The Wonderful Melania Trump: Without her, a Donald Trump presidency wouldn’t be possible–that’s why the media is attacking her more

If there is a person I really feel sorry for its Melania Trump.  She did such a marvelous job during the Holiday season to bring great class to the White House, but the moment that we hit January 2018 the fangs and venom of a very hate filled culture came after the Trump family with everything it had—and she has taken the brunt of it as the person most sensitive to pressure.  The target of course is Donald Trump—her husband.  He can handle anything; he’s a 71-year-old billionaire who made his way through life as an alpha male playboy real estate investor.  She knew what she was marrying and I really think Melania has had an effect on Trump as a person over time.  He likely married her for her looks initially, but it is the class of her personality that appears to have had a gradual change on him—and having another son at a point in his life when he was most ready for it.  So the constant CNN stories about Stormy Daniels, the porn star that was allegedly paid $130,000 to keep her mouth shut about an affair with Trump in 2006 would be a hard thing to deal with.  The small-minded Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury likely did as well.  Then there were the SAG awards where it was obvious that Melania was hated by the Hollywood left where they spent much of their show roasting her just because she is physically beautiful.  If I were Melania I’d be questioning right now if any of all this White House business was actually worth it.

I knew a girl a long time ago who was a premier model for Penthouse magazine.  She was 26, a few years older than I was at the time and she was married to a developer in Cincinnati who was magnificently connected to all the movers and shakers.  He was in his late 50s so obviously she wasn’t physically attracted to the guy, but she did love his money.  I knew him as well, he was a good guy who obviously wanted a trophy wife to show off to all his friends in the business world because as every man knows, other men judge alpha males by the quality of their wives and their ability to get the attention of other women as potential mates.  If you want to be the top dog among other males you need to have the best looking wife and also have the ability to steal away your friend’s wife—just to show him that you are better than he is.  Of course this kind of thinking is what drives the women’s rights groups with their own radical progressivism—but we’re talking about millions of years of innate instinct here which resides in the human species.  Women are attracted to men who can provide the most options for a growing family.  They aren’t all that concerned with looks, but with what a man can do for them.  A man wants to show that he can have the pick of a litter in potential mates.  If a man is really a top male, he can take any woman he wants and this is essentially Michael Wolff’s presentation of Trump in that book of his.  To a beta male like Wolff, this is disgusting behavior, but to other alphas, they understand it and don’t hold it against Trump.

This woman I was speaking about was in desperate yearning for male attention from people in her own age group.  She enjoyed meeting the mayor and local celebrities with her husband, but she couldn’t do anything with her needs for physical contact due to her husband’s age.  She was simply an ornament hanging on his arm to make him look good.  She knew that when she married him, but that didn’t stop the human need for personal contact.  He and she were pretty good friends, they talked and shared a lot together.  But sex for him was a task—for her it was a need—and that came from being at two different biological stages in their lives.  That left her living a life of quiet desperation that I’m sure is a bit of what Melania is going through right now.  Trump is great at many things—but at nearly 72 years old there’s not much he can do for a woman like Melania Trump.  When she was living in New York at the top of a golden tower apartment hidden from the world when she wanted to be, the arrangement was likely worth the downside.  But in the White House where everything is under microanalys every five seconds the pressure is probably pretty immense.

Melania is essentially the same age as my wife is now so I can understand the needs she probably has.  Melania isn’t the type of FLOTUS that Michelle Obama was where she says in your face types of things to the other political side routinely.  Melania as a top fashion model was used to being liked, her jewelry line was sought after by the biggest celebrities, and now to see those people hating her at the SAG awards must be painful. But it is all worth it.  In the end of all this I think she will go down as the greatest FLOTUS that the United States ever had. Currently she has brought a class to that White House that even President Trump has to live up to and that is a remarkable achievement.  I’m sure that she played a major role and making Trump into the kind of man who could run for president—instead of running around golf courses with porn stars.  For alpha males there is a very subtle switch that takes their otherwise destructive personal behavior and turns them into an extreme positive force and I credit Melania Trump for providing that to her husband.

As I read the Wolff book I was pretty stunned by the small mindedness of everyone in it, from the perspective of the little man author of course.  As a little beta man he has a natural resentment toward alpha types and that shows in his writing.  But there is of course some truth to what he put on paper, especially in relation to Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon.  At the start of the book the two men were sitting around at a restaurant contemplating what kind of president Trump would be as the newly elected victor of the 2016 election.  Ailes just fired from Fox News apparently was a little mystified that he had turned down Trump to run his campaign and that this fat slob in Bannon from the small market $1.5 million dollar a year operation in Brietbart was now one of the most powerful men in the world.  But the two men were students of history and they really couldn’t believe that Trump—the man they had known for years—was president.  “The Donald” was after all a player, a reckless business investor who used his massive charisma to make people do things they might otherwise not do.  How could he be president when they knew more about history and politics than he did?  Well, Trump obviously had all the ingredients to be president and he is doing a remarkable good job.  But what he has that everyone else doesn’t is Melania Trump, that takes all those great skills he has and focuses them on bigger things than sleeping with porn stars and other top models in entertainment to prove his alpha maleness.  That is why I think she deserves a lot of credit for this wonderful revolution that is going on.

If the people at CNN and the publishers and authors out there who are like Michael Wolff, just hanging around in the background trying to pick apart every little thing that Trump does as president, if they really knew anything they’d see what a great woman Melania is and what role she has played in improving our White House by being that silent partner which gives far more than anybody realizes.  That gift doesn’t come from just her looks; it comes from being a good person that inspires in the people around her greatness.  I’d say that is really the source of people’s resentment of her—because they unconsciously understand that the way to bring down Trump is to bring down his wife.  That is his only real weakness.  That’s the soft side of Donald Trump that he doesn’t show.  I don’t think we’d have a President Trump without her and I hope she can fight through these tough months—because the work that is done over these next few years will change America for the better.  And her role in it may not be truly ever realized, but without her none of it would have a chance.

Rich Hoffman

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