The Primary Reason Peter Strozk and Lisa Page Should Be Fired: Who has time to send 50,000 texts–unless you are a non essential employee

I know I’ve been talking about it for years, we know that our government agencies such as the FBI, IRS, and NSA have been weaponized against us—the proof has been quite clear. From what we know it could be argued that our FBI isn’t much different from the Cold War era KGB—their behaviors are very similar. Now that the FBI has been caught in their escapades to help Hillary Clinton become president—allowing destroyed evidence, assisting in collusion with the fake dossier against Donald Trump where they could, and working the surveillance strings to attempt a coup largely led by James Comey, Peter Strozk and Lisa Page, evidence of that activity is being destroyed in the same manner that we’ve seen routinely under the Obama years from these government agencies. Without question there were crimes and people need to go to jail and the guns are smoking—and we can all see them. But to me the biggest crime is in the amount of text messages Strozk and his lover Lisa Page sent to each other. Out of the over ten thousand text messages between the two, the FBI has conveniently lost the critical five months’ worth that falls within the times frames in question—which isn’t surprising given the criminal behavior displayed by that investigative bureau. How did these two federal employees have time to send that many text messages? I’ve been texting my wife and kids for over ten years—maybe fifteen and I can’t imagine that I’ve come close to 50K messages. How did they have time to send over 60 text messages per day to each other and still have time to do their jobs? That is problem number one.

Imagine having the time to send roughly 10 messages per hour when these FBI agents are supposed to be working, because they wouldn’t be doing it at home since in the case of Strozk, he had a wife to deal with. If you take an hour for lunch and for ideal chit-chat with other co-workers, what were these idiots doing all day besides sending text messages to each other and covering up crimes for Hillary Clinton—because there wasn’t much time for anything else? We know Strozk was involved in the Clinton interviews, and those with General Flynn. We also know he wrote the position statements for Director Comey—so how did he have time to do real FBI work? By the nature of these text message revelations no matter if they are lost or not, Strozk and Page showed that the demands of their jobs were not very intrusive to contributing to their illicit affair and salary requirements.

Then imagine if we add to all this lost productive time their anti-Trump activism. For instance, how many of these texts between each other were “anti-Trump” in nature, and how much time did they plan between one another to manipulate the strings of justice to ensure that he not win a seat in the office of the presidency? That is kind of an important question. We know there was a portion of those text messages that were certainly conspiratorial in nature, as the two lovers at least talked about keeping Trump from getting elected, so we must accept that there were many more as it appeared to be a subject of great concern between the two. We already know that Strozk had no issues with concealing the truth because his wife was kept in the dark about this affair with Lisa Page so we can also conclude that this is a behavior pattern that would carry over into other parts of his professional life. Then knowing all that, what does it take to get fired at the FBI? Why do these people still have jobs when they were obviously not doing anything except talking about having sex with each other and controlling the fate of a rightly elected American president?

And how stupid is James Comey? This Director of the FBI obviously was close enough to let Strozk rewrite his draft language from extremely careless” to “grossly negligent,” he had to know what was going on between these two FBI agents and understand their anti-Trump hatred. He was in charge of the entire FBI and he had to know Strozk and Page were having an affair, and what their political nature was—and he had to know the dangers as well of listening to anything they had to say—yet he did listen and he allowed them to control the nature of his press conferences which got him into a whole lot of trouble. It was nearly impossible for Comey to not prosecute Clinton for the crimes she committed, especially lying to the FBI while at the same time giving her a clean slate to work with so she could secure the Democratic nomination. We know that at the very least these two FBI lovers, Strozk and Page were responsible for shaping the Comey case against and for Hillary Clinton—which explains the confusion over those summer months of 2016. Reading the text messages between the two lovers is confusing and Comey was obviously caught up in the drama.

Then to attempt to cover all this up Comey leaked government documents to the media to inspire his friend Robert Mueller to head up a special prosecution against President Trump—which is what happened. In this case the entire FBI became involved in a conspiracy to remove a sitting president. Does anyone think it was an accident that one of the first things Comey said to Trump was to inform him about the embarrassing Russian dossier—which again the FBI played a part in making a reality? This was obvious leverage over the president-elect at the time to manipulate him into compliance. But since none of it was true, Trump had nothing to fear and the whole thing backfired. Comey lost his job five months later once it was obvious that he was playing a part at trying to undermine the White House with the same type of radicalism evident in the actions of Lisa Page and Peter Strozk.

From what I can see there is no reason that either Page or Strozk should not be fired. They obviously aren’t needed to do any protective work the FBI might need out of them. Instead, they used their office to have sex with each other and behave as political radicals protecting the Democrats from obvious crimes against the very nature of justice itself. Any two people who have time to send 50,000 text messages to each other over a short period of time are not productive people. They are lazy people not concerned with the business they were being paid for—which is the most obvious giveaway that they were Hillary Clinton supporters. Anybody who could support such a criminal minded person for president obviously has other problems they wish to conceal behind the chaos of a Democrat in the White House.

The question I have now is I wonder if Page and Strozk are still dating? With their names on the news every day I wonder how Strozk’s establishment wife is taking everything? Since they work for the government there are never any real consequences for their actions—which is why there was such an uproar over James Comey being fired. When Trump did fire Comey it was like the scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where the apes first saw the monolith—and realized that there were things out there in the world that were not a part of their daily routine. When Comey was fired they all assumed there must be come malicious conspiracy—because in their world there always is. But to Trump he fired Comey because the Director was a terrible employee and he hired terrible people to work close to him at the FBI. And the evidence of that is in the behavior of Peter Strozk and Lisa Page.

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Rich Hoffman

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