization fear America when such high crimes from the highest offices have gone unpunished?  What do they care about the might of the American military as long as they continue hiding in the caves of Afghanistan, or the slums of Mexico City?  Do you dear reader know to what extent the Chinese are willing to impose their will on the world just to remain an exclusive supplier of the world’s garlic—a legitimate crop that is in high demand in the United States?  Consider what they are willing to do with the unregulated opium that pours from their borders headed for American dance clubs filled with sex starved capitalist youth?  Don’t kid yourself.  The world is filled with bad people and they have their guns pointed at the United States—and the Obama administration with the help of MOST of the Beltway culture—including the media, opened the door to allow all that terrorism to prosper.  The executives at Disney should go back and watch their own movie, Pinocchio.   They are teaching our youth to make “asses” of themselves right now with their progressive programming at ESPN, the Disney Channel, and liberalizing every product they put up on the silver screen.  They are no longer the innocent little puppets proclaiming they “have no strings on me”, but are the stinky kids smoking and playing pool—literally turning into donkey’s before our eyes—then being sold into slavery as a result of their ill lived lives.

Hezbollah is an enemy of American ideas and Obama himself got involved in all this activity using his DOJ to put money in the pockets of the terrorist organization.  That same DOJ that met with Bill Clinton in a plane just a few days before the FBI decided not to charge Hillary Clinton with crimes she committed so to protect all this crime committed by the Obama administration with a friendly next administration.  When that didn’t go as planned and Trump won anyway, Obama’s personal terrorists involving Brennan, Clapper, and Comey moved to unmask Trump’s campaign during the transition in a last-ditch effort to derail the new president before he could get to work in “draining the swamp.”  So they committed even more crimes with this Russian dossier and the Fusion funding of it—to produce FISA warrants to create a cover story for all the crime in case they got caught—which they did.  These are really bad people and they deserve to be punished.  They’ve given us no choice.  And it either happens “legally” or it happens in less desirable ways—but it will and must happen.  I personally won’t accept anything less.

Rich Hoffman

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