Andrew McCabe Leaves the FBI: Smoke on the water and fire touching the sky–the marijuana joint that is Hillary Clinton

You know what they say, where there’s smoke—lots of smoke in this case—there’s fire. Or what they don’t always say, where there’s smoke there’s someone trying to get away with something concealed behind the smoke artificially created to hide a crime. That is what came to my mind when Hillary Clinton was revealed reading the anti-Trump book Fire and Fury at the Grammy Awards ceremony surprising the crowd during the 2018 event. Can you imagine the audaciousness of that act dear reader, to assume that all of America watching those Grammys were in on the joke of watching a criminal like Hillary Clinton reading the book by a person trying to undermine the current president and that everyone was supposed to laugh about it? Who do those people think buy their music—who do they think “middle America” is?

The day after the Grammy show the right-hand man to former FBI Director James Comey himself, Andrew McCabe–announced that he was leaving his position immediately. He wasn’t even going to wait to retire until the spring as he originally had planned. And why is that? Well, because there’s a lot of fire behind all the smoke coming out of the FBI these days. The case against McCabe, Comey, and many others is heating up and we’re all about to face a mammoth crisis regarding faith in our institutions. And this is all very scary for a lot of people who want desperately to believe in these institutions. Obviously, I’m not one of those people. I’m all for letting the whole thing burn down. I don’t need the FBI—not if they are proven political insurgents attempting to rule America as some kind of shadow government—which is precisely what was revealed in the recently discovered text messages of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok—the FBI agents who were having an affair while working closely with their immediate boss, Andy McCabe. How much do you want to bet that what’s in those text messages is exactly why the FBI second in command is leaving so quickly? The heat from that fire is getting just a little too hot for him.

And we were supposed to laugh at the Hillary joke at the Grammys? Who thought that was a good idea? Is it smart to only target half the nation while pissing off the other half? Or do they figure the Fox News crowd wouldn’t buy their stupid music anyway? Talk about a bunch of people living in a bubble. The political left thinks is funny to break the law, and they really think its funny that they had people like Andy McCabe in their hip pocket to cover for their crimes. They were so audaciously arrogant about it that they invited Hillary Clinton the criminal herself on a large platform to take jabs at the current president. You don’t see them asking any conservatives to read derogatory books about liberal heroes during the Grammys or the Academy Awards, do you? These people have openly declared war on American culture and have sought to redefine it with their messed up progressive views—then they think so highly of their musical product that we might put up with it just because there isn’t anything else. Well, guess again. There are a lot of other options and many people are headed in those directions because the lefties in entertainment culture are so radically displaced from reality that many people like me don’t want to participate in their art.

I’ve been onto Andrew McCabe since the early stages of the presidential primary when it was revealed that his wife accepted approximately $700,000 for her Virginia senate run by Clinton handlers. How could that guy be anywhere near the Clinton email investigation—yet it was people working directly for the office of McCabe who were doing the interviews and settling up the case well before there was even an interview. I remember it well, the news that the FBI was allowing Clinton to turn in cell phones and other devices with the sim cards missing and the hard drives erased. And that Hillary Clinton’s testimony was not “under oath.” And that the FBI was actually terrified about pissing her off because they thought she might be the next president. What about pissing off the current president? The FBI had to deal with Trump for at least four years—why didn’t they show the same worry about him? Instead, they were sending text messages to each other about bringing down the newly elected president, which of course is what the FISA abuses were all about—again McCabe had his hands all over it. And this was all something to laugh about during the Grammys?

Stupid people might think all this is very funny, but I don’t—and I’m not alone. People who read books and have an understanding of history think that what they FBI did for the criminal Clinton was devastating. But I could say the same about the intentions of the music industry on our youth. Look at what a mess they are—and they are direct products of the music of their generation. When rock and roll first hit the scene many traditional Americans had great consternation about it, and for good reason. In many ways they were right. We might look back on the days of Elvis Presley and Little Richard and think that those old folks from the 50s where simply stuck in their ways, but they inheritably understood a basic fact—that many liberal ideas were communicated to the masses through the music of the entertainment industry and the goal wasn’t just to make money—it was to control populations. I have always spoken out against musical groups like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, and even the Beatles. Many of the songs from those groups have heavy political messages to them designed to inspire revolt against American tradition—and to push young developing minds into drug abuse and thoughtlessness.

I remember going to rock concerts when I was younger—especially a Deep Purple concert at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati and it was impossible to escape the pot smoke. Even as a young man I was looking around at the people there and thinking our nation was in trouble, because these people weren’t very smart. They were openly abusing drugs, security wasn’t doing anything about it, because pot was considered a rebellious right in defiance to the traditions of our nation. The only song I liked from Deep Purple was “Smoke on the Water.” All the rest sounded like hippie nonsense to me. I went to the concert because my friends wanted to go. I was miserable when everyone started passing around joints because I didn’t do drugs and had no desire for it. But the culture of the entire place was all about sex, drugs and rock and roll—and even to my young mind the path to a world that would allow people like Andy McCabe to function as a criminal cover-up for a radical leftist like Hillary Clinton who was offered to us like a joint of marijuana at a Deep Purple concert to ingest and live a life of comfortably numb existence. Now that those same idiots are grown up their brains are so fried that they can’t see good for evil. And their kids, the fans of this new generation of music, are worse.

Only people without a working brain could be scammed by this FBI. Because the rest of us see it all very clearly. There’s not only smoke on the water regarding the FBI, but the fire literally touches the sky, and that’s why McCabe had to step down. Granted, he still gets paid, because he’s a federal employee and they never get fired or lose any money—which is why they are so inclined to abuse their privileges in the first place. McCabe and his boss Comey were anti Trump activists who tried to get Hillary Clinton in the White House—even if they had to break the law to do so. Why did they do it, I’m sure they’ll never fess up. But likely we can deduce the reason just by looking at their paychecks. Where else can you make the kind of money they do for doing almost nothing but sitting around sending text messages to their girlfriends all day long? And when they weren’t doing that they were abusing their authority as law enforcement agents to be the ultimate dirty cops—on the payroll of our tax dollars. And to sell it to the American people they put Hillary up on the screen at the Grammys like one of those joints that get passed around at a rock concert—meant to numb our senses and bend our logic to the realities of their nonsense politics. But it didn’t work, and they are caught, and that institution is burning down—as well it should.

Rich Hoffman
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