It’s Time to End the FBI, and to Start Over: Using dirty tricks to hide their crimes is an insult to American intelligence

I’m not willing to give the FBI a blanket designation of value—in saying that it is only the losers at the top who run the organization that were corrupt.  To my experience there are always boot lickers down the chain of command who will do whatever the bosses reveal about their culture to get in the good graces to climb up to that top-level.  If the leaders of the FBI were worried that Hillary Clinton was going to be president and they didn’t want to anger her over their investigation into her email crimes—which we now know happened due to the text messages of two agents who were having an affair—then without question this attitude was reflected down through the ranks of the local agents as well.  It’s not enough to say that the corruption of the FBI was only a few people at the top.  History tells us that if the top is corrupt, so are all the levels under—so blind patriotism toward the role the FBI plays in American life doesn’t help us solve the massive problem that is afoot.

Since the start of it under J. Edger Hoover, the FBI has been used as a fourth branch of unelected government, a very KGB type of spy organization meant to harass American citizens into compliance by unelected aristocrats.  Like most things they do some good, but the things they do bad outweigh their value in my mind.  I’ve pointed out well before the Comey case that the FBI in response to the many acts of domestic terrorism was up to no good.  Just consider the San Bernardino terrorist shooting where the FBI allowed the media into the homes of the suspects just a few days after the crime had been committed which essentially destroyed the evidence.  Remember that, because it was only a few years ago.  Also remember how long it took the FBI to come out and say that it was an act of terrorism and not a situation of “work place violence.”  The FBI knew right away what was going on but they chose to mislead the American public on the matter for political reasons, and this is far from the only time.  It’s just one of the most recent and audacious.

The tactic now that the current FBI has been caught in their schemes to leak to the press this whole situation that Robert Mueller of the current special prosecution was scheduled to be terminated by Donald Trump is a standard practice by them.  They really think the American public is stupid and that they aren’t sophisticated enough to figure out everything.  The FBI has been caught trying to overthrow an election and they are using a cover story they manufactured to keep Robert Mueller’s investigation going to give them some kind of Hail Mary pass deep down field with the intention of impeaching Trump from office.  That is pretty serious to me—I’m not so in love with the FBI that I’m willing to overlook that action.  The release of that information is a standard playbook for the FBI which is feeling the heat now that the 50,000 text messages between the two agents at the top of the Clinton case have been recovered.  Then of course there is the “Release the Memo” movement going on which shows to what extent FISA warrants were abused by that same FBI to allow the spying of agents into the Trump transition team.  Talk about an abuse of power—we’re talking about Henry the VIII territory here by the entire FBI.

Listening to the media and so many liberal lapdogs utter this nonsense that in wanting to fire Robert Mueller, Trump was obstructing justice is just absurd.  Federal employees have grown to believe that they can’t be fired for anything, look at their behavior over the years—not just in the FBI, but at the CIA and IRS.  Heck, just look at your local school and discover what it takes to fire a bad teacher.  These people on the federal payroll are out of control in what they expect as far as employment security and it’s a real problem.  I’ve had to personally fire lots of people and it’s always hard—hard for the employer and of course it’s hard for the people who get terminated.  But the act of doing so is important to the management of people who are on a payroll.  The fear of termination is an important management tool which helps build the right kind of culture that falls under that employment culture.  Take that away and you have a bunch of people like we’ve seen recently in the FBI playing around with the rules of law while picking and choosing American presidents in spite of what our elections desired.  It is an insult to suggest that Trump was doing any obstruction of justice or that the Russians were tampering with our election process.  It was the FBI who was doing all those things, not the Russians.  The Russians have the GDP of an American kid’s piggy bank—they aren’t that powerful.  But our FBI is and they have manufactured this story about Russia involvement to give themselves and the Democratic Party a means of escaping justice for their complicit activity. What the FBI and Democrats have in common is that they both support larger government so they have joined together to keep President Trump on his heels so he can’t drain the swamp which they’ve constructed.

I’ve told the stories of my personal experience before.  I know what it feels like to be marked by authorities as a trouble maker and harassed to no end.  I know what it feels like to have a file against you that policing authorities use to attempt to steer you in a direction they desire, and if you resist they will make your life hell.  I came out against drug dealers in my neighborhood many years ago that involved the local law enforcement community—it was another source of income for some of the street officers and they didn’t want me to mess things up for them.  So they came after my wife and I with everything they could legally do—they spied on us with constant recording, they followed us around everywhere, they tried to manipulate people close to us, they tried everything.  When they couldn’t get to me they went after my wife heavily.  It’s a common tactic that they feel they have a right to employ to protect their flock from the authority of real justice.  So I have no illusions that the FBI as a whole isn’t up to scandalous tactics from top to bottom.  Now that we’ve seen what they are capable of, it’s time to shut it all down and start over.  Once they lost their trust, they owe it to the American public to make things right—and that requires a complete reversal of their behavior.  The FBI isn’t so old and traditional that we couldn’t function without it and start over. We’ll live.

I never backed off my case described about my experience—the more they pressed me, the more I pressed back.  I always found it reprehensible that law enforcement would even attempt to use fear as a means of controlling my behavior.  I have no doubt that I have a FBI file marked as a potential trouble maker and that they spy on everything I do.  I think we need a law enforcement presence in a civilized society, but I’m not willing to surrender all my liberty to these idiots to have it.  I think I could come up with something better all by myself, and I’m sure Trump is thinking the same thing as a private sector guy suddenly in charge of all these idiots.  I’d be thinking of firing Robert Mueller as well.  You can’t have terminated employees like James Comey leaking sensitive documents to the press to get another corrupt buffoon on a special counsel to protect the job of another crook—Hillary Clinton.  These government employees think they are too big to fail and that they are entitled to their jobs, and if you get too close to them they then reveal embarrassing information about you and try to control the sentiment of the public in a way that stacks it against whoever opposes them.  It’s an insult to our intelligence.  The real crime here is in what the FBI did to try to get Hillary Clinton elected and protect the legacy of Barack Obama.  Yes it starts at the very top of our government, but it also flows down to the street cops looking for that next promotion—the boot lickers who want to make people like James Comey and Robert Mueller proud of them.  Giving too much unchecked power to these types of people is dangerous.  We should never assume they are looking out for our best interests as a nation just because they wear a badge.  My experience says otherwise, and every time they leak something to the press, such as they did about the desire of Trump to fire Robert Mueller as the case against the FBI closes in on them, they prove my point.

Rich Hoffman

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