Employees Don’t Get to Interview “The Boss”: Why Trump has no obligation to grant an interview to Robert Mueller

The only purpose of the Robert Mueller investigation at this point, since after a year, nothing has been revealed that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians—is to show the world that the employees can drag the boss to the table and demand answers. It’s a very proletariat sentiment to say the least—that those stalwarts at the FBI and media could bring down the most powerful among us. That is after all the message. It’s a progressive dream, and a fantasy that they are actually trying to carry out in reality. The only problem is that the FBI are the ones who did all the colluding, not the Russians. That whole Russian story was fabricated to create a coup against an elected president legally put in office by the Republic of the United States and the FBI got caught. So to cover their tracks they pressed for a special prosecution to put the new boss on his heels and keep his reforms from destroying the country club of insurrection that had been brewing at the FBI for decades—where many of them had become advocates for progressivism. Knowing all that, Trump should not grant the Mueller investigation an interview. The employees do not get to “grill” the employer, and Trump is in charge of the FBI as the leader of the Executive Branch. He doesn’t have to tell any of them why he fires people or what he might plan to do. They are employees like any other endeavor in business—and they are at the mercy of their boss—Donald Trump.

Trump has a unique problem, he knows there is massive corruption within the FBI but he also needs the reputation of the institution to keep the bad guys out in the world at bay, so he has to act carefully. He can’t just step into office and start firing everyone. Comey had allowed for a culture at the FBI which produced Lisa Page and Peter Strzok to be anti-Trump activists directly handling one of the most sensitive cases in the history of the FBI, the Hillary Clinton criminal investigation during a presidential election. Comey as their boss had to know about their illicit affair and their anti-Trump activism and he put himself in jeopardy by publicly saying that he had not corroborated the Clinton case with anyone else when we now know that Strzok was feeding Comey his information to commit to the public record. Comey additionally was revealed to be one of the leakers of the new Trump administration—as his testimony in front of the senate revealed that he took government documents directly to a Columbia University professor to inspire the press to bring down the president and ignite a special prosecution to put so much pressure on Trump that he’d be impeached. No wonder Comey was fired—and how do we know all this happened, because it was in the text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok—who were at the core of all these investigations under James Comey himself.

As the boss, of course Trump learned all this for himself over the first quarter of his presidency, so he removed the biggest problem in Comey at the first opportunity, a few days after the FBI Director revealed he had leaked information to the press under sworn testimony. That is the answer to the Mueller investigation, so Trump doesn’t owe the FBI anything more. Trump has entertained openness to of course shake off any accusations of impropriety—which was the Comey, Strzok plan all along. Everyone has skeletons in their closet after all—everyone has something they are afraid of getting out to the public—right? That was the FBI logic anyway in prosecuting thousands of cases over the years and making plea deals with the criminal minded. They thought they could manipulate Trump the same way they had many thousands of other Americans guilty and innocent. But it didn’t work with Trump, he was on to them from the start revealing very early in his presidency that he was being spied on by the Obama administration and the FBI, CIA and NSA agents loyal to the Democratic control of Washington D.C.

Then there’s the real bombshell for which the FBI also has all their fingerprints on, the Christopher Steele anti-Trump dossier which was designed to embarrass the president in his first months to such an extent that it would destroy him. But more importantly the dossier was used to obtain FISA warrants so that Obama controlled intelligence agencies could spy on the Trump transition team and use what they learned to hopefully eliminate Trump’s administration before it ever got started. Therefore, the entire Russian story was yet another fake story designed to hide the criminal activity of the FBI itself, so they don’t get to hide those crimes behind an interview with “the boss.”

The FBI’s hope by interviewing Trump is that it gives their enterprise much-needed credibility and shows the world who is really in charge. Once they establish that, they can successfully control the flow of information and the prosecutions of the case while maintaining public sentiment for their reputation which has been good in the past. Or at least, so they believed. In all honestly, the cross-dressing J. Edger Hoover abused his power quite audaciously and the legacy of the FBI was cemented with him going forward. And if it is considered that the FBI had many agents on the payroll of Al Capone, the reputation of the famed agency is only in sentiment, not in action. This behavior of the FBI is not new, President Truman was said to have stated about J. Edger Hoover that the founding FBI director had turned the agency into his own secret private police force—let’s see what was it he specifically said—”… we want no Gestapo or secret police. The FBI is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex-life scandals and plain blackmail. J. Edgar Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him.” — Harry S. Truman[7]


So you see dear reader, this secret police idea and attempt at using sex scandals for the blackmail of their political targets are not new to the FBI. They have always abused their power—from day one of their inception. Truly I think we all wish that wasn’t the case—we’d hope that they were bright-eyed Eliot Ness types, but that would simply be a fantasy. In all reality, they are a corrupt group of political activists allowed to believe they were the ones running the country, not the people elected into the three branches of government by the people of The United States. But that’s not what the FBI was ever supposed to be. It was meant to serve the people, not to terrorize them. And they are not the “boss” of our elected president. We put Trump in that White House seat to get things under control and that doesn’t mean that Robert Mueller has any control of him—or us for that matter. Rather, Trump can hire, fire, or otherwise manage anyone who works for him under Constitutional protection—on behalf of us. And like it or not, that’s the way it is.

Rich Hoffman

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