Did the FBI Try to Wreck the Stock Market: Anyone want to place bets?

The mysterious stock market made some gains early in the week following a wild roller coaster ride through February 7th 2018. What had been considered a tremendous Trump bump in the Dow Jones at 26,000 increasing incredibly since the election of Donald Trump into the presidency of the United States everything came to a grinding halt on Friday the 2nd. Ironically the same time a great jobs report came out, and the now infamous FISA memo was released implicating criminal activity within the FBI. I’m not prone to conspiracy theories—but I won’t turn away from them either if there is something obviously fishy going on and there isn’t any other evidence to present otherwise. We live in some very conspicuous times where we all have access to so much information, and we have grown weak intellectually because we trust that information too much. Our trust in institutionalism has never been greater because it’s convenient to our busy overcharged lives. However the danger in that is when an institution like the FBI becomes infected with criminal activity, which is obviously the case, we are slow to take action, or even see where trouble might occur when they destroy evidence to avoid getting caught. Considering that little introduction, I’m sure there is no coincidence that the FBI or their supporting institutionalists helped set off a stock market crash on Friday for which it is still recovering, and that the action was a last-ditch gasp for air in an age for which built them, which is sinking quickly.

We’ve all heard the adage, “If a tree falls in the forest but nobody is there to see it, did it really happen.” Well, the American intelligence agencies have studied very carefully the nature of static intellectualism and have mastered the art of deflection along those standardized realities. In this age of mass data and shared information they have all suffered to even detect the actions of terrorists because those dynamic changes in static patterns are outside their realm of understanding—as institutionalists. However, their strategies have all been built well before this modern age so their standard operating procedures are still to control the masses through media manipulation and standard behavioral models.

When it was analyzed why the stock market dropped all the way down into the 24,000 range in just a few days the jobs report was blamed. The economy was just too good making investors skittish about interest rate hikes and inflation. We also heard that the market was due for a correction and that was the cause of the erratic trading. Those may well be factors. But I think the FBI given their behavior with the FISA warrant attacking a sitting president during the transition time between the 2016 election and the inauguration would if they could hack the stock market computers purposely to send the algorithms into chaos and inspire a massive sell off. I also think that there are enough liberal investors who hate Trump enough to invoke a massive sell off based on the boot lickers who watch everything they do, and those investors wanted to hurt Trump for letting that FISA memo about the FBI out. If anti-Trump forces could show a bad economy, it would be the best way to hurt the president’s climbing popularity. Several polls on Friday as well showed the President a percentage point or two from 50% for the first time so there was certainly motivation. The question is, did the FBI and their supporters in the “deep state” have access to those methods—because if they did, they would surely use them for their own survival.

Watching the market behavior on February 6, 2018 and February 7th I have to say that the market volatility was colliding with an unseen force working behind the scenes and the natural optimism of investors bringing money back into the American economy which caused that wild roller coaster ride we witnessed throughout those days. I don’t think the market is correcting itself, to some lower figure artificially inflated. I think the hope by whatever ominous forces were at work was to hopefully incite panic that would chain react through the market trading—which prior to 2010 might have worked. But people have too much information these days and these trading amounts are too great to even let a few renegade billionaires drop the stock market by more than a few percentage points. I mean a 1000-point drop in the stock market when the values were only at 10,000 would crush our economy. But at 26,000 it simply a blimp that can easily bounce back and that’s a huge change from how things have been in the past.

I’m going to go out on a pretty strong limb and say that I think the FBI tampered with the stock market to take their criminal activity off the front page of the news—and it didn’t work. People simply have access to too much information these days to let the institutional controls direct the flow of attention away from the truth. They may be inclined to not act on that truth because its inconvenient not to trust those sources, but eventually the truth does get out because of the many options that we have now. The truth in this case is that the economy is booming, people are happy, they like Trump, and they support his efforts at discovering the villains of criminal conduct working at the top of the FBI. I don’t think the release of the FISA memo and the crash of the stock market are separate things, and I don’t think a great jobs report inspired a massive sell-off. I could be wrong, but I can’t tell you when the last time that I was, was. The FBI I believe has access to the methods of hacking computers to send markets plunging if they want to, and I think they would do it out of self-preservation. I don’t believe the FBI when they say they can’t hack an iPhone from a terrorist, or that they won’t identify a terrorist after an obvious attack occurs—or that they’d let the media destroy evidence in a crime scene like they did in San Bernardino a few years ago. I have watched these guys for a long time—I even know some agents personally, and I can say, I wouldn’t put my life in their hands based on their terrible reputation before the FISA memo revealed the truth.

Here’s the real tragedy—that I’d even think such a thing. I have so little trust in the FBI that I actually do think its possible that they’d wreck the stock market costing many people millions, if not billions of dollars in lost gains. Yes, I think the FBI is that dirty—and I thought that before Friday February 2nd. Learning through the various test messages and memo contents that we are now seeing, there is no question that the FBI was an activist organization under James Comey that saw itself as part of an unelected forth branch of government. And they didn’t like this president and they committed themselves to anything and everything to destroy him. Trump himself has claimed responsibility for the exploding stock market results, and for the FBI, it was something they thought they’d try to sink his presidency before this FISA memo sinks them. The question only remains, “could they.” I think they could, and did—but in the end, it won’t matter—because life is moving on without them, which is a greater punishment for those failing institutions than prison. But, I still want to see them go to prison too!

The stock market isn’t much different from a casino. The money movement is beneficial to companies in the same way that a lottery might generate additional tax revenue for a state. Gambling isn’t always bad—it instigates the movement of money for the potential of profit and that drives capitalist economies in a very positive way. But the stock market is also a very emotional thing, it doesn’t take much to invoke panic into a typical A type investor who is subject to popular opinions. Investors aren’t the deepest people in the world philosophically and if a computer at some stock market entry gate starts dumping stocks in a sell-off, many would be prone to follow to sell high and cover their profits believing that a mythical reset might be occurring. Only that mythical reset thought of the market was started by hedge fund mega buyers in the first place because they enjoy the ability to buy low and need to have ways of instigating panic among the little guys to allow them to leverage their purchases when its most advantageous to them. And do you believe dear reader that some of those big investors might be willing to do the FBI a favor—and to make a deal that is mutually beneficial? I do.

Rich Hoffman
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