Go Ahead, Shut Down the Government: Why we need Trump’s wall

Everyone did what they were supposed to, the House passed their resolution to keep the government running, President Trump supported that effort, but the bottom line was that the Democrats needed to gamble everything to attempt to hurt Republicans for the midterms, so they needed a shutdown. They needed to create some blame that might hurt the Republicans, so they can win majorities in the House and Senate this fall, and this shut down is their last chance to do it. As we sit and wait for what the Senate does, which will likely lead to a shut down at this point, I am excited. Whether it’s this time or the next, Trump is the right guy to have in the White House for this tough negotiation. Finally, we have a guy who will call the bluff of the Democrats and put the blame back on them for a change, which is a first. For just this kind of budget battle was another reason I have been supportive of Donald Trump for president from the beginning—because I grew tired of losing these battles with the standard kind of Republicans we had at the federal level.

I’ll go a step further, there is no way that Democrats will win a budget battle with Donald Trump. They don’t have it in them. The key to the bluff which Trump understands, is that most of the government is nonessential. If they can be shut down, and the business of the country can go on, then they aren’t needed positions, which is exactly what Trump will point out daily. The Democrats cannot afford to let the masses learn of this—so they’ll have to blink first, and by then it will be too late. They will lose seats this fall as a result and Trump will further solidify his coalition. In this kind of battle those who communicate best will win, and nobody is better at articulating an issue than Donald Trump on Capital Hill. A shut down works best for the GOP, so let them do it. It is an excellent opportunity to tackle the most basic aspects of our bloated government.

There is no other way to reduce the size of our government than to prove to everyone how little it really does for us, and a shut down will illustrate it perfectly. Once we get beyond the emotional aspects of the military and closing of the state parks, which is an extortion racket designed to flow countless billions into Belt Way fantasies, the real meat and potatoes of our budgets are in the non-essential employees who make huge salaries for essentially playing on Facebook all day. If there is a shut down, life will go on, the sun will still come up, people will still shop, live and love. People will see what little the government really does for them and the bluff will be called—and it will be Democrats who will pay for insisting that the world would have ended if a shut down happened. Just like the people who predicted the world would end when Trump became president, people will see who told the truth, and who didn’t.

Of course, the right thing to do is to try to reach a compromise, and the Republicans did, but everyone understands that this is a last stand for the Democrats. They have only in mind to try to stop this president and capture seats in the House and Senate and traditionally, this is how they understand to do that. Additionally, it doesn’t really matter that the Republicans control the House and Senate because they really don’t. Unlike Democrats, Republicans are not united collectivists, there are various degrees of conservatives and many traditional GOP types are actually closer to Democrats than they are Republicans like Trump, or Ted Cruz. In my way of thinking Trump is a bleeding-heart liberal, but he does have a conservative platform which I support. However, Trump I can live with, but people like Lindsey Graham don’t even register on my conservative scale. He like John Kasich—the governor of my state—are essentially liberals.

There is no other way to unite everyone under a common flag of America than to destroy these little separatist groups that want DACA or higher taxes before they’ll build a border wall to secure our nation from the Marxist nation to the south. Mexico became impoverished through their revolution at the turn of the last century where they took on a platform of social justice politically which destroyed their nation, like every other nation south of America’s border. When you have a country with little economic value next to a country of enormous wealth functioning under capitalism, of course you need a wall to protect one from the needs of the other. A wall isn’t needed in the north along the Canadian border because essentially that nation has adopted many American ideas, and they are not a direct threat to overtake our capitalist system. Although they are socialist by nature, their population isn’t nearly as out of control as they are in Mexico where desperation is everywhere except for the tourist spots, which are very small in comparison with the rest of the country. If Mexico wants to improve their situation, they need to become capitalists, or even perhaps become new states in the American way of life. But to be a sovereign nation of conquered people hell-bent on Marxism—that’s just not a possibility. We need a wall between America and Mexico to make sure that protections are there for the people who have value as opposed to those who don’t.

The money for a border wall will never come from the current House and Senate, so those members against it literally must be destroyed. The way to destroy them is to embarrass them right out of office with a catastrophic shut down like what we are about to face. Republicans have never done well in these kinds of fights. I remember the optimism I felt when Trent Lott and Newt Gingrich faced down Slick Willy Clinton back in the 90s. I thought Newt was going to be a tough guy, but he was the first to blink and while Clinton was getting his famous blow job in the White House, the Democrats beat on their chest in victory which essentially lasted for the last 20 years. Republicans have come close to trying a stand-off over the years, but they never had the heart for it. Until now. When I cast my vote for Trump in 2016 this was one of the reasons I did it—I was very eager to return to another one of these stand offs. This time I expect the Republicans to win—and for those who call themselves Republicans but are really Democrats, this battle will expose them fully—which needs to happen.

I’m fine with the government shutting down. It doesn’t do much for me, nothing I couldn’t do myself through the private sector. I’d even go so far to say that with the Second Amendment, that the military is a secondary concern. If a bunch of rice popping North Koreans want to attack my home town, I’ll enjoy the opportunity to defend against them. I don’t need a military to protect my home. It’s nice to have, but I consider it a luxury. It’s Democrats who need the government so the way to beat them all is to shrink it, cut their budgets and force them into self-reliance. In that game, the Republicans can win if they follow behind Trump and do what he tells them too. It’s time to break the vicious cycle of Democratic extortion to continue funding inflated budgets for every little thing. It’s time to destroy the Democrats with their own tactics and for a change let them take the blame for all the things they so adequately deserve.

Rich Hoffman

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