Losers Attack Innocent People in West Chester, Ohio: Rethinking when its permissible to just shoot criminals dead to save the jail space and the cost of confinement

Well kids, this is why you don’t do drugs—this is why you don’t even start smoking marijuana joints because you never want to grow up and become losers like these two sappy looking dudes who instigated panic in the wonderful community of West Chester, Ohio over the last days of January 2018. Just look for instance at Jason Lehman who had filled out an application at the new Children’s Learning Center on 747—a fabulous establishment by the way. Who in their right mind would hire him to be around children—which him all tatted up the way he was, he looks like a menace to society. The rejection of his application appears to be the only motive when he attacked the center in a violent rampage scaring everyone inside. Not the usual thing to happen in West Chester, but it is a free world and the freaks, creeps, losers and knuckle draggers have the same liberties as the rest of us—until they break the law. Then consider the curious case of Charles Warren, another disaster of a person who went berserk on 3rd Street attacking a postal woman at gun point, even firing off a shot.



I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these two losers are people who have fallen off the wagon, they either drink too much or have started messing around with drugs destroying their lives and altering their judgment. These are certainly not the typical kind of people who live in West Chester, but in a free country the dregs of society are permitted to interact with everyone else, and this is the danger of letting such people intermingle with normal elements of society. In the case of Charles Warren he lives in an old neighborhood in West Chester that was around before the mini mansions of Wetherington, which is nearly across the street, or even Beckett Ridge across town. Warren lives just down the street from where he attacked the young postal worker, so his state of mind is certainly a point of contention. Just looking at his mug shot, it is clear that the man had lost his marbles somewhere on the way to nowhere.

Then you have people like Jason Lehman who stood before the judge cocky and even a little petulant knowing there wasn’t much that society could do to a guy like him. So what if he attacked a daycare center and scared a bunch of women and children—even punching a guy who tried to stand in his way. For losers like him he’s in jail in either condition. The only structure people like him have is jail, a steady meal, a place to call home. When he decided to cover himself in all those tattoos he was essentially announcing to the world that he was a “rebel” who wasn’t going to live by the rules of society. And he probably thought it was cute until he wanted a job. When he showed up looking for an application whether it was a legitimate need for a job, or a desire to be around children for some malicious reason, one look at all his tattoos is enough to not even consider him for employment. At some point, in his mind even if under a drunken state, he rationalized that it was alright to attack a daycare center.

These are not normal circumstances in West Chester, and that they even occurred at all speaks of an emerging danger that is afoot. Life is moving on and there are people who have by their own decisions found themselves stuck and unable to participate. Under this new day of a Trump economy and the kind of optimism that is emerging from the current White House, the trickle down effect is that society will begin to step forward once again, and the age-old traditions of judgment calls are returning to our culture leaving losers like these two idiots on the outside of life looking in. The no judgement days of yesterday are gone leaving people like these criminals exposed in ways that they never imagined. As the world moves away from the grip of people who have decided not to live well within it I think its safe to say that there will be more of these kinds of events. People like Jason Lehman are not afraid of jail. There are actually parts of them that hope to go to jail. If we look at the antics of the SWAT standoff in Liberty Township just to the north of West Chester just a few weeks ago we are seeing a pattern emerge of a kind of criminal that is running loose on the streets of the Cincinnati area fueled by the illicit drug trade who are reckless in their actions and they are looking to harm people under altered states of consciousness—and it’s a growing problem.

I know people aren’t ready for what I’m going to say next, because we are a compassionate society full of people who want to think that the law has all the answers. We want to be able to call the cops to remove these threats from society, but what are we going to do with them? When people don’t want to help themselves and they pose themselves as a menace to society, what choices of behavior do they provide us once they start whipping out guns and threatening postal workers and daycare providers? Well, I say that we all carry guns and when people like this act up, we just shoot them and remove them from society. If they take action to threaten our social stability with an assumption of unhindered conduct, then it is time that we decide to take care of the situation at the point of threat. The Butler County jail is already stuffed with losers like Jason Lehman and Charles Warren. Calling the cops might have been enough twenty or thirty years ago, but I don’t think it is now. Back in the old days people still had some semblance of the law and there was a Christian tenet to people’s behavior. Having positions against the death penalty was an act of compassion for people who fell off the rails of society. But now, we simply have too many lawless losers functioning in the world who are being left behind philosophically, economically, and socially. They’d rather hurt other people than change their behavior so what choice do we have. When they attack us, we should just shoot them like a rabid dog and put them out of their misery before they do further harm to the rest of us.

Obviously, people aren’t ready for that level of responsibility, but the problem is an obvious one, and pawning off the responsibility to law enforcement won’t be enough. There is an element of our society that has no respect for the law and in many cases, they want to get caught and thrown in jail for the stability of life in a cell. If you watch Lehman in front of the judge, he looked almost relieved to be around other criminals—people of his own kind. The only thing people like that understand is force, so when they appear in our lives and threaten us, we should just shoot them, and not drop one tear for the eternal damnation of their lost souls. We should shoot them dead and pause not to grieve for their lost mothers and their stricken families wherever in the world they may be or even consider the tragedies that led them down such dark paths in their lives. When people like these losers threaten lives with even an indication of malice, we should shoot them dead without a moment’s hesitation or an hour’s worth of lost sleep. Life goes on and to ensure it, we should use the guns of our rights to inflict justice on the criminals of ill intent until they get the message and join the rest of us in advancing to the next chapter of human existence.

Rich Hoffman

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