Big Minds and Small Minds: How Michael Wolff missed the mark with an embarrassingly edited book no publisher should stand behind

I read the Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury for many reasons—not because I agree with him in any way, or that I think his book is something of any quality. It’s actually a pretty junky piece of writing. I have noticed more mistakes grammatically in that book than in any 100 books that I’ve last read put together. It’s a very sloppy book thrown together by an activist publisher trying to torpedo the Trump presidency before the tax cuts kick in during 2018—essentially. I read the book once to get a general impression, then I’ve been going back through it to pick on some of the more spectacular problems that it has which I’ll reveal over the coming weeks now that the sales have slipped off and everyone has had a chance to digest the thing properly. My impression of Wolff and his writing of President Trump is that the writer is just one more silly ankle biting little man out there in the world who hates big grand thinkers—and I think there is something worth noting about people in general regarding this type of tabloid nonsense.

The revelation in the book that Trump was having an affair with Nikki Haley is just outlandish and reveals that even sitting there on that couch in the White House interviewing a bunch of people around President Trump that even from that vantage point Wolff, as a writer, couldn’t put his finger on what was going on. Throughout the book especially in the opening chapter in a conversation between Steve Bannon and Rupert Murdoch Wolff has taken a “he said, she said that some guy over there thinks the lady at the water cooler believes that a person close to the President overheard him saying that while talking on the phone that this or that happened.” The book is full of those types of things and it surprises me that it was even considered for publication given its flimsiness. But to assume that because Trump has a good relationship with a woman who is doing very well in the United Nations, that he’s having an affair with her is rather “sexist.”

But that is how small minds think about things—the “little people” out there always think in terms of flesh and satisfaction first because they have not developed their intellects to encompass anything greater than such lustrous fantasies. I think for most of his life Trump was held back by some of that same small thinking—while he could apply big thinking to buildings and business concepts making himself very wealthy in the process, he still considered success through the lens of little people—so he was a womanizer. His wife Melania obviously understands what her husband is about, and she embarked on a marital journey with him like a lot of women hope to reform the men in their lives away from self-destructive behavior. It doesn’t always work, but in her case, along with his natural age—it appears to have had a great effect. History will no doubt view Donald J. Trump as one of the greatest American presidents and that fact is something that a small-minded person like Michael Wolff and his publisher can’t get their thoughts around. I think this goes beyond hate for Trump—it’s just that they don’t have minds to understand him.

The biggest giveaway to Wolff’s ignorance in his book Fire and Fury is that he constantly seeks to make Trump look like an ignorant blowhard who isn’t nearly as wealthy as he claims to be. Wolff constantly uses liberal billionaires as the foundation for revealing what an idiot Trump is—but the facts are far from supporting the claims of the hateful writer. Just looking at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, it is Trump’s winter White House. It’s the second largest mansion in Florida and is one of the premier real estate investments in North America. It rivals Europe in its audacious elegance, and Trump acquired and developed that property long before he ever became president. You don’t see other billionaires like Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch and Warren Buffett developing properties like Mar-a-Lago even though they have the financial resources to conduct the task. Only Trump has done something on that scale, and in many ways, it’s the keys to his presidency. I would go so far to say that Trump has eclipsed Steve Wynn on elegance and rapture of highly visible commercial real estate in entertainment zones—and Mar-a-Lago is one of the biggest examples. What the Trump Organization did with the Old Post Office in Washington D.C. is another example. It takes a unique vision to perform those types of tasks and those skills are obviously very elusive to people even with the financial resources—and Wolff doesn’t at any time put his finer on what makes Trump tick in the entire book. Instead, he views everything through the eyes of the small people who cling to Trump by natural inclination licking his boots hoping to pick up whatever he leaves behind as natural second handers. Picasso can have painted strange images of cubical people and the art world calls it a work of genius. (I’ve seen Picasso’s stuff at the Louvre and I wasn’t impressed). But what Trump does with buildings and big concepts is the work of an idiot? Only when small minds are doing the analysis. Their inability to understand something does not lower the quality of what has been done. It just means they lack the means to define it.

It was just ahead of the State of the Union address that a spokesperson for Melania Trump had to quell rumors that there is trouble with the Trump marriage—which is another constant drum beat that was cited in the Wolff book—as if he were trying to create a narrative for a presidential downfall. Disney owned ABC is putting on the porn actress Stormy Daniels with Jimmy Kimmel Live after the State of the Union speech in an obvious attempt to take air out of the impact of Trump’s national address. They are putting her on to talk about the supposed affair she had with Trump years ago and the hush money the campaign is alleged to have given her to keep quiet. Where were these people when we said these things about Bill Clinton for several decades and nobody listened? Whether true or not, nobody is going to care about Stormy Daniels but that the small minds behind this enterprise would consider doing it, knowing the outcome will go nowhere says everything about the true nature of our modern times.

Small minded people were taught incorrectly for most of the last century that they were equal to the big thinkers—and now they are in shock that reality is telling them something different. Even billionaires who happen to have acquired wealth in their specific fields of knowledge are not able to get to the level in life that Donald Trump has achieved, which is well beyond the words of some little man writer in Michael Wolff. I’m sure people could go through all my blog postings and find little mistakes here and there, but the scope of the work is something few writers can touch—anywhere. I do this essentially for free—we could clean up a lot if a professional editor went through my articles. However, a second-rate writer like Wolff was able to write his book because even publishers these days are too small-minded to think beyond the hatred they have of a world that is not what they thought it was. They have pulled up the curtains of sight around themselves and look at everything through a circular firing squad of liberal thought derived from failed philosophies that they are too stubborn to admit are destructive to the human race and to shield them from that reality all they can think about is sex and whose sleeping with whom. Quality and talent is not necessarily what drives whether a book gets published or not, it’s whether or not the small people out there will buy it. Yes, Wolff wrote a best seller with a book that is an editing disaster and the publisher is making money. But it’s not reflective of what’s really happening in a Trump economy in 2018.

Sure its sexist to assume that if a man gets along with a woman where sex is not involved. It’s also sexist to assume that there is trouble in the Trump marriage if every little rumor that comes along might push Melania Trump into a jealous rage of divorce breaking the heart of the 71-year-old president. Look at Mar-a-Lago, that is Melania’s reality. Class, elegance, and big thinking. She’s smart enough to deal with the ex-wives of the past and all the disasters that get left in the wake of a big thinker like Trump. What does she care about Stormy Daniels—half of the west coast has slept with her? What matters in the end, and what makes people rich is often more than the money in their wallets—it’s the content of their minds. Trump reveals what’s on his mind by what he builds and by the nature of the people around him, Melania and his kids. Wolff and the losers from his circle of influence don’t and never will get what makes Trump tick. Instead they are like so many other little people out there in the world who are the way they are because they think so small about everything in their lives. And thus everything they say about reality turns out to be a lie—even though from their vantage point that’s all they are able to see due to their intellectual limitations.

Rich Hoffman
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