How Do You Like Your Raise America: From the Beltway to Blue Ash–Trump knows where the heart of our country really is

It was only January 2nd 2018 that Rob Portman visited the fabulous Sheffer Corporation in Blue Ash, Ohio once it was announced that the company would be giving all 126 of its employees $1000 bonuses due to the recent tax cuts that were passed just days before Christmas. Well that caught the attention of Donald Trump who came to that very same facility on February 5th just a month later to have a look at one of the first companies in the country to reinvest in their employees based on the tax cuts and to endorse congressman Jim Renacci for his run against Sherrod Brown for the Ohio senate race.

The visit yet again by President Trump to the Cincinnati area says everything about the strategic importance that the Tri-State area has in the national scheme of things. Trump understands the value of Ohio not just in winning elections and building a cohesive Republican Party ahead of the 2018 midterms. He understands where few do that what is happening in America is a huge step forward with regard to the human race—a new age of enlightenment for which Adam Smith could have only dreamed, and it’s happening in a very enthusiastic way, and it all starts with the little companies like the Sheffer Corporation—not the big industrial giants with lobbyists who camp out in Washington to get the ears and support of policy makers over wine at the Four Seasons.

How did you like that America, the raise you just received in your latest payroll check? Most everyone who has a job received on, and it was a significant increase. Most of the time we see less of our money because there is always some drooling politician voting for another tax increase for every little appeasing project that are so tempting to the negotiator afraid of federal trade unions. We have seldom in recent generations ever seen government give back money. So yes, most people employed with a real job in America got a pay increase starting at the end of January and the beginning of February. It took a lot of senators and congressional representatives to pull it off. Rob Portman certainly did his job which is why he came to the forward thinking Sheffer group in the first place. But if not for Trump’s negotiations and sheer persistence the tax cut would have never have happened. It was due to his sheer tenacity and salesmanship that a tax bill actually ended up on his desk and signed so that once the holidays were over, companies could start handing out checks to their employees and employees could start seeing more money on their checks. The whole process only took about 5 weeks which was lightning fast government.

There’s a lot to feel good about. Democrats at this point only have one hopeless shit shot from mid court to make against Trump and that is to hope that somewhere in his dealings the New York business mogul made a big enough mistake in dealing with the Russians that Democrats can create doubt about Trump’s presidency. What else have they got, they have boring candidates who are out of touch, many of them old and unappealing in every way? They are getting killed in fund-raising, so even if they did have challengers for the 2018 midterms, where will they get the money to run against Republicans? It is astonishing that after that congressional memo about the FISA abuse so many media outlets instantly went to the former model and Trump assistant Hope Hicks as someone who was up to something involving Don Jr’s interview of a Russian lawyer—as if anything there amounted to anything. For instance, watch the ABC News report shown below about the excessive detail they will go to uncovering every rock involving Hope Hicks when the most explosive evidence of collusion, obstruction of justice, and scandalous activity come from those who just hate Trump. For as much as the media celebrates their efforts at bringing down corruption from powerful people, like in the film All the President’s Men and the recent Spielberg film, The Post, the biggest conspiracy to commit crime in the history of our nation just occurred with the FBI yet only Fox News is covering. That’s not because Fox News is a partisan outlet, it’s because everyone else is in on the game for their own preservation. Hating Trump is to hate the change and refocus on priorities that come with him—a refocus from the Beltway to Blue Ash.

The hatred of Trump and his administration as I’ve explained before come from the professional bureaucrats who make a living off the chaos of Washington D.C. politics. As a self-made billionaire Trump is above Beltway politics. The only thing he may have in common with them is that he loves attention and adoration. But Trump gets that adoration at events like this Blue Ash visit while the professional bureaucrats get it from power lunches at the Four Seasons. If you’ve ever been to Georgetown dear reader and went to the mall there, and places like the Four Seasons you get the distinct impression that all of Washington politics exists for the simple reason of coming to places like that for lunch and talking with like-minded people over fancy meals and pampered circumstances. They never want to solve any real problems because it is chaos that keeps them all overly paid employees of the government and allow them to have lunch in such places and kiss people they don’t like on the cheek when they arrive for brunch to talk about essentially nothing so they can do the same thing tomorrow.

Meanwhile workers at Sheffer are happy to pick up a few Coney dogs at Skyline Chili in Blue Ash for lunch and to talk about football, baseball, or basketball, whatever is going on at the time. They just want to live their lives and bring home some money to their families. Those people at the Four Seasons didn’t think to put any money in their pockets with decreased tax burdens, or taking off the regulations that crush companies like Sheffer from doing business. Politicians like Nancy Pelosi who goes to the Four Seasons for lunch a lot might drop a $1000 each time, and not think anything of it. But a $1000 in the pockets of the workers at Sheffer is an enormous amount of money. In some ways its life changing because if you add that to the weekly increases, it gives employees a chance to get out ahead of their monthly bills just before they see substantial increases in their weekly checks—ahead of tax returns—where its likely they’ll have additional deductions. By summer those employees at Sheffer will be much better off financially than they were the year before, and they have Donald Trump to thank.

Yes, the stock market dropped substantially on the Friday that the now famous FISA memo was released. The same type of people who thrive off the chaos of government retaliated with the very positive jobs report that was coming out showing great economic growth and that wages were up already in the 2018 year. To conventional investors that means inflation and interest rate hikes at the Fed so there was a big sell off that probably isn’t over. But we are not living in conventional times. Donald Trump certainly isn’t a conventional president. It won’t take long for employees of Sheffer and the many thousands of other companies like it out there in America to start spending some of their extra money on this economy and giving new companies the needed boost in sales a chance to chase their dreams and further expand our GDP. Conventional arguments against the optimistic appraisal Trump has about GDP growth trajectory will say that everything is working against him, child-birth is down, work place participation is down, efficiencies are questionable as global markets shift priorities, and that the top growth anyone can expect is only 2%. But what they don’t know is that technology is changing giving standard economic models an irrelevancy that they haven’t quite figured out yet and productivity will be expanding per capita making all the formulas have to recalibrate themselves to the Trump economy that is several parts optimism, a tad bit of nationalism, sprinkled with opportunities created by deregulation and what we end up with is a formula for greatness that only people in Ohio and flyover states like it see first. That’s why the president was in Blue Ash and not having lunch at the Four Seasons in Georgetown.

Rich Hoffman

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