Ethnocentrism: The precise reasons America is the new definition for excellence in the context of history

There is a term, ethnocentrism–which postulates that a culture might consider itself superior to all others because the perspective is strictly from the vantage point of the one-sided observer.  This is generally a problem when looking back through history and assuming that a farming culture was superior to a hunting and gathering society—in that one produced more food while another may have had greater success in regards to religion.  The vantage point of supremacy usually falls on the side of history with those best able to record it—such as an ancient culture that had expanded their society to incorporate agriculture so to feed many thousands of people instead of a tribe of hunters.  Farmers might have developed a common language and ability to write for which the masses could understand–and thus record their experiences.  The modern observer would naturally think that the society that could write their thoughts down would be superior to the tribe that might only have communication skills that a small group of people understood—so the assumption would be that one was superior to the other.  That is the nature of ethnocentrism.

Modern academics try to play with words assuming that given their specialized skills that they might resonate across all platforms of thoughtful endeavor, but that is not the case. In a modern context the mode of emphasis given that so much of society these days have their own forms of communication and that the important thing to consider is the egalitarian aims of the most progressive of our world leaders.  Thus it is considered that the America first suggestions by President Trump are beneath consideration and barbaric in nature.  The world according to the academics of institutionalized thought is concerned with global equality—so these claims of a superior American culture are ethnocentric in nature and are rooted in ignorance.  After all, the Nazi’s (created by Democrats) were an ethnocentric culture—and look how “racist” they were to believe that the Aryan race should dominate the world.  But the world (lead by the United States) stood up to the Nazis and defeated them paving the way for the United Nations to bring to the world an egalitarian order which would stop all wars—and also all forms of judgment as well.  Nobody would be ethnocentric any longer—everyone would be equal.

This past week when Trump supposedly said that Haitians were not desired to be American immigrants and that talent from Norway might be more desirable a cultural rift took place that went deep into the follies of our modern age, and perspective.  I heard even Glenn Beck on his show bloviate about how racist Trump was and that he had a tendency to view superior breeding among those of his “own kind” to be more desirable over the poor from back water countries from people of different color.  And I was listening to this thinking, “so if we have daughters whom we’ve cared for since they were little girls and we’ve loved very much, we are supposed to be OK with it if they marry a drug lord from Hezbollah because the value judgment is that they are of a different color, and culture and that we should just blindly respect their intentions in spite of what we see of their culture?  Should we endorse such a marriage to a ghetto bum with gold teeth and tattoos all over their neck just because they happen to be black?  I should think not.

The fact of the matter is this, America is a superior nation—it has a culture that has better endured the challenges of diversity than any country on planet earth ever has—in the history of the world.  It is not uncommon in America to go to the grocery store and see people from all over the world from many different religious backgrounds shopping together without wanting to kill each other.  What joins them culturally is the American Constitution—which is a rather good work of philosophy that started with the Magna Carta in England along with the Scottish Enlightenment of Adam Smith’s economic theories.  It’s not like America rolled over one day and became what it is—it took a lot of time, it took debates from Plato and Aristotle, it took the yearning of the pilgrims to throw off the confines of Catholicism and to put protestant winds in the sales of the Mayflower to start a colony free of European inquisition in a far away land.  It took the warring Vikings to settle in America and to breed with immigrants from China to become the first American Indians—and to bring those Norse gods together with those of ancient China to create mythologies of war and peace for which the American cowboy ran up against during the great Westward expansion.  It took the slaves from Africa who were freed for the first time in history to mix their cultures and gods with those of the white European to settle an American south that is unlike any place on earth.  It took a lot to bring America into being, and it was born of a unified desire from everyone around the world to be free and it is safe to say that the concept of America as a superior nation is not ethnocentric—it’s a fact.

America is the first place in the history of the world to take all the mistakes made throughout the ages of mankind and to come up with a unified method for living and growing as a species of mammals that happen to think.  So it is superior to the jungle shaman who ingests opium to have a vision quest, or a communist war lord stealing wealth, raping young girls, and destroying their young boys in El Salvador, or Honduras—so they can sell drugs to America to fund their crusade of destruction.  America is superior to a bunch of penguins hopping around in Antarctica with the primary concern of breeding as their life goal.  It’s ok to look at all these societies and to have empathy for them, but they certainly aren’t equal to life in America.  There is no place better on earth than America, for no place has created the opportunities for freedom than what has occurred on the North American continent over the relatively short period of time of just the last 400 years.  It doesn’t matter who was slaughtered in the process—that the Indians lost their land to a superior culture, or that slaves were taken from their homes in Africa because in the process their freedom was started which would have never happened otherwise.  The practice of ending slavery started in America due to the foundations of thought which formed this unique nation—and the mistakes of the past were learned from, and advanced into a very diverse culture which everyone should be proud of.

When academics and political hacks consisting of lawyers, thieves, and intellectual slugs propose that the world should be more egalitarian and that the cries for nationalism are inferior suggestions by a less sophisticated and racist culture limiting their perspective to the ethnocentrism of their known ideas—they are wrong.  What makes those American enemies angry is that they still hold that old desire for segregation and chaos which ran the world before America came to the stage.  Whether it be the institutions of Europe, the communists of Asia, or the spear chuckers of Africa and South America—America is the dominate culture on planet earth and everyone should learn from it to make their countries better off for that knowledge.  We are certainly not equal.  Our daughters should not have to marry scum bags and losers with no ambition—because we love them, and that value judgment protects them from bad decisions which will ruin their lives.  And we should not teach our children to be like the topless sluts of France who will sleep with anybody anywhere just to pass the time in their dreary, boring days in a socialist country.  Nor should we feel guilty for destroying the American Indian, or for the culture of slavery which we inherited, because we did better with the land, and the people than any previous culture has in the history of the world.  As cruel as slavery was, we should all be proud that the battle for freedom was conducted on North American soil—because a whole race of people were freed in the process.  Indians were not a great and wondrous people; they were at war with each other.  If anything happened during westward expansion it was that it brought peace to regions that had for many thousands of years previously seen only war from one tribe against another.  Sure, they worshipped the earth and all its creatures—because they were too stupid to think of anything new.  But in America we did—and we did it all together for the first time in all of human history—after more than 200,000 years of trying—and it started in 1776 when the minds of mankind decided to try something different—something better, and something that would improve the lives of everyone who accepted it.  This is why America is a superior culture from any vantage point not limited to the mundane old definition of ethnocentrism.

Rich Hoffman

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