Much, Much, Much Bigger than Watergate. The FBI lied to us about their collusion with the Democratic Party

As everyone knows, my first love in any topic is human culture. I think the human being is one of the greatest most inventive creations in the universe. For instance, as we look into the deep recesses of space, we don’t see planets, black holes and clouds of dust doing anything special. They are simply following the laws of physics as we are learning to understand them. But humans, they are very imaginative creatures that are always thinking and inventing—and I find the byproducts of their thought to be endlessly fascinating. Just yesterday I was talking to a few women about the upcoming Super Bowl and how exciting it was to live in a society that had something interesting always going on—whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Super Bowls, March Madness—we have found something at all times of the year to drive our culture forward and find joy in it. The Super Bowl is unique because it falls in the dead of winter for much of North America and it certainly provides an intellectual break from the cold temperatures and dirty snow that forces people inside more than they’d like.

Of course, those women looked at me a little strange because people don’t normally talk so enthusiastically about such common place items—but I routinely do because I see the miracle in such observations. Yet my bouts with consternation usually also come when I see humans wasting themselves and their very unique ability to think where the nature of social discourse clearly turns to the lazy ambitions of evil. To a certain extent, I have certainly committed myself to eliminating this behavior from human discourse so when something political occurs that illustrates this discrepancy clearly, I cover the topic ambitiously. With that little prequel to the sequels of much discussion this issue of the FBI and the revolting behavior of the Democratic Party in the wake of the released congressional memo about the behavior of the FBI specifically in relation to the now famous Trump dossier produced by Christopher Steele—we are dealing with a topic that extends well beyond political theater. We are talking about the essence of what’s central to everything the human race stands for, and we are now forced to make a permanent change in the status of being human.

Students of history understand the context of the fallen top cop at the FBI, James Comey. When a person talks the way he has in the wake of the released FBI memo, on how he signed off on using a phony document to spy on and if possible, overthrow a newly elected American president—it is clear that Comey is very guilty of functioning from pure evil behind a façade of goodness. It’s shocking now that we know the facts just how evil Comey and the FBI under his direct was allowed to function. If you’ve ever been to court or even in a human resources office where you have to terminate an employee, the behavior is always the same. Of course, the people under scrutiny are in denial. They are the ones who have to look in the mirror when they brush their teeth and dress every day. They have to look at themselves and try to find something good so when they are caught in something disgraceful, they try to push the responsibility elsewhere as a basic survival instinct. That is where James Comey the criminal revealed way too much of himself in the wake of President Trump releasing the contents of the memo which essentially presents a very spectacular case against the top cops at the FBI for weaponizing the institution against the will of the American people.

What Comey and his agents did is quite different from regular political opinion. When Obama was elected many people such as myself joined the Tea Party movement because we did not want to see a socialist change in American ambition. We didn’t like Obama or the direction the country was going under Washington D.C. control. So we challenged him, but we did it within the context of the law and at the level of philosophic debate. The results were positive, and continued to be over the next decade. In the process we witnessed that the IRS had been weaponized against our efforts which was the first time many were able to peek under the hood of real political corruption. If it wasn’t for the competition of a philosophic debate in politics, we may never have known to what extent a weaponized IRS was working against us. Then of course as time moved on and the pressure continued to mount, we had the election of an outsider into the White House followed by even more criminal activism from our political institutions. In this case, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, former President Clinton, his wife a presidential candidate, the second in command at the FBI Andy McCabe, James Clapper, John Brennan—head of the CIA, President Obama, and several field agents at the top of the political ladder, were directly involved in a massive scandal to overturn an election within America—and they saw themselves as patriots for doing so. Quite simply put, they broke the law in a spectacular fashion and violated every human trait of trust and honor.

They lied to us, all those people mentioned and many more. We have uncovered a massive culture of corruption that entails the biggest in the history of the world due to the role the United States plays on the global stage—and that’s saying a lot given the world wars experienced and many empires that have risen and fallen over the years. What is amazing is that this time the always present tendency to fall toward corruption and power sifted out those most guilty without having to fire a shot in a war, or to stage a rebellion to overtake a regime. A hidden government ruling from the confines of layered law worn like a mask to protect them from us was discovered leaving the perpetrators terrified of what comes next, because honestly, none of us know. The human race has never survived anything on this magnitude before—but I am fascinated by the inventions of human thought that have caused such a thing to emerge.

Yes, this is bigger than Watergate—much bigger. I have watched movies like All the President’s Men and this recent film The Post and I marvel at how clear the filmmakers are on the corruption that took place in the Nixon White House. For many of those young people who witnessed that crises in 1971 it was a traumatic undertaking for the entire country, to watch a president resign amid such corruption as spying on the Democratic Party with some tapes that had a small section of information missing. Yes, the cover-up was greater than the crime, but you won’t find many conservatives who would defend the actions of Nixon, even though what he did is mild in comparison to what Comey and the FBI has been caught doing in colluding directly with the Democratic Party to overthrow an election. Then to make matters worse, to try to make it look like Trump had something nefarious going on with Russia and to dismiss all the evidence uncovered as simply a partisan hit job. No, this is much bigger than partisan politics. This is something that strikes at the core traits of being human and how we conduct ourselves as living beings. What we have uncovered is so big and corrupt that many people just don’t know what to do with the information. But yet, here it is and now we have to sort through it. And one thing we now know that we weren’t sure about before, James Comey is guilty as hell and deserves a punishment that is severe and decisive—and many in his wake have it coming too.

Rich Hoffman

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