Men Crying in Hawaii: Its embarrassing how valor has left some in America

This is the problem with the feminization of men in our current culture—where it has been encouraged for men to be more like women in the great global progressive strategy to cut down birth rates in first world nations to present a more egalitarian world for tomorrow’s society. That is the reason for all the gay rights advocacy among progressive groups. For all the young men out there with a very poor attitude toward women, a “bros before hoes” thought process that has evolved out of the hip hop culture of the 1990s and the video game Grand Theft Auto—they think that lesbian sex with their wives and girlfriends is the ultimate fantasy—until they have to deal with the aftermath of the behavior, the lack of trust that comes after from a shame they can never run from in the context of those relationships. You’d be surprised dear reader how common these thoughts and actions are these days among young people, especially men. Instead those same men are encouraged to wear skirts as a new fashion trend and that has brought us to this current time where men are no longer interested in valor—but are instead reserved to crying like babies when danger is afoot. That crises has never been more embarrassing than the news alert in Hawaii in which the public address system announced that nuclear missiles were on their way from North Korea and the men cried for their very lives–pathetically. Here is the news release from MSN:

Like hundreds of thousands of others, Jim Carrey thought he was about to die.

Shortly after 8 a.m. on Jan. 13, Hawaii residents and visitors were awakened by a frightening text alert warning: “Emergency Alert: BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL,” the message read.

No one knew that it had been triggered accidentally. It took 38 minutes for a follow up alert to reveal that it was a mistake and that lives were not in imminent danger.

The actor, like so many others, however, was prepared to face the end.

“I woke up this morning in Hawaii with ten minutes to live. It was a false alarm, but a real psychic warning,” he tweeted later in the day, blaming Donald Trump and his political party for fueling tensions in the region. “If we allow this one-man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican congress to continue alienating the world we are headed for suffering beyond all imagination.”

When I saw the alert on my phone I didn’t think anything of it. If I had been in Hawaii at the time I would not have left the beach. I would have stayed put and enjoyed the lack of people around me. I wasn’t concerned, and wouldn’t have been if I had been there because the THAAD missile system is defending the American islands in the Pacific. There won’t be any nuclear missiles striking the American mainland, even out in the middle of the ocean—because the THAAD system is in place to blast those things out of the sky before they put anybody in danger. It’s a bit of a secret, but I believe enough in it to not panic when there is some alarm like what happened in Hawaii. Sure it can be scary, and I can certainly understand women being concerned, but men have a role in the world to help in these kinds of situations, and they should have stayed calm and provided logic when the crises was at its highest.

Instead we ended up with big babies like Jim Carry who cried about the whole ordeal in a very embarrassing way. In the old days, we accepted that women and children might be terrified for their lives as they were the future of our species. If a man is killed, a woman can find another and procreate again furthering our species, so we understood that they had a special right to be fearful in the face of danger. We built up in the minds of men that valor was an important ingredient to their lives and that it was noble to put their lives in front of the sanctity of women and children. But with all the confusing equality that has been going on, we’ve destroyed that notion and when there was a crisis in America such as a nuclear threat, everyone ran around screaming in a very neurotic fashion which was entirely unbecoming.

Instead of contemplating his death in a matter of minutes, Jim Carry as a fellow man should have offered console to the people around him. If he were about to die—so what. He’s lived a good life, don’t leave it crying like a baby. Further, he should have known that the THAAD systems were well in place around the island of Hawaii and even off the coast of North Korea and that no aggression launched from North Korea was really going to cause any harm. This isn’t the 1950s after all, we have technology that can stop pretty much anything we want to—Hawaii is quite safe from any threat. People in general have an obligation to be smarter than they were in this crisis—especially the men.

The fashions of the day, where men are supposed to act more like women and women are supposed to act more like men won’t hold. Humans have needs, and the sexes play their part in those needs. This desire to preserve mother earth by destroying the human race is a fantasy that progressives have not thought through. They’ve spent all their time trying to inject gayness, abortion, and the feminization of men into social patterns that they have not considered what might happen if they succeeded. Most liberals that I know are very stupid, they live shallow lives obsessed with feel good measures such as sex, drugs, and altruism—so their philosophic perspective is almost always in the moment of whatever century we happen to be in. They are a broken people lost in their own delusions. And the impact of their poor conduct was obvious in Hawaii as missiles that were never coming revealed what a bunch of losers they were. No man should have been crying for their lives, and the women no matter what they say publicly, mostly desire the kind of men I’m talking about. Women have enough to worry about in life without having to deal with pussy men.

As to the incident itself, I am not believing that a government worker just hit the wrong button during a shift change. If it was that easy to do, it would have happened before. And if it was that easy to do, the people who designed the system are complete idiots—and I don’t think they were that stupid. Rather, we are likely dealing with more radical liberals working for the government—in very blue Hawaii—who wanted to send a message and make Trump look bad for his success in dealing with Kim Jong-un. Everything is going great with the economy, terrorist threats, and international politics and liberals are starting to get scared. For them the worst thing in the world is for Trump to have success because it means it will change fundamentally all the mechanisms they have put in place to weaken America and the human race in general. One way to weaken our civilization is to feminize men into dress wearing weaklings who cry when there is danger and are the first to throw women into the fires of contention to preserve their pitiful lives of nothing. Even the most accomplished man is nothing compared to the importance of a woman—men and women are not equal. Women are much more important, and men should endeavor to protect them. Losers like Jim Carry should have at least offered a little comfort to the people around him instead of being a big pussy like he was—and in that act of foolishness, revealed just how weak and pathetic some of us Americans have grown to be.

Rich Hoffman

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